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Raz B to Chris Brown: It Was Never About Attention!

12/30/2010 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Raz B is lashing back at Chris Brown ... insisting yesterday's explosive Twitter incident was "not about receiving attention" -- as Brown insisted -- but was about standing up for what he felt was "right."


In the wake of Brown's apology, Raz has issued an apology of his own to TMZ -- saying, "I want to publicly apologize for my direct attacks done out of anger. This is now about taking the right approach, so not only my story can be heard, but so someone learns something valuable."

As we previously reported, Raz ignited the war by tweeting incendiary comments to Brown about the Rihanna incident. Brown reacted to Raz with a slew of racist and gay slurs. Raz then fired back with gay slurs of his own.

Raz adds, "Standing up for yourself does not mean yelling or victimizing others and I sincerely apologize for that.  I was told that 'you can’t hear my message if I’m screaming.'”

As for the death threats Raz B's brother made towards Brown, Raz's rep tells us Ricky Romance's opinions and statement do not reflect how Raz feels -- adding,"Raz B cannot control his brother being protective over him."


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Are you people INSANE with your comments or merely insensitive? WHY would a person lie about being molested. WHY is the public soo cruel to this young man who is clearly in pain. He needs compassion. As a victim of sexual molestation I can tell you that you don't talk about it for many years, until the mental pain becomes unbearable. You DEFINITELY don't "go to the police" at the age of 13. That was an ignorant suggestion. It's the reason it's against the law to have sex with children!!!! They emotionally, physically, and mentally can not withstand it and/or make the right choices. I guarantee you that when you are victimized money has NOTHING to do with it!! Shame on all you evil minded, hateful people. May you never be in his shoes nor your children!!

1394 days ago

James C.    

Raz B is a piece of ish. He is doing everything in order to get freaking attention. I happened to be a part of the tweeting on yesterday with Raz himself. I don't understand how in the hell he can curse and say f-ed up things any other time but, he comes at me hollering all types of Jesus sayings. He wasn't thinking about Jesus at any other type with all of his videos about being raped... Oh my badd, molested, as he tells it and giving B2K members head. I have absolutely NO respect for Raz B. He does not deserve any respect.

1394 days ago


Isn't Raz B the dim light bulb who fell for Tila Tequila's I'll be your manager and get you recording deals and make you famous?

Congrats Tila actually taught him something.

How to be a low life fame seeker. Congrats

1394 days ago


Breezy my *****! And all you haters "Are softer than baby puppies" LOL "LOOK AT ME NOW"

1392 days ago


Raz B went out of his way to talk about the incident between chris brown and rihanna. he could have made his point very clear without @'ing them in his tweet, KNOWING that somehow it may get back to chris brown. Chris yes should have ignored him, but there has been alot of stuff circulating between raz b and his alligations about being molested. If you ever youtubed it his own band mates almost fought him because of what he decided to COME OUT and say. If raz wanted to come out with the truth about things he should of done it a looonnggg time ago. not years later when he's broke with no job or name in the media. to be honest i would of went off on him too because chris is trying to move past it. lets stop making a fuss about this and realize that there are still EVERYDAY woman who are being beaten by EVERYDAY males. I dont see anyone making a fuss about them. Oh i forgot..there not famous so they arent worth ur time huh? think about it.

1358 days ago


You really make me sick when we get these white folks on here and bash our successful black boys. What about Charlie Sheen? Bash him, because he continues to do the act. Chris has truly asked for forgiveness from God and he does not need anyone that's human to approve his forgiveness, especially a white person who hates to see the success of a black man anyway.
Chris I know you are truly sorry and I know you is not the kind of person everyone is trying to say you are. It was an incident that happened and I know it was not intentional. I love how you continue to make number one on the charts. Good Job Chris. This is how you show the world how a young black man should rise above adversity. Let me be clear...the adversity is the crime that was committed. The adversity is white American and the music industry trying to KEEP you down. Chris continue to do well and eventually they will begin to except and respect you for your great performances. GREAT JOB CHRIS!!!!!!

1351 days ago
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