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Chris Brown -- I Apologize, I'm Not Homophobic

12/30/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown tells TMZ he's sorry for going off on Raz B yesterday on Twitter, and making crass sexual references that many say were homophobic.

Chris Brown Homophobic

Brown tells TMZ, "Yesterday was an unfortunate lack in judgment sparked by public Twitter attacks from Raz B, who was bent on getting attention.  Words cannot begin to express how sorry and frustrated I am over what transpired publicly on Twitter."

Brown goes on, "I have learned over the past few years to not condone or represent acts of violence against anyone.  Molestation and victims of such acts are not to be taken lightly; and for my comments I apologize -- from the bottom of my heart."


One source connected with Brown wanted to make one thing clear -- the notion that Raz B really was molested is highly questionable, given his video denial of the incident (above) -- not that it excuses Brown's comments.

Brown ends his apology with this:  "I love all of my fans, gay and straight. I have friends from all walks of life and I am committed, with God's help, to continue becoming a better person."


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i agreee chris stood up for himself and raz started the entire flame thread.. so those peeps that are just "in denial" you need help.. you can see the tweets yourself if you decided to look further into the story.. but no.. you see a headline and throw chris right under the bus ... again..

get the hec over the rhianna incident.. hello.. current D.V issue is with the amber and the fat guy who she beat up on.. now run off and bash her!

raz really showed how much lacking of maturity he has.. childish.. childish thug.. thug= child pretending to be a man.. if chicks did not go for these types of dudes then they would not act out like this or continue this image..

he needs to bleach on those lips (RAZ) they look alittle burnt.. WHAT IN HELL did he suck on to get his lips that dark>? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im sure it wasnt smoked sausage.

1363 days ago

northern gypsy    

bravo...for whomever wrote his apology...
having said that...sorry...i don't believe C.B.
he meant every word...because deep down inside...he's ignorant

1363 days ago


Its funny how half these comments say **** you chris ect! But if somebody would of came at you on TWITTER about your ****ing past that clearly gonna hunt you for life because stupid ass bitches still talking about. You would defend your self too. ESPECIALLY! when you have two people coming at you! oh that's not forget RazB acting like the victim but can we forget he also started with omarian too? talking about JayBug ****ed You mom and why you chris brown little cheerleader ect ect. and all he kept talkin about chris brown beating rihanna? and y'all on his side, but he did the immature thing. Chris Brown stood up for his self and sorry to say **** TMZ I WOULDN'T OF APOLOGIZED FOR **** ! its called self defense And RickyRomance Your A Bitch ! for comin at him when the fight didnt had **** 2 do with you! hope your fastass die from being over weight DUMBBITCH!

1363 days ago


**** OUTTA HERE ! Razb started that **** rihanna got her ass whooped 2 years ago? the cased was closed earlier this year? and y'all still talking about it no lives. so when chris brown defend his self its a issue right? that's not forget some grown ass man name rickyromance coming at him like how old is he like 50? so before y'all come at him please go look at the twitter and see who really started. thank you and goodbye :]
-chris brown fan forever

1363 days ago


TMZ is a joke! First off, some of you folks making comments do not know what you are talking about because Neither Chris Brown nor Raz B are rappers! Both are R&B singers well Raz B was now he's just a bitter has been. You guys at TMZ use every opportunity to ridicule Chris Brown. What do you want the man to do...Kill himself??? What is this world coming to if you cannot defend yourself! So, I guess now he has to take every disrespectful thing that comes his way or else TMZ will run it as a headline story. Let's see if he had called Raz B a jack@$$ then your headline story would have been...Chris hates donkeys. You would have spinned it some kind of way. Let's not forget it was you guys who put out the photo of Rihanna...bunch of douche bags!!!

1363 days ago


raz b you just used chris brown for ex poser cuz nobody remembered your ass && when it came to B2K your were always LAST your a NOBODY && will always be a NOBODY!! hahahahhahahahaha

1363 days ago


It took him all of 24 hours to appologize for WORDS but how long to say a pitiful excuse for a real appology about beating a woman almost unrecognizable??

1363 days ago


chris brown is apologising ¬_¬

he shouldn't have to apologise for defending himself

1363 days ago


Once again he sticks his foot in his mouth and everyone just says "ok, he said sorry. Thays ok then". He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and try to be a better person quietly! What a loser!

1363 days ago


If I was RI .. I would be scared of Raz.. Dude is doing some serious twitter stalking!

1363 days ago


nobody cares about raz b he is a NOBODY and will remain that way. his five min of fame is OVER and he just used Chris Brown to try && get back in the game cuz he know Chris Brown is well known and FAMOUS something he aint. HE NEVER MATTERED AND STILL DOESNT MATTER. YOUR A BITCH && NEED TO GO FIND A DAY JOB WITH YOUR BROKE GAY ASS!!!! I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND STOP SAYING SORRY TO THESE BITCH ASS NIGGGGGAS!!!

1363 days ago

Chi Chi    

I am really tired of all of this like really!!!! Chris doesnt owe anyone an apology and the nerve of Raz B dumb ass retweeting this story. Karma is waiting for him. I'm TeamBreezy for life **** the haters!!!

1363 days ago


Chris Brown, was, is and always will be a punk a$$ b!tch

1363 days ago


Look, Yall can bash Chris brown and say he was in the wrong blah,blah,blah! The people who are commenting on here, I can bet a million bucks, don't even know the full story! Raz B brought up that same old azz situation with Rihanna on his twitter page and Chris Brown decided to fire back! The bottom line is this wouldn't had happen in the first place if RazB didn't say S***! People in this damn world are soo quick to open their big mouths and express their negative opinions about a topic when, like I said, they don't know the story! Look if someone called you a b**** does that make you one? No! So just because the damn nobody called Chris homophobic doesn't mean he is? No, and I'm pretty sure that's not the case! Raz B is just mad because he thought Chris was just gonna sit back and let him bring up a situation from the past! Like the boy who called "wolf!", This wack azz called out * 2 year old voice* "Homophobe!"

1363 days ago


all yall need to shut the hell up if you dont know the whole story!! Razb started it he got what he deserved.. Chris wasn't bashing gays or homos he was bashing raz b himself.. and that video is old raz posted one last month stating he was mollested. he's trynna throw everyone under the bus just to make himself look good. Screw all of you that just want to put chris down over some trash [rihanna]!

1363 days ago
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