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Children Services Visits 'Teen Mom' Victim

12/29/2010 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Child Protective Services has just arrived at the home of Gary Shirley, the alleged "Teen Mom" beating victim.


We do not know the nature of the visit, however, sources say CPS has serious concerns about the welfare of baby Leah, whose mom, Amber Portwood, is now charged with felony child endangerment, among other crimes.

Earlier today, Amber was seen exiting a counseling facility near her home in Indiana.



No Avatar


hope cps brought a few pizzas with them..if not he might try and eat them
and she has a nice body but she is butt ugly in the face

1392 days ago


...if that tool was the father of my child, I'd kick his a$$, too!

1392 days ago


It looks as though she's making an effort to clean up a little. Still a low life.........

1392 days ago


I bet shes thinking about beating Gary with a rolling pin.

1392 days ago

big al    

i will never understand why women shave off their eyebrows only to draw them back on. smdh.

1392 days ago


I dont know which was a bigger mistake-- beating the s*** out of Gary, or wearing these hideous jeans. She knew paps were following her and that this picture was going to be posted all over the internet. Come on, girl.

1392 days ago


Can we please stop giving shows and people like this publicity? It's bad enough that there is a show gratifying teen pregnancy, and no, I'm not anti sex or anything. I just don't think we should be rewarding idiots like these two just because they had a kid.
Just let them go away already.

1392 days ago


And this white trash clusterf--- is important, why?

1392 days ago

Tifney Anthony-Redden    

They need to just take that poor little girl away from them he keeps allowing her bak into that childs life and the child is going to get hurt or killed I know he is only doing it because she is the mother but tough love is neede here, its not about Amber or him its about what is best for the child and the mother isn't whats best for her she is still young and will not remember the bad things and right now is the time to make sure this cycle dosen't keep repeating itself Amber's childhood wasn't great now she is doing the same things to her child and the sad part is there are rumors she is having another child and we the tax payers are the ones who are paying for this piece of **** to keep bringing these poor innocent and helpless children in this world I think she is a selfish dope headed whore who isn't capable of love lock that bitch up and throw away the key

1392 days ago


That girl really needed a wake up call. She needs to grow up and realize that she is a mother and quit being so selfish. While her baby daddy is not much better, she is still a *****. I feel sorry for the kid. And I give Gary a lot of props for not beating the crap out of that funny looking *****. Why are these people even on TV? Oh yea, cause it is like a train wreck that people just cant help but watch. I know I am guilty too. Those teen mom chicks make me feel great about my life!!!!

1392 days ago

sierra night tide    

If the victim was a women and the beater was a man the comments would be different. men can be domestic violence victims as well as men and it is 10 times harder on them because of what is said about them - see above.

1392 days ago


# 10, spot on with that comment. Gary is enabling Amber everytime he does something like asking for the no contact order to be dropped. It shows Amber she has power over him still. I really think Gary either has battered wife syndrome( sorry if thats not PC, but no other way to put it), or he is too scared to be alone and doesn't think he can find another girl

1392 days ago

World Record    

Why is this news?She beat his ass without a doubt , this goes on everyday in the world, people do lose it every so often, the dude wasn't hurt, make the girl go to anger management and monitor her for a couple months, years, COME ON PEOPLE,This girl made several mistakes,1. having a baby 2. Having a fat ass boyfriend,3. Being a stupid bitch. Get on with life, do better in the future.DONT RUIN THIS GIRLS LIFE! She knows what she did wrong.Shes not a low life, she just a immature teen mom.That show is to teach our young teens what not to do.If Snookie gets another chance as much as I hate the snook, this girl deserves another chance.

1392 days ago


Out of the minimum $60...,000 each of the Teen Mom's made, I'd bet that Amber didn't even put $1,000 in an account for little Leah.

We've seen her money spent partying, tanning, getting hideous tattoes...she didn't even buy sheets for Leah's bed. Gary's Mom did and Amber's lazy self didn't even put them on! She left water standing in the bathtub for 2 weeks!!! Disgusting!!

Hopefully CPS is making sure Gary's place is safe and then they give him custody.

Hell is too good for a woman like her.

1392 days ago

Jim K    

i really don't care, please stop covering this crap

1392 days ago
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