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Children Services Visits 'Teen Mom' Victim

12/29/2010 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Child Protective Services has just arrived at the home of Gary Shirley, the alleged "Teen Mom" beating victim.


We do not know the nature of the visit, however, sources say CPS has serious concerns about the welfare of baby Leah, whose mom, Amber Portwood, is now charged with felony child endangerment, among other crimes.

Earlier today, Amber was seen exiting a counseling facility near her home in Indiana.



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What an ugly waste of life this **** is.

1391 days ago


It's about time we saw a woman beating the crap out of her man! Women should beat the crap out of their men! She shouldn't have done it in front of their child, but more women should beat up on men!

Posted at 7:57 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by Jennifer

Seek help you clearly need it!

1391 days ago


Sorry no offense but when I want to know about celebrity's gossip & entertainment, I expect too see gook looking people and not those people, so please do not put them in here, please.

1391 days ago


Whats so pathetic about most of the comments here is that you all feel the need to make fun of the people involved, rather than discuss the real issue related to this story.

I married at 18 and had my first son at 20, just barely 20. And my husband and I took care of our son, both of us worked full-time and by the age of 22 we bought our first home.

Was I immature to be having a baby at 20? At the time I didn't think so, and we were both working at jobs we loved without college degree's, but plenty of promotions along the way.

The only difference between Amber and Gary is that neither is motivated to get their lives on track, get real jobs, and take care of their child. Then you throw in the domestic violence that Amber see's as her only defense, forget about communication, that's far too advanced for either one of them to tackle.

I'm glad they are showing the ugly side of what couples do to each other. I'm glad Amber is getting her wake up call that it's not okay to beat up anyone. And its certainly not okay to be acting out like that with her child right there watching it all happen.

These two are too busy fighting with each other to even realize that they have a child. Leah needs to be in a home where it's all about her, where she is loved unconditionally, and where she is safe.

These two can't provide that security to Leah regardless of their ages, how they look, or what they wear. They are unprepared for real life. And the complete lack of family support is troublesome to me.

Why isn't both of their families involved in their children's lives, like normal be do. I guess that's why Amber and Gary turned out like they have, they are just repeating the cycle of neglect and abuse that was dished out to them as children growing up. Obviously neither one of these parents know how to parent because they never learned what stability was from their own families.

So quit beating up on the both of them. They are products of their own environments, this is how they were raised, and now the cycle is being repeated again with poor beautiful little Leah caught in the middle.

1391 days ago


I believe alot of what they did was for the camera's. But when the serious stuff happened they both forgot the camera was still rolling.

Some of you say that if this was a guy beating up on a woman, the cops would have been called and Gary would have wound up in jail. Your probably right because Gary is 3 times bigger than Amber, he would have injured her pretty badly if it was him doing the hitting.

But yet the camera kept rolling when it was Amber hitting Gary, and no one bothered to stop rolling the camera and it was caught on tape. Again they probably continued rolling the camera because Amber was the one doing the hitting and I'm pretty sure Gary could have taken care of himself.

Doesn't make it right, but look at how it turned out. Viewers were so outraged that they made the calls to child services. Having the violence on film was probably the best thing that could have happened for Amber.

Because at 20 years old, she's been caught in the act and now it's more serious. Now she will have consequences, now she might get the help she so desperately needs.

You can see just watching the clips of her that she has some sort of mental illness, she even takes some kind of medication for it. But you can see that she is always stressed out and unable to control herself.

And that's just sad. I truly hope she is getting the help she needs to become a productive member of society and that she can rise above this insanity, and hopefully have the chance to raise her daughter and break the cycle of abuse.

Getting caught is the best possible thing that could have happened to Amber. She now has to face all of her troubles. I hope she is given a second chance to make things right.

She's old enough now not to use the I'm so young excuse. 20 years old is old enough to be matured enough to raise a child. I did it, and also held a full time job and managed to have the American Dream, the house, the new cars in the driveway all by the age of 22.

1391 days ago


Child please, not a dude in here would kick her out of bed. What's all the ugly talk? All she needs is a strong man to keep her in line. That's ok, baby! I got a spot in the bed for you! Come on home!

1391 days ago


I'm embarrassed that this trash lives in the same state as me.

1391 days ago


that's bull**** about her being a teen mom if she's old enough to be ****ing then she should be old enough to take care of her baby. she's nothing but a lazy ass women. i feel sorry for her baby. they should take her away from her and give her to someone who's gonna love her and take care of her not like that stupid trash bag who couldnt even pass her ged test.put her ass in jail and let's see how much of a betty bad ass she is when comes face to face with all them cray ass women put that on tv

1391 days ago

sarah martodam    

did someone shave off half her eyebrow?

1391 days ago


She looks worse everytime you show another picture of her!!

1390 days ago


Not for nothing, but the door of the place Amber is leaving is called "Indiana Health Group", which a google search shows is a medical complex, not a "counseling facility". Lets just hope that counseling was her reason for the visit.

1390 days ago


ok i feel sorry for the baby in this situation but to see the shoe on the other foot for a change is effin amber keep ya head up baby girl

1390 days ago


eyebrows? those are caterpillars.

1390 days ago


1-2-11 tommy,ambers, and gray, and leah is prety, stop that fighting around,leah she will pick it up.may god bless yall.

1388 days ago


#57 Indiana Health Group is a behavorial health facility.. not just a medical complex.

1363 days ago
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