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Chris Brown -- Death Threat in Raz B Twitter Feud

12/30/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's Twitter feud with former B2K singer Raz B took a violent turn last night -- when Raz's brother posted a video threatening to put a "mother f**king pistol" in Brown's mouth.

The threat came after a scathing exchange between Brown and Raz yesterday afternoon -- which erupted when Raz made comments about Brown's attack on Rihanna.

But after Brown retaliated with several racial and gay slurs directed at Raz -- the B2K singer's brother stepped in ... posting a video message saying, "If I see you in L.A. my dude, I'm gonna put my mother fu**ing pistol in your mouth."

Raz's brother, Ricky Romance -- who's also a singer -- added, "Step your game up homeboy ... when I see you my n**ga, I will smack you in the mouth, beat you, drag you down the street and treat you like a little b**ch my n**ga. This ain't no mother f**king game homeboy.  You ain't welcome in L.A. and if I catch you alone, watch what I'ma do to you."

Last night, Brown twittered a response, "Ill be in LA REAL SOON!!!!!!"

UPDATE: RazB's rep tells TMZ ... "Raz B wanted to make sure everyone knows that what his brother says does not represent him."

The rep adds, "Those are just a brother's tendencies to protect his brother coming out. Raz B has already spoken to his brother and told him to chill out."


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1st. I'm so tired of the N word being PC O.K. by the flapper wannabes. It's racist pure and simple. It's a messed up double standard. Why would you ever defend and embrace that ugly word, when it causes so much harm?

2nd. these two lucky flappers stopped living "Ghetto" a long time ago. They live in million dollar mansions, driving +$100,000 cars. They aren't broke and hardly street. They are a product, an undeserving product at that.

I don't get why people support them again and again, it's a lie.
Just like Justin Beiber and all the other fakes they keep pushing on us. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! HYPE! HYPE! HYPE! Rinse and repeat. Real Musicians need to take the scene back, then we would have some integrity in music again.

1355 days ago


@Flyboy #121 You're right. I don't know anyone who acts like this either. I shouldn't have insinuated that I think gay people act like this!

1355 days ago


This is wat Raz-B wrote 3hrs. ago "@Chrisbrown If it be in Gods will u'll get a Grammy 2011 , Be sure to thank me! since you wanna throw your Mixtape in my face! #Womanbeater".... clearly he's NOT the BIGGER PERSON. Chris Brown did NOT in anyway start tha argument Raz-B outta no where came on twitter TRYING TO FLIRT with Rihanna and then starts throwin shades at Chris for no reason. No body can say anything about Chris cuz #1 Raz-B started the WHOLE argument #2 He was the one dissing gay people.. Chris was juss apologizin for callin him gay and makin sure nun of his gay fans took it seriously. #3 Raz-B juss wanted the attention and if not for #TeamBreezy Chris proly wouldnt have know about tha whole thing. But its wat we do...we stick up for him when anybody thinks they're badder then him. >>Raz-B is a HAS BEEN and needed to boost followers that was all (Mii diss to him)<<
#4 Now the dude wanna be an idiot and sent out DEATH THREATS to show he's biig and bad.. He really needa grab a chair and SIT. #THATISALL

1355 days ago


At least you guys reported on if you just talk about RazB's huge role in this I'll be satisfied.

1355 days ago


Let me address a few items:

1. It is well known that Cris Brown has had homosexual sex as well as been molested as a youth by a family friend.
Chris Brown has routinely received oral pleasure from men and actually doesn't consider that "gay", he is just on the "down low" when he needs to "relax".

2. When Raz's brother says he is going to stick a pistol in CB's mouth he is actually saying that he is going to force CB to give him oral sex. The gun is actually Raz's brother's penis.

This is nothing more than a bunch of rappers who are really bisexual fighting over gay sex.

1355 days ago

Hey Raz! you are an idiot!! WTF!! That's stupid for posting a death threat with a pistol on Twitter. Law Enforcement can use this tweet as evidence, you dumbass!!

1355 days ago


To all you idiots still supporting Chris Brown - If ever your son or daughter is molested, you should tweet about it to Chris to give your idol a big laugh and something to joke about. He finds the sexual abuse of minors hilarious!!

1355 days ago


Where is "A Jesse A Jackson" when you a need him? All three of these nobody's should be shipped off to a remote place and let them have at it. Chris Brown is a retard, Rhianna is a slut and I'm sure these other two clowns have zero to contribute to society so its best if we just ignore them and they will finally go away. Thugs and tards. What do you expect?

1355 days ago


Ah yes, black folk at their finest. But, my Dad always said, we can't complain-we brought them here. They would have never made it over on their own, they'd still be living in their mud huts.

1355 days ago


Ignorant pathetic dirt ball for show!!

1355 days ago


Why are people such idiots?! Ricky obviously missed the day in school where they talked about NOT publicly mentioning where and how you plan to kill someone. This is why people get caught. I learned a long time ago that "silence is golden" and it's fair to say it's especially important when it comes to committing a crime. Ricky, it's best to just do it and NOT talk about it beforehand.

1355 days ago


Great job on reinforcing stereotypes about rappers guys!

1355 days ago


Maybe they will shoot each other.

1355 days ago


So these rappers are actually first grade girls arguing on a playground?

That's what its all about?

Because they are pathetically immature. Here they are talking smack, acting hard, trying to play "who's the scariest thug".. and all I'm seeing is a soap opera.

Seriously guys.. make your music, get rich, and quit trying to act hard.

You'd think that after Chris Brown beat up a woman and then got in trouble for it, he'd have learned something. Apparently the only thing he learned was to take his punishment and then show everyone he completed it, and still act like a dumbass. Grow up Chris, you aren't a 10 yr old girl.

1355 days ago


Remind me again why these people are famous?

If you make good music.. stick to that.

When you let your pathetic immature lives leak out on the internet, instead of looking like some hard thug (which, btw, is just as stupid), you look like stupid first graders fighting in a playground.

Seriously dude.. shove your own gun where the sun don't shine (that place where your boyfriend has been) and pull your own trigger. You are pathetic Chris Brown.

1355 days ago
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