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New Video -- 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Unloads!

12/29/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a video of "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, getting an earful from the accused felon ... but the video raises serious questions about Shirley himself.

The video, which was shot by a friend in April, shows Shirley on the phone with Amber, as she rails on him.  Far from looking like a victim, Shirley makes sure his friend captures the diatribe in all its glory.

At times Shirley and his friend are laughing at Amber, who sounds genuinely upset.

The police report detailing the violence that started months before this video was shot -- and continued after it -- notes Amber claimed it was not done for the TV show but was authentic anger. 

So we want to know: Do you think Gary was really a "victim" of violence or was he playing it up for the camera ... as he seems to be in this video. And if so, should Amber be prosecuted?


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These 2 people don't deserve to have this little girl in their life at all.
I mean come on, she yells at this little one, and doesn't know exactly what do. She exposes little one to everything. She then beats her father. Come on, then Gary doesn't take are of this little girl. He lives with his mother and she does all the work.

Take this little girl away from both of them.
I have she gets convicted. There is no reason for violence in any relationship.

1372 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Nothing that occurred in this video is justification for her beating him. There is no justification beyond self defense. He may be an azzhole, but she picked him to be the father of her child so she has to live with the consequences like so many other moms. She has no right to be hitting him or anyone else unless they hit her first.

1372 days ago


This is pathetic. Amber needs to gain some self-respect, stay away from losers like this, and get an education. Of course, if she had any self respect at all she wouldn't be on this insane excuse for a television show. MTV is disgusting.

1372 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

This big fella is a complete joke! He got an underage girl pregnant. He attacks her verbally and constantly threatens her. "Why is the baby dirty? I'm am going to call CPS". If Amber was my sister or daughter I would have helped her kick his a!@. He is a poor excuse for a father. A rose he is not. He needs to also go down. Jerk!!

Posted at 4:59 AM on Dec 29, 2010 by moe

Let me guess, you are an unfit parent also. If the baby is visibly dirty he should be asking about it and maybe he should call CPS.

1372 days ago


This man's size is of no importance. No one should ever have to suffer physical/verbal/mental abuse from anyone. Granted we only see what the show wants us to see, however it seems he is taking care of the baby the majority of the time while she sits around. She also moved and excon into her house with her child after only knowing him a short time, not a smart move for herself or her especially her child (that just shows me she is selfish) Neither one of them will win parent of the year. The real victim here is the baby, and she shouldn't be around a parent that shows abusive tendencies....end of story.

1372 days ago

seiko la rue    

This big fella is a complete joke! He got an underage girl pregnant. He attacks her verbally and constantly threatens her. "Why is the baby dirty? I'm am going to call CPS". If Amber was my sister or daughter I would have helped her kick his a!@. He is a poor excuse for a father. A rose he is not. He needs to also go down. Jerk!!

Posted at 4:59 AM on Dec 29, 2010 by moe

Let me guess, you are an unfit parent also. If the baby is visibly dirty he should be asking about it and maybe he should call CPS.

Posted at 5:54 AM on Dec 29, 2010 by Celeb Gossip Addict

Did you ever stop to think that Gary is ONLY doing those things because hes on TV??? We don't know what goes on when the camera's are off so we cant really speak on it but we can speak on the fact that Gary has been pushing amber since day one. Shes wrong for hitting him but shes 138! How much damage could she really cause. Its not like she slapped him with a frying pan or she tried to stab him. She slapped him a few times. Gary is clearly a jackass and maybe he shouldn't have provoked her like he always ****in does.

1372 days ago


Look, she's not going to spend another day in jail anyway, so I don't think it matters all that much. She'll get a plea deal for programs and probation and that'll be the end of it.

1372 days ago


I think it's kind of funny too, when I see people freaking out for no reason I have to laugh. Shes psycho, and needs some serious help.

1372 days ago


First, let me say that I think MTV is a bit guilty for filming this atrocity; in good conscience....?? Even if he pushed her at ALL, (I don't think he did) to be angry, she should never be that angry at anyone.... for any reason... especially in front of her baby. Amber does not just get angry, she rages ... Mel Gibson style. No one deserves to be abused; mentally or physically ... I don't believe this show is good for viewers or the cast... Rewarding children, for having children, is bound to be a disaster.... Gary is guilty of being a dumbass, but he does make an effort to be a father.... Amber appears to have deep, disturbing mental issues ... & If I was Gary, you bet I would use that rage against her any way I could ... & do***ent it as well.... If I was him fighting for custody.... They will probably get back together eventually.... btw, why so much blatant hate on an overweight person?? I'm sure he's aware of that....

