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Brittney Jones -- Let Them See My Sex Tape!

12/30/2010 5:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittney Jones -- the woman who insists she slept with Ashton Kutcher -- has predictably officially dropped her lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment ... giving the porn giants the green light to peddle her sex tape.


Jones is even trying to play the Kim Kardashian Kard -- saying, "If Kim can survive and in fact do even better after a sex tape scandal, I guess I can, too.”

Shoot for the stars!

As for Mr. Kutcher -- dude scored a minor victory in the whole sex tape controversy ... because after several rounds of legal exchanges  ... a rep for Vivid tells us, "We decided not to use the A-lister’s actual name in connection with the sex tape."


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If its not with a black dude then whats the point.

1394 days ago


shess soo retartedd -___-!

1394 days ago


#33 David you are correct on all counts, except this girl never got $75k, more like $15 or 20k at the most.Just doesn't seem like Vivid is in the habit of overpaying for anything. It seems you would need a crowbar to separate Steve Hirsch from his money. Unless he can take advantage of you, like Nayda Suleman, and reap some sort of monetary gain, he isn't playing.
I am pretty sure that Hirsch squeezes a dollar so tight you can see the eagle take a crap.
Anyone who buys into these fake lawsuits is an idiot. Which brings me to Harvey, being a lawyer he knows better yet continues to fuel this marketing scheme, or should I say scam, for Vivid.
It really hurts his credibility and the credibility of TMZ. I now read half of this crap and wonder if any of it is real.
This really has become the National Enquirer.
For entertainment it's ok, as for a real source of news, this just ain't cuttin' it.

1393 days ago

Keith Richard Radford Jr    

Sex should have no age of consent and people need desperately too get the who~scow out of our lives with laws like this. "O don't stop reading just yet, bobo. No law concerning sex should be allowed too continue. We have women that bury their kids in the back yard and say three black guys took them, wall them up or put them in basements because they look like their fathers, get their other siblings too have sex with them and then have them incarcerated because they don't want to pay to feed them, murder and rape and point fingers at others and use what they do to harm others. Any debate on the subject is worthless and no age should be set for any sex at all. If we put everyone in jail for having sex we would have no money left for anything. Sex is the not an issue for anyone when we have people with both sexes sporting both parts. We have some really broken minds and judgmental laws that do nothing for anyone except the people that get rich from these laws. Doctors want only professionals too touch children at $90.00 an office visit, Lawyers get to chase skirts instead of ambulances and the clergy get their choice of the new parishioner. Police get too do cavity searches in privite and rich people pay other people to watch their own children shower. These laws boil down to the same grotesque social design that was used by the third rite that devastated Europe. It is all fake and worthless at the core, to design a social structure on a system that allows such activity, which is what this Which Hunt has shown. Our government can not sustain the cost and the truth be told was a plan used to undermine the structure of the US by laws coming from the legatus. The point that I am trying too make here is that sex is not murder. The connection made through law is not a valid connection and this has been know for thousands of years but since the different lands with different languages and the boarders between those lands have served the jetSeters and the powerful but will never serve the regulars, poor or anyone at the grass root and as long as were being poisoned, our water being poisoned, our minds being poisoned to the point that some would rant up a sweet over touching one another, something wrong.
These are laws that serve economic instability, waste millions and create places where if Adam Walsh's kid is still alive, which I think he is, can hide from family by having a few teeth removed and put in the head of another? Who was the other kid? Don't you think someone would come forward, Like "Adam" and clear the air about such a horrendous development? What did you do to Adam Mr. Walsh if you are in fact still alive?
The General that I signed papers with told me he spent years in prison before he was exonerated by the courts and suggested I do the same. I had a major player in this tell me that I would quit likely die and would have to be replaced during the effort which would lock the door to the process. Well I am still here and by the looks of it the door is still open with this judgment,,,huh?. I got the process by the short hairs and I will never let go. It’s not in my nature to give in. I know what they did and it’s not ok with me or anybody else if they knew the truth of it. Fact is that the wrong has been done and all they have to do at this point is tell the truth, but they can't so the truth will catch up with them. Most people never have too think about this stuff and largely goes unnoticed by most, but if people have someone that is a chip on the table and allot of money too make on the play, the guns come out. I was told once that the Medical industry is one of the largest industry's in the US, tied to everything, and steeped in law. I am calling you a cheat and a lie. I am the twice chipped guy. My name is Keith Richard Radford Jr. I was chipped as a child without my consent, chipped again as an adult as an alternative too civil commitment many years ago and yes it is very upsetting to know that this was all planed before I was born so as you can see I am not apposed to these laws for no reason.
See Eric Holder used to live across the street on 18th street in LA and was a court reporter. His name then was D. Harmon and his brother Charlie, Mark, and sister Jane we the Tuesday night location for bible study. The Beverly Hills congregation and the Yucca Valley congregation both have information. These are people that believe in an end game. Start a scandal, use microchips, I am not making this up. You want this? You don't know what you want do you? Have you seen the numbers of people that actually view and follow the posts about sex offenders? the same people follow this information and the numbers are very small just like their minds. You want more call me @ 818 627 8060... it a magic jack so sometime it don't work BuTT: I am still here.

