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Reggie Bush -- 'No Homo'

12/30/2010 9:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

In today's second gay-themed celebrity Twitter of the day, Reggie Bush asks: If someone says "no homo," is that offensive towards gay people?


For those unfamiliar, the term "no homo" is used (often in rap lyrics) to qualify a statement or compliment to a member of the same sex that they feel could come off as sounding "gay."

Although we're not Dr. Phil, we have interviewed him, and we're sure he'd say use of the term reveals an insecure need to prove one's heterosexuality by simultaneously distancing themselves as far as possible from being thought of as ... wait for it ... a gay person.

So is it offensive? Well, imagine if someone said, "I love rap music ... No black." Or ... "I'd like a bagel ... No Jew."

Seems the answer to your question Reggie ... is yes.   


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truth hurts    

btw, Americentric's post makes the most sense!!! co-sign!

1329 days ago


That was funny! No Ellen!

1329 days ago


Everyone on this site is of African origin. Stop the racist crap. You have been brainwashed to think you are somehow different or better than someone else based upon your skin color, hair texture/color, etc. Stop being ignorant. If aliens came from out of space they wouldn't be able to tell one of us from the other since we are all homo sapiens.

1329 days ago


This is NOT offensive. ALL it means is: I'M NOT GAY. "No" in ghetto speak means "I'm not..." Maybe if people used proper English they would be better understood.

1329 days ago


nooooo thats not the same bcuz ppl typically know the race of the people they are talking to by the way they look..... sexuality is not the same!

Plus, black people and jewish people typically are not "in the closet". You never here a person say "Omg bob has been lying to us all these years, hes actually black" you do here people say "omg bob has been lying to us all these years he's actually gay"

fyi #nohomo is NOT A rap music thing. where the hell did you get this from. ohhhhhhhhhhh brother!

1329 days ago

Angry Panda    

Reggie is a class A D-bag. No Homo.

1329 days ago

william Thomas    

Really, i'm so sick of gay people trying to put homosexuality in the same category as race!!!! Are you f@#king kidding me! I love ya tmz (no homo) but you and the rest of the world must realize that being gay is not as important as you think it is. stop cramming your pro gay b.s. down peoples throats.... again.... no homo! .... bitches!

1329 days ago


I'm offended by people who get offended. Since when is it a "media crime" in this country to exercize free speech? I mean damn, everybody needs to lighten the hell up and develop thicker skin. The messed up thing is that most people who take offense don't know that they are offended until they read it on tmz, or eonline, or any other puke-sites that saturate the internet.Harvey is the fuggin' Hedda Hopper of the 21st century, and everyone knows what a trouble-making crone that hag was...

1329 days ago

Im Sayin    

Just report the news! No one needs your opinion! And btw, "No homo" is NOT offensive! And that term has been used for more than 2 years now. Its a bit late to ask this question or make it an issue.

1329 days ago


Black should be capitalized...

1329 days ago


Kinda tired of everyone in this country getting offended by something or another. We're going to be stuck with a country full of gasping, sue happy, *******.

1329 days ago


The racist and homophobic comments on this site sicken me.

Yes, it's offensive. I'm not gay, and I realize how offensive it is. It's more or less saying "I'm not one of THOSE people." I'm not a f*ggot, so it's all good. Because, you know, being a f*g isn't good. So yes, it is homophobic. And it's 100% revolving around mostly straight men who are INSECURE with homosexuals/homosexuality. And as gay people are more open with their sexuality and lives, you will hear the no homo term explode as insecure heterosexual males use the term to qualify their heterosexuality. Kids will then use it because they think it's funny or cool.

1329 days ago


#138 Thomas=Actually, homosexuality is as important as race, religion, gender, and other minority traits. It IS as important. And that's what your problem is. You don't respect gay people. You don't respect their fight for equality, their humanity or even view them as fully human. That's where you're wrong. It's not pro-gay to treat LGBT citizens as equal, you're just a bigot, and that's not OK.

1329 days ago


Harvey is right. Would you hear the words no n*gger? No Jew? No c*nt? No. That's so gay is the same thing, and also f*ggot. All wrong. Stop using how people identify as a pejorative negative. Notice, how ONLY gay things are used as pejoratives? And that's because there is this prevailing hush-hush DADT type attitude when it comes to homosexuality. There is this stigma, this attitude that you don't nor shouldn't be gay. That is absolutely offensive in every way. I'm glad Reggie Bush brought this up, so there can be some light brought to the situation.

1329 days ago


Heterosexuals are not in any position to say whether no homo is offensive. You're not gay. So really, knowing my gay friends, it is offensive to them. That's what matters, since your referencing THEIR sexuality and putting THEIR sexuality down.

What is most upsetting about this whole thing, as a mixed racial person, is the fact the term started and is predominantly used by AA individuals, although it's branched out now. I do NOT understand the hangups with gay people in the black community. It's all of this unity stuff in the black community when it comes to whites, women, Muslims, all of this come together and co-exist stuff, but not with the gays. Black people are generally openly hostile towards gay people. Do not get it, because gay people have done nothing to deserve it.

1329 days ago
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