1372 days ago


I have to commend Gary because if that woman was hitting me like that I would of put my fist through her face. In fact I think that is what she needs. She goes out of her way to beat up on people, I think she should spend a year getting the **** beat out of her so she can see the other side. This girl needs to go to prison, not jail, but prison. If a guy treated anyone (guy or girl) the way she treats him, he would be in prison. Women today feel they can do whatever they want with no consequences. It's time for consequences.

1372 days ago


2 all you winners commenting on ppl being fat (and im a hot skinny bitch so dnt even think im only writing this cas im someone fat) umm... wat a waste of a comment? we can see by looking at him his body weight so you dont need 2 waste comment space by letting us all kno. you r probably insecure about your body or personality and that is all u show by doing this. i bet gary has more confidence than all of you.

secondly, you would have to be dumb as a BRICK to not know that Gary was provoking Amber the whole entire time. there was an episode where he told her for her birthday she could have a girls night out and he'd watch Leah. well a friend of his told him he should basically not let her do that and so gary was late getting home, all ambers friends and her were an hour late and she was upset. but, instead of looking like the "bad" guy he brought her a cake so it would look like he did nothing wrong. what a jerk.

and for all u idiots saying "she should get whatever a guy would get for hitting a girl" um im pretty sure the MAXIMUM damage she gave him was a light bruise. in our country if someone is going to jail it either has 2 be on camera or there has to be marks. if a guy wails on a girl, usually there are black eyes and broken bones. this is why girls sentences or charges are usually lighter. f*cking idiots.

1372 days ago


Thank God for Reality TV. It's the only media outlet that truly shows how nasty and violent Women can be when in a jealous & envious rage. It's usually the Man that gets the bad rap because Women always love to play the victim. Well Ladies your time is up because now everyone can see that you have been hiding behind the "poor little innocent me" BS Card for way too long. Men, let this be a lesson to you........NEVER LET THESE UNGRATEFUL , MONEY HUNGRY, LAZY SLOBS push you around again. If they ever raise their hands to you.....KNOCK EM OUT COLD! Enough with their lies and BS.
Thank You Reality TV for exposing the TRUTH!

1372 days ago


Why is it when a woman beats a guy he is a **** & people expect for the guy to let it go but when a man beasts a woman the state picks up the case & he is punished to the full extent of the law. This world is f'ed up. Woman complain about not being equal but they only want to be equal where they see fit well guess what I hope she does as much time as a man would so that would teach woman to act right fly straight and learn they will suffer the same consequences as a man and be held to the same standard. Woman use the law to there advantage and use the double standard to get away with murder literally. Hope she learns from this BS and grow up & I hope woman see it & grow up as well cause woman are just as bad as men but hide it better and this crap has got to stop. If a woman hurts a chile the child usually gets placed back with the mother and not the father even if the father shows he can be a better parent & provider the system is flaud it's very sad.

1372 days ago


No matter what a douchenozzle this guy is, you can't break the law. She deserves to be prosecuted and he deserves to be castrated.

1372 days ago


I have to say.. to all you commenters.. you're actually laughing at both parents and commenting on continuing the cycle of violence in this family.. you're all stupid idiots!!

do you not understand if Amber, this guy continue spiralling out of control this could escalate into one of these kids being killed? what will say about that! ..

Amber should be locked up in jail.. she's a mom and throwing fits is not gonna get her anywhere.. she must work and chill out on the attitude.. one day she will try to bring it up to a guy that will not put up for it and he'll knock her teeth out and back into next week...

the father should be a father.. lose weight, get a job, education and LIFE! instead of mooching off of MTV.. good lord.. MTV is the leader in brainwashing these kind of kids.

did you know in the magazines they're saying Amber is pregant again with someone else's baby? and she had sex with 8 guys in a 2 month timeframe?... this is the reason birth control should be Mandatory!

ladies.. count on that day coming before your tubes will need a license to procreate!

1372 days ago
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