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Raz B to Chris Brown: It Was Never About Attention!

12/30/2010 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Raz B is lashing back at Chris Brown ... insisting yesterday's explosive Twitter incident was "not about receiving attention" -- as Brown insisted -- but was about standing up for what he felt was "right."


In the wake of Brown's apology, Raz has issued an apology of his own to TMZ -- saying, "I want to publicly apologize for my direct attacks done out of anger. This is now about taking the right approach, so not only my story can be heard, but so someone learns something valuable."

As we previously reported, Raz ignited the war by tweeting incendiary comments to Brown about the Rihanna incident. Brown reacted to Raz with a slew of racist and gay slurs. Raz then fired back with gay slurs of his own.

Raz adds, "Standing up for yourself does not mean yelling or victimizing others and I sincerely apologize for that.  I was told that 'you can’t hear my message if I’m screaming.'”

As for the death threats Raz B's brother made towards Brown, Raz's rep tells us Ricky Romance's opinions and statement do not reflect how Raz feels -- adding,"Raz B cannot control his brother being protective over him."


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All of a sudden everyone coming out with apologies.
Pleeeaaassee! it was all about attention. This guy needs to attack Chris Brown to get notice?!? Like really dude come out with a new song or something don't attack other just because you're out of the scene.

1394 days ago


Raz B is doing this in hope to get attention from Rihanna. Little does he know Rihanna is not paying him any mind, but all he is doing is showing her that he is immature. Why is he still on twitter commenting! Clearly, he is asking for Chris Brown to respond. I hope that Chris Brown has blocked him and continues on with his life.

1394 days ago


LOL! Very valid post there Fred. I dont agree on the homophobic part but most that was spot on. I found that the funniest tweet war ever. Chris comebacks were just hilarious to me.

1394 days ago


yo get the **** outta here wit dat apologizing...i wouldnt of apologize chris said what he said raz said what he just making something out of yall...yall ppl is lame as hell ...its just ill say the **** bitch you gay ass ****....come back: nah you the one gay ass **** **** is ppl yall affend now knowing every body say the ****...suck that **** up...twisted forreal

1394 days ago


@15 LOL "head bigger than a parachute" GOOD ONE!

1394 days ago


Why don't they just kiss and make up and then post the pic or video on TMZ!!!! Then we will decide which one is gay!!!!

1394 days ago


It is really SAD that TMZ is supporting this dudes cries for attention. If it is not about attention then why is he trying to get "his story" out there, promote his music, and thank Chris for his name trending on twitter? Why would he post naked pictures of himself on the web, repeated webisodes on urban sites, stalk Rihanna on twitter, and tweet Chris Brown, Eric Benet, Halle Berry directly about something long over and none of his business? This guy is really pathetic. Over it and moving on.

1394 days ago


I find it interesting that TMZ attached the label "death threats" and is using it as a fait accompli. The guy said he'd put a pistol in someone's mouth; he didn't say he would fire it, or even that it would be loaded. Journalism is supposed to be about facts, not interpretation. Oh wait, this is TMZ, what was I thinking.....

1394 days ago


I dont know why harvey made so much fuss about chris brown why didnt raz b apologize for starting the whole thing he mad that he aint chris brown and chris brown will always have a career cause he really sings. Like chris said everyone can bash him and soon as he stand up for himself its a problem and thats not fair he human and the other person doesnt get any blame harvey is just one sided. That whole rihanna mess over it cause he is a victim just like her. like i said if he was a regular person with out celebrity no one wouldnt care they try to find anything to tear chris brown down why should he apologize people say what they want it is a free country. Harvey and tmz report what they want and say what they want why cant he.

1394 days ago


Now that RazB has had his 15 minutes of fame, hopefully he will fade back where he has been since 2005. Who cares about RazB. Chris should not be apologizing to him, since he didn't start the drama. And Chris is hilarious!! Love his twitter feuds.

1394 days ago


RazB is still waiting for Rihanna to reply back to him. He's been e-stalking her. She has something to do with the whole mess. She won't leave Chris alone. RazB got his butt handed to him on a platter. And his brother is stupid for making threats.

1394 days ago

i pee freely    

N****S WILL BE N****S MONEY OR NO MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

1394 days ago


Ok I hope this is last story TMZ posts about this. Really it was hilarious when it was happeneing on twitter and now Chris is the bad guy. FOH. Who even knows who Raz B is. Chris should have ignored him, just based on the simple fact that Raz B is a nobody. Go sit your ass down now Raz B. You got you little bit of shine off this. And I dont believe for one second that boy was molested. So it didnt bother me one bit anything Chris said to him. I hope Chris Brown says nothing else about this so it can just die. Raz go get a job at McDonalds or something.

1394 days ago


I think chris brown should do something about tmz always reporting negative when they dont know the truth. He aint the only black man in the world. I think that harvey doesnt like chris brown and wants to see him get talked about in the media get some real stories tmz.

1394 days ago


Havent we heard enough from these two loosers? Go back to obsurity boys.

1394 days ago
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