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New Video -- 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Unloads!

12/29/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a video of "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, getting an earful from the accused felon ... but the video raises serious questions about Shirley himself.

The video, which was shot by a friend in April, shows Shirley on the phone with Amber, as she rails on him.  Far from looking like a victim, Shirley makes sure his friend captures the diatribe in all its glory.

At times Shirley and his friend are laughing at Amber, who sounds genuinely upset.

The police report detailing the violence that started months before this video was shot -- and continued after it -- notes Amber claimed it was not done for the TV show but was authentic anger. 

So we want to know: Do you think Gary was really a "victim" of violence or was he playing it up for the camera ... as he seems to be in this video. And if so, should Amber be prosecuted?


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Gary lives at home with his mom and her 21year old lover. Btw, told gary that he can't come live with them, because her man don't like him. Amber on the other hand, was messing with this meth head who changed their daughter's diaper and caused the whole fight. This, right here, is why mtv has made so much money off of worthless and pointless white folks such as this show and the jersey shore. white people wake up! sounds like a black man is running

1363 days ago


If a man did this to a woman he would be locked up so fast. TMZ would not even be asking these questions.

1363 days ago


Waste of tax-payer time and money. Obviously the best option is therapy and parenting classes for both of these "parents." He's a manipulative jerk and she has anger management issues. Tell me why we are worrying about this guy who clearly wasn't injured rather than all of the domestic violence victims who end up dead or in the hospital each year? Oh yeah, reality TV. Where was the outrage when Kate Gosselin was smacking her husband around?

1363 days ago


THESE MTV ARE FAKE PEOPLE! THe situations behind them are real, but everything else is set up by MTV. My sister is going to be on the upcoming season of 16 and Pregnant. These MTV people have been disrupting our lives for 6 months and pretty much put you out ever chance they get. If anyone is to blame for this 'violence' from Teen Mom it's MTV. I would 85% of what you see on these shows are setup by MTV, especially fights. They have been trying to get my family to fight on film since they got here, but we're not dumb enough to fall for it. So, MTV pulls everyone aside seperately and puts a little bug in their ear to try to turn everyone against each other. Why they would want to make a tough situation like teen pregnancy even tougher for those living it is beyond me.
But, as far as this Teen Mom crap, Indiana police need to look into the behind the scenes footage and see if MTV is responsible, because chances are they are. If state's were smart they wouldn't let MTV come into their town and film, bottom line. They are disrespectful *******s, they make stuff even worse for those living it.
The situations are real, the rest is setup.
It's TV with non-actors basically.

1363 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Gary actually went there..He was surprised she called him a fatazz? LMAO Gary u r a fatazz! Amber is a rabid bitch in heat and hungry bitches are violent bitches stop eating all her food fatazz!

1363 days ago


I dont understand what weight has to do with being a bad parent and her being abusive to him! Who care fat or skinny, wrong is wrong, this baby is the one that will suffer, regardless of her parents weight! some People are ignorant and should not be able to reproduce

1363 days ago


She should be prosecuted since she committed a crime, but that doesn't mean her BF isn't a white trash idiot himself. Opposites don't attract nearly as much as similars do.

1363 days ago


He looks like Bam bam Bigalo!!! OMG LOL!!!

1363 days ago


This is just how guys act.
It's a guy thing. It doesn't take away from the fact that she is an abuser.

1363 days ago


To all you folks that seem to only focus on this guys weight... funny story. My brother was just like you. He was skinny and goodlooking his whole life and always made fun of fat people, hazing his friends constantly about being with fat girls, etc... well, he got married and after a few years his wife blew up to about 350lbs and his 2 daughters are fatties as well. It's called Karma and you better live your life with consideration for its power.

1363 days ago


If it were a FEMALE pig on that end of the phone you would not be asking those poll questions.

It's not my imagination...both of these people look like little pig snouts...last name should be? PORKwood.

1363 days ago


Hey, it's either laugh or cry when you're dealing with people like Amber. I haven't watched the show much but got to say I admire this guy's composure!!!

1363 days ago


They should take their kid and go play in traffic.

1363 days ago


LOL some people on these comments have lost their minds! I person said Amber is "138 pounds what kind of damage could she do?" A) She is not 138 probably closer to 155-165 lbs. B) Even if she is "138"lol She was trying to push him down a flight of stairs in the episode I saw. I watched this show like 3 time and I'm a guy and the first one I saw was when she was wailing on him and trying to throw his tv down the stairs. I'm a guy and weight 145lbs if I hit a girl that weighed as much as Gary I'd be in Jail quicker than Chris Brown. So the size difference is irrelevant. Amber is clearly a nut job: A) Got knocked up when she was in High School by someone who was 21, atleast that's what most these comments say. Now lets think why would someone who's in high school hang out with a 21 y.o.? So they can buy them alcohol, I don't think it was Gary's stunning good looks. Don't play innocent most of us did it in either high school or college when we were that age. B) In the 3 episodes I saw Amber was either screaming, crying, or laying around doing nothing. So both Amber and Gary are equally as lazy. You can graduate high school when you pregnant it's called doing your homework.
Amber should def be made example of that abuse weather male to female or female to male is illegal. I've known a bunch of Ambers in my life that wanna act like they are a man, throw punches, because they know if the guy just touches them he's going to jail so these girls push and push until the guy just loses it. I live in Indiana and our legal system is no joke it's either black or white here there is no gray area. Amber is probably gonna get anger management classes, CPS will be monitoring her like a hawk 2 year minimum maybe up till the kid is 18(Indiana is full of nosey a holes), 1 year probation and I think that will be about it. My last thought is everyone that was on that show 16 and prego are losers not just Amber and Gary every single one of them: the firecrotch and her loser baby daddy in memphins, the two future meth addicts that gave their kid up for adoption, and the decent looking girl who's baby daddy died (her eyes were way to spaced apart) all ignorant losers, you got kids you gotta grow up tough luck it's at 16-18 should have wore a condom

1363 days ago


I completely agree that Amber's actions are uncalled for and she most definitely needs to find another way to channel her anger. After watching this show several times, however, I can't say I'm not on either person's side. Amber neglects her child and lets her cry in addition to letting Leah watch her mother beat the crap of out her father. On the other hand, Gary is truly a worthless slob - no initiative to get a job and work hard to attempt to support his family - no wonder Amber gets so damn frustrated! Baby Leah would be much better off with adoptive parents that would love her and do everything they could to give her the best life possible rather than being with either of those two losers who are too immature and selfish to be proper parents.

1363 days ago
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