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Teen Mom's BF -- Can I Drop 'No Contact' Order?

12/29/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley is "interested" in getting Amber's "no contact order" dismissed ... and he's already reached out to the court to make it happen ... TMZ has learned.

Amber Portwood

Law enforcement sources tell us Gary called court officials this morning asking how he could help convince a judge he doesn't need a legal order prohibiting Amber from contacting him.

We're told Gary was informed either the prosecutor or Amber's attorney would have to file paperwork. Gary claimed he was "interested" in getting that done.

Stay tuned.


No Avatar


chunky knows he is not getting anything from anyone else so he wants her back for some lovin

1333 days ago


he likes it rough I guess..............

1333 days ago


Both of these people are completely ridiculous. Dumb, attention whores, horrible parents, they deserve each other.

1333 days ago


Two unfit parents and a baby. He's a boob and she's bitch. Perect for each other, but not good parenting traits.

You need s permit to catch a fish, but anyone can have a kid.

1333 days ago


Classic signs of the victim protecting the abuser.

I'm so glad that this is being played out in the public so people can see women are not always the victim!

He seems to be a good hearted guy overall...
at least as far as how he treats his daughter.

#5 post is hilarious!!

1333 days ago


lol I have to laugh at all the comments. Its not that garys lazy its that he thinks he think he deserves anything but amber , loves not suppose to hurt dude soo take every ones advice get full on gardianship of leah, cause its not going to stop if she hits gary who elese is she going to hit leah ?? mabey that went to far but on a serious note she needs help and not just from friends and family but professionally for anger mangement and parenting classes

1333 days ago


I hope they both read this.....MORONS ALL AROUND!!! These retards just need to go away....

1333 days ago


I would pay good money just to see him finally lose it and beat her to the point of needing a wheelchair.

1333 days ago


Common, let her go for the love of god.

1333 days ago


Really tired often men staying with or taking back abusive women. If you have kids with someone that is no reason to stay with them and NO reason to marry them. So tired of abuse just being shrugged odd in this country as if it's a good thing. She treats him that way then who is to say she is not abusive towards the baby. All to often the abusers are not only abusive towards there partner. Thank god it usually takes a few months to go to court and end no contact orders. Those visits that "mom" gets with her daughter need to be supervised. Perhaps this is just more proof that teens should not be parents. They are still kids themselves. HELLO AMERICA educate your children on the reality of sex.

1333 days ago


She is in the right? Well, she is a fat lazy crybaby too. I wonder if she would like her ass kicked on National TV. It certainly would drive ratings up.

You do not hit people. If you feel like you have to, leave. "Never hit a girl" is what pussified parents say. You do not hit ANYONE.

And BTW, once a woman hits you, a man, there is nothing illegal about knocking her teeth out. Think on THAT.

1333 days ago


oh yeah and for gary you need to get your self together :) parenting classes and cause the way this is going its not going to be pretty in the end sooo do whats right for you and leah as in getting a job and dont think about amber cause thats all she has been thinking about since the day leah was born bitching and whineing and complaneing about getting her way .. by the way both of you are very immature **** happens get over EACHOTHER AND MOVE ONNNNNNN

1333 days ago


what an idiot

1333 days ago

Black Barbie    

He's a battered "spouse." He needs treatment, too. Poor baby. SMDH

1333 days ago


Either that guy is a wuss or he's getting paid off.

1333 days ago
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