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Reggie Bush -- 'No Homo'

12/30/2010 9:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

In today's second gay-themed celebrity Twitter of the day, Reggie Bush asks: If someone says "no homo," is that offensive towards gay people?


For those unfamiliar, the term "no homo" is used (often in rap lyrics) to qualify a statement or compliment to a member of the same sex that they feel could come off as sounding "gay."

Although we're not Dr. Phil, we have interviewed him, and we're sure he'd say use of the term reveals an insecure need to prove one's heterosexuality by simultaneously distancing themselves as far as possible from being thought of as ... wait for it ... a gay person.

So is it offensive? Well, imagine if someone said, "I love rap music ... No black." Or ... "I'd like a bagel ... No Jew."

Seems the answer to your question Reggie ... is yes.   


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its not offensive.. wtf? what is this world coming to?

1371 days ago


gays are offended by everything

no homo started as a joke for sexually suggestive comments that may have a gay overtone

saying no homo is basically canceling it out.

gays are jumping the gun, thinking it means that being gay is wrong or we see gay as a some lowly form of human. no we dont, you are human like us.

we are heterosexual, we are attracted to the opposite sex .. that doesn't mean gay is wrong, it just means we perfer the other sex

but lets keep it real

no homo was always used jokingly... and since jokes arent real

get over it.

1371 days ago


if a gay said something and then said

"no hetero" i would not be pissed so wtf.. relax

its just a joke.. its always been used as a joke.

we joke about asians, mexicans, blacks, we can't joke about gays ?

stop it.

1371 days ago


ohreally, it's not even that gay people are offended by everything. It's that heterosexuals like you do offensive things and don't even CARE TO ACKNOWLEDGE that what you are doing is offensive, because ultimately, you don't care about LGBT people. And that is offensive. It's not a joke when you basically PUT DOWN others, that's called making a joke of something, different than joking.

If you have to qualify your heterosexuality by saying no homo, you have PROBLEMS anyway. And it's a repudiation of "gay", it's no different than saying "I'm not a f*g". If you are that paranoid in what others think of your sexuality, your own sexuality, and that insecure in your identity, you need to check yourself. If you're straight, why would you even say sexually suggestive gay things? And, why would you interpret things that way if it clearly isn't meant that way? Saying no homo doesn't make it not homo, it means you clearly have homo on your mind.

What you need to do and others who don't find it offensive is actually get over yourself, because you don't dictate what is offensive for the gay community, they do, and they believe no homo is offensive. So therefore, it shouldn't be used as it singles out a specific group of people. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Instead of talking over people, LISTEN to what they have to say, and take their feelings into account, and respect everyone as human beings.

1371 days ago


Gay people don't say no hereto, ohreally. You aren't hearing them say no hetero. They aren't concerned with their sexual identities like that. They aren't going out of their way to repudiate heterosexuality. They're not needing to validate their sexual orientation or qualify it. You don't hear "no asian", "no black", "no mexican", "no woman" or "no Jew". Not even "no lesbian". No, just no homo. Not even gay, but homo. The intent may not be homophobic but the line itself is loaded in homophobia. Why do you need to clarify your heterosexuality so much unless you are 100% against even the thought anyone could consider you gay? Why are people running away from gay so much? Like, are you that incredibly immature and insecure?

It's sad, because it's not really homophobic. It just shows how paranoid so many people are in themselves, and that's DUE TO homophobia.

1371 days ago


Also, no homo is different than no hetero, as obviously, homosexuality isn't as universally accepted. So that's why heterosexuals may not be affected by it, because it's not as if their sexuality is under scrutiny. Not the same for homosexual persons.

1371 days ago


I'm sorry but being gay is becoming too protected. Reggie, you're awesome, no homo

1371 days ago


#154 Josh=I'm sorry, but being straight is become too protected. Heterosexuality is immoral, deviant and perverted. We should be able to make fun of heterosexuals. I think Bar Rafaeli is attractive, no hetero.

See how FUNNY that was Josh!

1371 days ago


I just for the life of me don't understand why some of my fellow heterosexual brothers and sisters can't realize making fun of people for their sexuality is wrong. WTH is too protected mean? Why do some of you think you have a license to make fun of LGBT citizens? You don't. They're human beings. They're legal citizens.

1371 days ago


Very Good TMZ!!!

1371 days ago


IT's obviously ok to have a laugh at anyones expense.......except gay people...Lighten up already.

1371 days ago


How is this breaking news? I think some people take things way too seriously.

1368 days ago



1316 days ago
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