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Paris Hilton's Tangled Weave Could Cost Her $70 Mil

12/29/2010 11:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's the good news -- Paris Hilton is way more marketable than first thought.  The bad news ... it could cost her $70 million dollars.

Hairtech International has amended its lawsuit against Paris, claiming she's cost them $70 mil in profits by reneging on her deal to promote and wear its hair extensions.

Hairtech -- which originally sued for $35 mil back in August -- claims Paris pocketed $3.5 mil from the company to endorse the extensions, but screwed them by wearing competing extensions.

Hairtech also claims ... when Paris went to Jail in 2007, she breached the deal by breaking the law.

Back when the suit was filed, Paris' lawyer called the action meritless, so now we're guessing he thinks it's twice as meritless.


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Seriously, how does the company know she wore "competing hair extensions"? I imagine Paris can afford the best, and the brand she's promoting is obviously made for the you can fairly accurately assume that Paris was "caught" wearing much nicer hair extensions than the ones made by this company!

1372 days ago

Peter Sc    

They must be joking.

Any sponsor of her got worldwide attention because she broke the law. If my wife or daughters wanted hair extentions before her arrest I couldn't have given any name of a product but thanks to her it is now possible.

If I had a product she could endorse and I could afford to hire her, I would certainly do it now where she is on probation. The world was a too quiet place until she visited Vegas.

1372 days ago


TMZ you need to change the headline to:

Paris Hilton's Tangled Weave Could Cost Her Parents $70 Mil

1372 days ago


Man is she getting old, not a very pretty sight any more.

1372 days ago


I did not realize how ugly she really is with that picture. Money can't solve everything.

1372 days ago


The guy who owns the extensions company is being sued by a host of people over broken promises and failures to meet his agreements. Everywhere he goes he leaves a slime trail like a snail.
Paris promoted the hell out of his product until he started using cheaper and far less realistic hair in an effort to milk the most money from the product before the whole rip off came crashing down.
She stopped wearing them when the quality dropped below the mark down bin at walmart.
Her contract has no clause about breaking the law or going to jail that part of his suit is lawyer double talk. She is also suing him for various faults and her suit has real Merritt.

My guess is this will play out just like the suit against her over the failed movie. They sued her for 8 million and got 125 thousand.
All the haters on this blog take cheap shots at he face, body, and her idiotic behavior but they forget she is a smart business woman who has been paid millions for promoting things and she knows how to do it very well. They should also take notice of her lawsuit against Hallmark, they settled and my guess is that she got plenty from them. The same haters where all bolviating about how she would lose that little adventure.

1372 days ago



1372 days ago


She is getting old and haggy looking. She has more miles on her then my car. Can't believe she thinks she is beautiful, she is flat chested , has toes like a monkey . She is really stupid and going to grow old alone. Her own grandfather took her out of his will because she is a shame less ho. Has no talent that I ever saw. Hooe they clean her out maybe she will go away.

1372 days ago


LOL keep it coming...too funny....just kidding. But I have to say what in the hell is he fascination with Paris Hilton...Hotel Heiress and what else? If it were not for her namesake (ancestors)....she would be your average nobody.

And to add to that misery, she did these nasty little things to perpetuate the name further. I would be ashamed to even call myself a Hilton after such shina****ns.

1372 days ago


damn why the f*ck does she look so damn sorry thats not "hot" ....

1372 days ago


after such shina****ns.

Posted at 9:14 AM on Dec 30, 2010 by Muffers


stupid lawsuit. paris really deserves a break from the crazies.

and why is the middle of the word shena****ns censored?

1372 days ago


All I can say is ewwww.

Let's see... Paris is known for a Sex tape,cocaine,DUI,and poster child for STD's.

She is the opposite of a role Model.

1371 days ago


Good, I hope this bankrupts her. Worthless, stuck up little wench. She needs a little reality to hit her in the face. Thinking just because she has money she is better than everyone...

1371 days ago

How now brown cow    

whats wrong with her face?

1371 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

How much of that money is going to the Indians that donated their hair to their god? India is pooerer that 22 of Africas poorest countries but it worth it for a weave right?
I ashamed taht so called black women ar so brain washed that the give their money to corporations taht keep on tell them to have their hair more "white."

1371 days ago
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