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Brittney Jones -- Let Them See My Sex Tape!

12/30/2010 5:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittney Jones -- the woman who insists she slept with Ashton Kutcher -- has predictably officially dropped her lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment ... giving the porn giants the green light to peddle her sex tape.


Jones is even trying to play the Kim Kardashian Kard -- saying, "If Kim can survive and in fact do even better after a sex tape scandal, I guess I can, too.”

Shoot for the stars!

As for Mr. Kutcher -- dude scored a minor victory in the whole sex tape controversy ... because after several rounds of legal exchanges  ... a rep for Vivid tells us, "We decided not to use the A-lister’s actual name in connection with the sex tape."


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I agree with you hartwell but most folks believe that is 18th century thinking.

Personally, I like women who leave a little to the imagination.

1364 days ago


It's pretty sad when you have so little talent, the only way you can think of to get noticed is to peddle a sex tape of yourself. And not care whom you take down with you to boot.

1364 days ago


I'm with Heartwell on this. I think this is probably the reason Miley is out of control. The media has given all these stupid hos way more attention they deserve, it gives teens the idea that it is a legit way of making money and being famous. Then we expect teen stars to grow up to be Anne Hathaways instead of Paris Hiltons. Come on now, I hear more about Snookie than Anne Hataway or Amy Adams, or any othere real "STARS"... WTF?? What has this B*** done other than get drunk and get punched in the face, and this is what we put on TV!! It's ridiculous.

1364 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I'll check it out 5 minutes after it is released. Should be on some free site by then.

1364 days ago


What a second....there is an A list actor also named Ashton Kutcher?

1364 days ago




1364 days ago


dropping her lawsuit = she got paid money.

1364 days ago


For the idiots that think she's hot, you obviously can't tell that this picture was touched-up. She is a lot fatter than this touched-up photo. Even with the touched-up photo, she still looks like a trashy slut!

1364 days ago


Just saw the 45 second trailer for it on She's kinda cute, I guess. Her a$$ is slammin. But overall I give her a B- in the looks department. Definitely better than Shauna Sand, Montana Fishburne (a.k.a. Pimple Ass), Mindy McCready and Danielle Staub. I may give it a peek when it gets posted on a free site.

However to call this a "celebrity sextape" is most definitely a bit of a stretch. If it wasn't for her making these, as of yet, unsubstantiated claims of an affair with Ashton Kutcher (A-List...HA!), nobody would even have heard of her. She is not a "celebrity", "star" or barely even a person of mild interest.

Harvey, and the rest of the people at TMZ, please quit being Steven Hirsch's personal publicity machine. Unless it is for a sextape of an actual big name celebrity. And no, not a reality TV celebrity either. Well, maybe Brooke Burke.

1363 days ago


For all you Steven Hirsch bashers..look.. the man is a bussiness man.. he obviously has an eye on who's willing to sell their tale for cash or else no one would be running to him all the time. back off.. he knows a skank when he see's one.. look this youngster is just a club skank.. ive seen the vid.. yep already.. and its not all that.. she has a booty i give her that.. but thats all.. she is alot thicker nowadays.. which shows only thing she's doing with her life right now is gambling how to make a ton of quick cash..

she wishes she could let out all the claims about ashton.. but the demi-god has that on Lock the F! down.. and i applaud Demi for that.. i think she is total MILF Goddess regardless how some claim different..

This little girl is about to get depressed her video will be free the second its distributed.. vivid paid her a "sum" of cash for the release and thats it.. it will not make a splash..

the guy ends up popping on her shaved butt..other than that you can look at this chick in the bed, on her back, in the shower being nothing but a toy..

no one is gonna take you serious once you release this..but congrats on your 15 mins of fame.

she should just go out and do porn instead of bouncing all over the place "i slept with ashton, i slept with ashton" making herself look like an even more whore mistress wannabe.

again.. ladies if you charish your hubby.. i suggest you start going after these little vixens and knock them back into next week.. that'll resolve the "married man fantasy" these stupid skanks now look at as "GLAMOROUS"

Britney Jones

Booty - A+ buttcheeks
Action- /yawn she doesnt do anything explicit/hardcore its been seen and done before
Compared to Kim K : -- C minus.. this girl cant even come close in the tape and in real life to do what kim did in her tape.. meaning she doesnt bang a black guy.. so this is a boring tape all together. where's the "i cant believe she did that" .. you'l see this and say.. "ok what is she doing thats so special"

Again.. if she did this to pay rent.. i understand but you put yourself this far out.. you might as well become a porn chick in the 1st place.

Overall : A clean looking stuckup girl boringly proves she's a down and dirty girl.....

wackoff meter : 2 out of 5 whacks.. LOL

1363 days ago


If you followed the Kim Kard method, you would have protested the release of the sex tape AND most importantly, someone with a name needs to be in the sex tape with you dear. You'll also need some big mouthed sisters and a mother who can help you get your 15 minutes.
Good have 12 minutes left

1363 days ago


Let me get this straight. This chick's goal is to be like Kim Kardashian? Way to aim high. So if Kim Kardashian can be a "star" by letting a sex tape get "leaked' and become famous, then this pig should expect the same? It is official. You used to have to sleep with someone to get famous, now you have to tape it. Note to whatever your name is: whatever you get by becoming "famous", can't possibly worth your dignity. But you don't care about your dignity in the first place, so I just wasted 2 minutes of my life writing this. Now who's stupid.

1363 days ago


she is verry hot iwant to see her

1363 days ago


Number one, she isn't a celebrity.
Number two I am soooooo sick of Vivids fake lawsuits.
Number three Vivid obviously got it's ass handed to them by Kucher, that is what a real lawsuit looks like.
Let's make one thing perfectly clear, Vivid or any other company will not come out with a dvd unless they have a signed release by the person who is in the tape. Period. These bogus lawsuits are getting boring, come up with a new marketing scheme.
Number four you guys at TMZ really need to send Vivid a bill for all the advertising you give him with his made up press releases.
I think Harvey and Steve are having a bromance.
You are being had.
You want to do some real breaking news, investigate all the so called lawsuits Vivid has been in with all these d list celebrities and prove they are real. Not one is real. Not Kim, Not this one, Not Mindy McCready, none, except of course Ashton.
Vivids press releases are as boring as Vivid.

1363 days ago


OMFG Pleeeze #32 right on the money. You said basically what I was about to say. Funny enough theres actually enough naive retarded people to actually think those "SOMEONE STOLE MY SEX TAPE WAAA WAAA" excuses are true.


Which means, She signed a CONTRACT just like an athlete/actor does and the money she gets was negotiated way before her whole fake lawsuit happened..They made up this lawsuit crap much like all the others in hopes of fooling stupid people so that they think it literally was stolen. If it were stolen they could not sell it. Thats possession of stolen property. She'll probably get something along the lines of 75,000 for the tape and a percentage of the overall sales. Which won't be much. I don't understand why these whores do this kind of thing. Have they no shame/morals/class? You're letting the entire world see you do something that should only be witnessed by the person you're doing it with and basically informing everyone that your basically a prostitute. Porn/Prostitution theres no difference really and for what? A few thousand bucks thats going to be spent in no time? Yeah, I'd rather keep my dignity then sell out for some money that'll get me nowhere. The biggest question is...

WHY DO WE HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT AND READ ABOUT STUPID USELESS TALENTLESS ****S LIKE THIS? Reguardless if he did indeed have an affair with this woman SO WHAT? She has done nothing worthwhile except spread her legs..Thats all it takes to become a celebrity and make money these days? Spread your legs for a celebrity? Damn I should of been a girl.

1363 days ago
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