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Scott Disick

Explodes on Photog

12/30/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick went ballistic on a photographer at Miami International Airport yesterday -- screaming at a snapper who got too close to the couple's little kid.

Multiple photogs -- not ours -- were shooting Disick and baby Mason, when Scott turned to one snapper and said, "How close can you get?? ... stand back, you f**king idiot."

Seconds later, Disick snaps -- charging towards the photog screaming, "Don't get that f**king close to me!!!"

Moments later, Disick calms down and tries to explain himself ... saying, "I mean he's this f**king close to my kid man."

Scott left the airport minutes after without any further incidents.


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Everyone keeps complaining about the paparazzi, but yet why do you think they do it? Becuz you want to know what their kids look like!!!

1303 days ago


You scream like a little girl Scot.
A whiney little bitch. Begging to be slapped. That's you. A crying bitch. Scream more bitch. Scream more.

1303 days ago


HARVEY, isn't there some provision in the law regarding Personal Space?

Yes there is and Scot assaulted that photographer while threatening in a threatening manner while displaying intent to inflict bodily harm. The photographer was simply taking photographs, allowed by Scots Publicists who called the photographers to have them meet Scot there.

Once the Publicists gives the OKAY to photograph Scot has no legal right to cry like a bitch, as he did.

1303 days ago


Let's all give Mr.Kourtney Kardashian a break. We all have bad days. He's probably on the same menstrual cycle as the rest of the girls.

1303 days ago


Scot mommy told you that you can scream and cry at home but not in public.

1303 days ago


You reap what you sow :)

1303 days ago


On the contrary, Maggie.

I don't give a F|_|CK about what the father of a no-talent reality show "star" 's kid looks like.

The only reason people even know who the hell Kim ***dashian is is because we all saw her tits about seven years ago. Oh, and she has a big rack (for a big-boned chubby girl with a fat ass).

She's not a star, she has no talent, she does nothing special. She's riding the tidal wave of some crap Paris Hilton (also a no-talent slut) drudged up years ago.

1303 days ago


Scots friend is making the baby make silly faces for the camera's, how could they not take pictures? Maybe Scot likes to throw temper tantrums in front of the baby.

1303 days ago


Oh I get it now.
Scot wants the E network to hire bodyguards for them. Makes sense, he assaults a photographer and E has to give them free security.

1303 days ago


Can we get a DNA already without someone getting paid off??!!
Also if you notice this wonderful "father" is worried about the photogs being close to HIM! Only after realizing what a dope he really is on film did he decide to throw in my photog being "close" to "my kid"....skank!

P.S. when they do the DNA any chance of a drug test too? Is that meth or coke?

1303 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out why the Kardashians are famous to begin with. What do they do exactly besides f%#k sports stars?

1303 days ago


Fantastic I mean Sean Penn is old about time we have a new young hot head....

1303 days ago

moe l.    

WOW, what a disick.

1303 days ago


Just curious, how do you knock up a Kardashian? I get that you wait in line. I get that you have to avoid hitting the Grand Canyon. I get that the timing is tricky. Do you blow in a load through an extra long snorkel? Use extensions? Or What? Even if you are hung like a donkey, how do you get past the chubby?

1303 days ago

Jimmy Jam    

Reply to #14. Well, Lena. If graduating from Stanford with a Bachelor of Science Biomedical Engineering degree makes me uneducated, what does that make you, Lena?

1303 days ago
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