1392 days ago


I think this may be Ashton Kutcher in the Sex Tape...

1391 days ago

what an attention-starved whore! ashton would be a fool to cheat on demi, that girl still has it goin on. she blows that bitch out of the water. here is an idea slut, get a life and stop making an idiot out of yourself.

1386 days ago

Keith Richard Radford Jr    

background checks make idiots rich with worthless info because people change from day to day

I remember living behind a church were Brian Lamb, and a bunch of these Cspan guys used too have a wood shop. At that place of residence my mom thought I needed an exorcist, after playing in the mud the way very young children will sometimes with my uncle who mixed a glass of this red clay in water and told me it was chocolate milk.

After drinking it as he would force me to do thing all the time like the time he made me cut off the limb I was sitting on and the device came out of my shoulder being more powerful and in control I broke out with ring worm all over my body and my mom told me it was writing that could not be understood so she had priests come in from the church.

I guess my Dad did not know that one of the people at the church was in line for being my new dad but that was not in the cards because I guess he felt I was in need of discipline after an accident in the wood shop. I had been check out on the band saw by my grandfather who was a millwright in Arkansas and to do some jobs the blade shield had to be removed. Some kids came in and wanted to use the saw, then got mad that I wanted to warn them to put the guard on and they told me they owned it all and I was not to tell them anything, and after this head strong kid cut his thumb off the other kids said they would tell their fathers it was all my fault, but it was not.

I had a fever of well over a hundred and I was a bloody mess with the infection. The priests came in with outer guys and one had a camera. The priests would throw me across the room well the other snapped a picture. I would fall on furniture and the floor and they would tell me get on the bed, don't get off the bed very loud and when I would crawl back on the bed they would pick me up and throw me over and over again well the other priest would snap another picture and this went on till one guy said we have enough picture and they left me in the blood, mud, and bedding, then my aunt came in with some save that was for ring worm.

She spread the save and kidded me about dying when the rings got to my heart. After getting well I went back to the wood shop and the guys had made me a special shield and gave me my sword which were both made of wood and I had to fight one of the guys in my shorts because I did not want to remove them and the other guy was naked (he know who he is). I was still not up too speed and lost the battle. They then called me the bad guy and this group was supposed to be my gate keeper or something like that appointed by the priests. My Dad did not like them much also but that did not matter much because someone at the church was going to be my new dad till he said no, my mom cried allot, my dad was gone, I healed up, but I still have a case.

Please know that there is nothing any of you can do to make what you and the rest of the ones involved can do to make this my fault. See at the time I was about seven years old. Since then the church has made an effort to kill me, to the extent of trying to pass laws to kill sex offenders.

Come on, keep it up, keep pushing laws that you as a group of very said individuals know have no value. Take me too court so I can own a network. I have met with your staff members in private since along with military personal and others.

Now lets note when this happened I was only a small child being thrown around a room like a rag doll by people that started all this clear back in the late fifty's and the steering by very bad people that think abusing kids to make laws to stop abuse, Ha! these laws are bogus and the fact that they can not kill gays anymore does not justify the use of laws too kill someone set up by them to create some worthless set of laws by a fusion of church and state is wrong and realty designed by them to harm us all.

My case was pragmatic but more than that I know what was done and who was involved making vendetta laws that really have no bases in truth, and are based in lies.

Keith Richard Radford Jr

PSS don't be cowards, let me know you received this e-mail through a response.

It's time to communicate

1343 days ago
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