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David Beckham: I Didn't Have Sex With That Prostitute

12/30/2010 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham swears under oath, he never had sex with the prostitute who claims she had a threesome with him in 2007.

David Beckham Cheating

Beckham filed a declaration in his $25 million lawsuit against Irma Nici and the publishers of "In Touch Weekly," which ran the story.

Beckham says in his declaration, "...Nici has fabricated the following facts about me:

- that in August 2007, I committed adultery with Nici and another prostitute by paying for sex with the two of them ...
-- that about a month later, I again committed adultery with Nici at the Claridges Hotel in London
-- that in October 2007, I contacted Nici while I was in New York seeking to again commit adultery ...
-- that Nici has had sex with me five times in total."

Beckham calls Nici's allegations "unequivocally false," adding, "I have never met Nici, let alone committed adultery or paid her for sex."

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No Avatar

why is she there ?    

yep he " never paid her " <<<
got it for free

1356 days ago


I sort of believe it, only because where there is smoke, there's fire. 99 out of 100 times. He doesn't have to pay for sex, of course. But just some fan would be blabbing all over town. If he paid...just for fun, or whatever, usually those girls don't talk. However, lately, (Tiger, Jesse, etc.) things have changed. It's easier to talk and get paid big bucks than spend your good years on your back, I guess. We'd all like to think he is perfect. I doubt it. (I also believe that Ashton's situation is true. However, I think Demi is "into it"). Too bad they couldn't have kept that a personal matter. What they do in their married life is no one's busines.

1356 days ago


cmon man!!!! you know that he paid for it, these types always doo.

1356 days ago


I bet Nici will have a contract with vivid soon.

1356 days ago


I betcha that stick he is married to nagged him until he sued those chicks. Posh Spice is a sad woman if she thinks the way she looks attracts anything but vultures trying to pick what's left of her skin and bone carcass.

1356 days ago


People are always looking to get something for nothing nowadays. Why on earth would he cheat on Posh Spice!

If however the rumors do end up being true then we would be happy to talk to Posh about playing music at her divorce party.


Doubt we'll see any info about this on her official website http://www.victoriabeckham.com/

1356 days ago


"Now listen to me. I did not have sex with that woman."

Hmmmm. . . . where did we hear THAT line before????


1356 days ago


Most people would understand if he was attracted to any woman with some meat on her bones who actually smiled. His wife looks like an unhappy skeleton bone. She never smiles and she has huge bunions on her bony feet from wearing skank high heels too much.

1356 days ago



1356 days ago


It is a well known fact that he did indeed have an affair while married to Victoria (Posh). That said, however, I believe him in this instance. Why would he go to the extreme of filing a lawsuit against someone who could possibly have evidence that would disprove his claims? And, as someone else said, why would he pay for sex when he has women throwing themselves at him? Something smells fishy here and it's not David.

1356 days ago


I hope this isn't true. Nobody is staying together these days and I had repect for them since they have been married for a long time...

1356 days ago


I wonder if some of you commenting on here could think of Victoria's feelings. If he hasn't done it, it must hurt her to read all of your janky comments. If he had done it, then why say things to hurt her more. I see Victoria and David as good parents and work very hard to keep their marriage as one. Give them a break, go back to trashing the trash like the Lindsay's and Tara Reid's etc.

1356 days ago


I'll believe anyone other than him when I see the proof and not before that.

1356 days ago

random guy    

a prostitute dont care if you are super fine guyy or super ugly guy only cares about the GREEN ..because hello she has to eat to .and he did do it just forgot to pay ..... and nothinggggggg nothingggg is freeeeee ,,,,not even sex with random girls

1356 days ago


Go Becks

1356 days ago
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