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Scott Disick

Explodes on Photog

12/30/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick went ballistic on a photographer at Miami International Airport yesterday -- screaming at a snapper who got too close to the couple's little kid.

Multiple photogs -- not ours -- were shooting Disick and baby Mason, when Scott turned to one snapper and said, "How close can you get?? ... stand back, you f**king idiot."

Seconds later, Disick snaps -- charging towards the photog screaming, "Don't get that f**king close to me!!!"

Moments later, Disick calms down and tries to explain himself ... saying, "I mean he's this f**king close to my kid man."

Scott left the airport minutes after without any further incidents.


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That pic looks like he is saying i got your nose lol

1370 days ago


I can't support his approach, but I understand the intentions behind it. Something needs to be done about photogs/papparazzi, especially when kids are involved.

1370 days ago



HARVEY, isn't there some provision in the law regarding Personal Space? How close does someone have to be away from your face before it is considered an assault or is it ever? Can I walk up to a Policeman or Politician and shove a camera into his face with impunity ( I think not). With the camera's they have today these Pappy's could get the same or better shot from 1/4 mile away so why do they need to be so aggressive? Also is it just me or are MOST of the names of these Pappy's in many cases those of invaders from Russia or whatever?
I know many of these Alleged Celebrities thrive on this attention but do little to stop it. Why not have a light weight full face mask that you put on when these inbreds attack? I read of someone who said she wore the exact same clothes when she left the house every time because it diffused the Paps interest, all the shots of her looked the same (good idea too)
As far as mask I don't mean one of those odd balls ones M. Jackson wore, I mean something very plain in appearance.

Posted at 9:19 AM on Dec 30, 2010 by Dr Hardwicke
Fencing masks now standard equipment
for celebs lol only the truly interesting
celebs would wear them the attention whores never would

1370 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

come on dude! we got 6 billion people on the planet! 300 million in the US alone, and at least 5 million in Miami. everyone's gonna have to get used to some 'rubbin up against each other'...getting all worked up and paranoid is not gonna help, dude. just live with the close comfort and enjoy the warmth, bro.

1370 days ago


She screamed like the little girl she is and then went right back to mommy.

1370 days ago


I guess the lazy law-makers won't make a privacy space law until a celeb kid gets knifed by a posing fake photog. As for being too close... I agree. Don't these photogs have ZOOM LENSES they could use if necessary?!?!?!

Posted at 10:49 AM on Dec 30, 2010 by TiffC

They were hired by Scot and Scots publicist who was right there the whole time.

1370 days ago


call him whatever you want, but anyone would react the same way if someone was shoving a camera in their kids face. photogs have no soul and are driven by the all mighty dollar. didn't nicole richie have this problem with that one jackass who was sitting outside her kids daycare or something/

1370 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Well Scott, just remember this as the day when people cared because soon the Kardashians will be forgotten. That day can not come soon enough! Oh and they take pictures of Mason for his Kardashian side not yours. Mason is the only good thing in the Kardashian, Jenner klan

1370 days ago


good for him, it doesnt matter if you like him or not people have got to keep their distance

1370 days ago


call him whatever you want, but anyone would react the same way if someone was shoving a camera in their kids face. photogs have no soul and are driven by the all mighty dollar. didn't nicole richie have this problem with that one jackass who was sitting outside her kids daycare or something/

Posted at 10:56 AM on Dec 30, 2010 by Harley_Quinn

He shoves his kids face in front of a the E camera everyday to make his money. He hires a publicist to hire photographers to photograph him.

He likes to scream and assault people because it makes him feel important.

He doesn't care about his kid, he already sold his kid to the media.

1370 days ago


What Scot isn't tell you TMZ is that Scot wanted E to pay his child $10,000 per episode apperance on the TV show. E wanted to pay Scot for his baby but Scot was not satisfied with the offer and now E cannot show the baby on the E TV show.

Scot failed to sell his son to the E network is now VERY angry at the E network and is refusing to allow his child be photographed by E affiliated photographers.

You would have been better off punching the photographer Scot, don't fake it, that's how you lose your house.

1370 days ago


Please give me 2 minutes in a cage with this waste of space. People like him should not be capable of procreation. Grow up Scott! Anyone can be a "dad", it takes a real man to raise a child.

1370 days ago


A Harvard grad ...twice...Class of 92 and class of 95 (Harvard Law)...who speaks three languages...all perfectly.

Jimmy ARE NOT a Stamford grad and you clearly know it...ok so grammar isn't your're not alone in that...however it can be fixed...not by lies though, dear.

1370 days ago


His last name is Disick? I never knew-he should just change it to Kardashian!

1370 days ago

jealous of kate    

most of us on this planet DON'T CARE ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS. WE DON'T CARE WHETHER THERE IS A PICTURE OF MASON OR NOT... Why do you guys at TMZ and the rest of the blogs, mags, rags, etc. THINK WE CARE ABOUT THE NO TALENT IDIOTS????

1370 days ago
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