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Reggie Bush -- 'No Homo'

12/30/2010 9:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

In today's second gay-themed celebrity Twitter of the day, Reggie Bush asks: If someone says "no homo," is that offensive towards gay people?


For those unfamiliar, the term "no homo" is used (often in rap lyrics) to qualify a statement or compliment to a member of the same sex that they feel could come off as sounding "gay."

Although we're not Dr. Phil, we have interviewed him, and we're sure he'd say use of the term reveals an insecure need to prove one's heterosexuality by simultaneously distancing themselves as far as possible from being thought of as ... wait for it ... a gay person.

So is it offensive? Well, imagine if someone said, "I love rap music ... No black." Or ... "I'd like a bagel ... No Jew."

Seems the answer to your question Reggie ... is yes.   


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Is Halle Barry dark enough to use the N word? What about Snookie?

1362 days ago

karen dapello    

At least he asked, give him a break.

1362 days ago


yeahh seriously this is kinda redic...worst TMZ "article" by far. what happened to keeping opnions out of news articles, Harvey?? Chill, dude. Chill.

1362 days ago


Homo, Hetero, or Bi....where's the insult?

1362 days ago


Unless you are gay whoever wrote this and answered he question, how do you know if it is offensive. I find the word ridiculous and funny. The word was created itself because everyone is on this omg gay hysteria. The word is only used when the person makes a comment that might make people think he is gay.

A guy says, "That guy over there looks nice."
his friends look at him funny...he added "no-homo"

I think its silly the word had to be created to begin with. You people act like people who are homosexual are sooo damn sensitive if people blinks at them wrong they get offended. Straight people scream this homophobic crap more than the people its supposedly directed at. Damn..pop a pill already.

I believe people now say "pause" to give the person time to say no homo if they say or do something gay.

If chris brown and raz b twitter war didnt happen i doubt this stupid article would even exist.

1362 days ago


People today are too sensitive. I can not say it is or is not offensive because if you take the term for what it actually means then it should not be but when you take it out of context you will be offended. To say "I like rap, no black" that is a totally different and wrong analogy. Many offensive terms have come from offensive backgrounds such as the N-word, wetback and other digusting terms. Everything in our youths cultural expression is not negative.

1362 days ago


As with alot of comments these days people are more worried about being politically correct and jumping on remarks and questions that they can't even think straight anymore.

There is nothing wrong with asking if you do not understand or maybe want some clarification about how those involved might feel.

1362 days ago


you cant compare "no homo" to "no black or jew" because thats like comparing apples and automobiles...unless homosexuals are a race now.

1362 days ago


**** the ***s!

1362 days ago


Hey RB if I your okay "FOR A BLACK GUY" would you like that? Or Black Men should not date white women unless she has a big butt and has a STD

1362 days ago


No need to call Reggie out for his attempt to hold a discussion in a pubic forum. He didn't say anything wrong - merely interested in opinions.

Sensitive much? I think it's time to come out, come out wherever you are!!

1362 days ago


Is it offensive? Yes
Is it the most offensive thing in the world? No

What's offensive is the idea that these guys are SO AFRAID someone might even THINK they are gay that they have to clarify immediately. If I tell a woman that she looks pretty one day, do I follow that with "No hetero!" No, because I don't care if people mistake me for straight. It's not bad to be straight, I'm just not.
By the same token, it isn't bad to be gay, so you guys shouldn't be so paranoid about being mistaken for it. Being that fearful of being outed, true or not, just makes you look insecure and more suspect.

1362 days ago


There are other races that rap so it wouldn't make sense to say "I love rap music ... No black". That's just being stereotypical. I'm just saying.....

1362 days ago

dear tmz    

homosexuals are not a race , black and jew are .

1362 days ago


Really smart Reggie - duh! If people did not make slurs against gay people then it wouldn't need to be reported. Simple as that. Grab a brain everyone.

1362 days ago
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