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John Mellencamp and Wife End Marriage

12/30/2010 10:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mellencamp is ending his marriage of 20 years.

John and his wife, Elaine Mellencamp, a model, have split, although his rep isn't saying if they've filed divorce papers yet.

The couple says they "are proud of their 20 years together and are very happy with their accomplishments both as parents and as a family."

John and Elaine will continue to raise their two kids in Indiana.

A 20-year marriage is a good run for sure, so we ask ...


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Mellencamp is very talented better than Springsteen. His music rock, reggae, Soul, blues, blue grass, country, christian, folk, chuck berry, James Brown and more mixed in. You are in the best of the best, good singer, songwriter, guitarist. New Jersey has Springsteen but Indiana and the world has Mellencamp. A rare gem. Check him out on Tou Tube. Elaine don't take all his money, seek common grounds. JM love you, your music and God Bless.

1390 days ago


I can't even grasp how people can think that a twenty year marriage that ENDS IN DIVORCE is successful. Really. Was the question supposed to be a joke.

1390 days ago


Sad to hear this story I Think Elaine is the best thing that ever happen to him.Rock On John your fans love you.

1389 days ago

Lil Lu Lu    

this is the likely story. he will soon be back on tour and she was tired of that lifestyle, especially since she traveled with him. he's thinking of taking his latest tour overseas. she gave him a choice--retire from touring or she's gone. i doubt it's a tale of love lost. she made the decision and you can bet he's heart broken. if you'll notice he moved his wedding band from the ring finger to the traditional third finger, symbolic for the vein that leads directly to the heart. probably a message to her, but she wanted more of a normal family life after giving so much for so many years. remember, she helped raise his two daughters from his second marriage. sad on all fronts as it is with any marriage that dissolves.

1387 days ago


Is he crazy to let her go? Look at her shes gorgeous and hes well old! Idiot!

1387 days ago


Elaine tried to change who he was. He went for it as long as he could. In the end..he was pretty fed up with her.

1387 days ago


@If sense were common everyone would have it You nailed it. I can't stand the arrogant bastard.

1387 days ago


Wow he looks like a disgusting little troll. The years hav not been good to him!!!

1386 days ago


i get the sense that the flame went out in this relationship and perhaps she moved on. i don't think he let her go that easily. he had not worn his ring in public since at least october. highly doubt this had anything to do with meg ryan folks. just a guess--someone else who is home more often perhaps caught her interest. she's reportedly a very kind woman and john was head over heels in love with her. good luck much happiness to both. sad story.

1385 days ago

Music Fan    

Johnney, Johnney, Johnney..........
I am a hugh fan and always will. LOVE YOUR LYRICS AND INSTRUMENTAL COMPOSITION. But guy, as a husband (w/3 ex's left behind) it's called a 'Failure'. Now claiming a '19-year marriage run' as a good thing is a BS yadda,yadda. It's insulting to those of us, long-termers, wanting/working and doing the 'hard' work for ultimate marital success. Fact is, your history/mentality has always been: love um' then leave um'.
At your age, just forget the commitment and recognize that your incapable of embracing and working at that aspect of life. JUST Love um' and be happy with that!
But keep on giving us your brilliant MUSIC....

1383 days ago


Okay JOhn, it's now what?
hope you had a good prenep!!! :o)
she was nothing but a blonde bimbo anyway....and besides, if
you weren't a rock star, she wouldn't even talked to you in the first place!!
How quickly we are forgotten in Hollywood.........right John?

I hate to break it to you, time to get back in the saddle.....and
like maybe there is probably 10,000 broads who want to jump your bones every night at every concert......SO SCREW HER!!!
get over it.....move on.....we need you here playing boogie music!
hey do you need a sax player??? I'll kick your ass....

the goober....

1371 days ago


...yeah...this is Goober again.....hey, i'm sure you're reading this John because you have no idea what you are gonna do right?

well....I agree with number 88.....f*** em all lots
of the end, they just dump you and take all your money.....quit being a sucker.....become a whore dog....yeah, that's what you really are JOHN!!!.....excuse me I will
be right back.....I have to take another hit off my bong!!!..
MMMMMMMMMMMMMM************************ :o)' what I'm saying is REALLY making sense...
she's probably banging your best friend this moment JOHN...FORGET ABOUT HER>>>>>>DON'T KILL YOURSELF MAN....WE NEED YOU MAN....WE LOVE YOU BROTHER WE LOVE YOU what about that
gig playing the sax for ya?.....really, I'll even wear a tux if you want me too....I'm not ****tin' you brother. If you want
to get a hold of me, i live under the viaduct at 294 and 290 outside of can't see my house....I'm's desguised.... ;O)

1371 days ago
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