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New 'Teen Mom' Audio -- Gary's Cover-Up Call

12/30/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, desperately tried to get his other chick to cover up another alleged Amber beating that occurred just two weeks ago ... according to a recording obtained by TMZ.


The audio -- recorded Dec. 15 -- captures "Teen Mom" co-star Gary on the phone with a girlfriend named Ashley. He's telling her how to stonewall reporters who got wind of a Dec. 14 incident where Amber allegedly beat him again.

Gary advises Ashley to tell reporters, "No comment, no comment, no comment ..." adding, "every time they leave you alone."

During the call, Gary admits, Amber "f**king hit me." You also hear Gary whisper to a friend in the room that Ashley didn't actually see Amber hit him -- she was outside waiting in a car.

In return for Ashley's silence ... Gary makes this gallant offer to her -- "Maybe one day we can start a family."

So much for learning from mistakes.


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Gary has all of the classic signs of abuse. If you've ever seen the show it appears to be on his Mother's side also.
His Mom is married to a guy that has no use for Amber or her ways. That I understand.

What makes no sense is that when Gary asked his Mother if he could come back home to stay while he got his life together she told him No. Her reasoning was that Gary "couldn't get along" with her husband.

She chose a man over her child. Ouch!! That would hurt.

It's no wonder his self worth is so low and he probably talks abt "starting a family" because he thinks he can do a better job. It's sad really.

Sorry, didn't mean to go all Dr Phil on y'all!

1332 days ago


The problem with Amber isn't that she beats on Gary. The problem is her rage and how it might affect the toddler Leah. There have been episodes where it seems that she squeezes the child too hard. Amber needs help.

1332 days ago


Did anybody see the episode where Gary proposed on the beach??

OMG it was so painful to watch. She kept beetching that he was saying it wrong and doing it wrong...the whole time he was down on one knee and the tide was coming in.

She actually looked very pretty in a blue dress, til she started talking.

I wonder where Leah is now.

Also would like to know what the other Mom's on the show have to say about this.

1332 days ago


Sterilize him now. Make him pay heavy support for the one he does have. We don't need his spawn in the gene pool.

1332 days ago

Peter Sc    

At least this clears her for any criminal charges. It is clear that he is one of those men who will not pay for a professional dominatrix, so he pressures his wife to do professional services for him.

I cannot be a crime for a wife to obey the wishes of her husband regardless how odd they sound.

1332 days ago


"Maybe one day we can start a family." That possibility alone should be enough to cause a woman to rip out her uterus with her bare hands.

1332 days ago

As a straight man, all I have to say is, Gary, I love you. Please become my babydaddy.

1332 days ago


Ridiculous story....obviously they want the press of their back....stupid headline...stupid story.

1332 days ago


that poor child. Having these two as parents, we need to hope for a miracle for the baby.

Also, to all the people who bash this website. Why are you even here. If you hate it so much, no one is forcing you to stay.

1332 days ago

Common Sense     

Oh - And YES!! Any single girl near this guy should have and uncontrolled urge to -as previously stated in other comment- "Ripped out her Uterus with her bare hands".............
Dude is nasteeeeeeee......... Are these kids that bored??!!! This is all there is to choose from????? Seriously..... Go to school or get a job.......

1332 days ago

Common Sense     

Alright - Gary is obviously trying to back track on having this girl "conver" his ass - sounds like he orignially asked this "girlfriend: to admit to something she NEVER SAW TO BEGIN WITH....Now he knows that consequences and trying to back pedal.... A duh - And is it not obvious to anyone else (yet) that he knows Amber is already dealing with the wrath of her own actions and just adding fuel to her fire?!! He needs to get a damn job - take care of his own issues (weight, integrity, honesty, etc) and stop moochin off of his own Momma!!! Apparently that's what he knows, move in and let the girl take care of him - that's what he does at his own mom's house - Looser!! Amber needs to do whatever is best for that lil girl.... If she is not capable - then find siomeone who is - to take care of this lil girl... Gary seems to be easily influenced by that "friend" of his - the one who is constantly belittling Amber -(Dude is ALways knocking Amber down on the show) What a pathetic coouple - And NO WAY _ MTV didn't create them - It is simply REMINDING US that these idiots are reproducing and nothing is being done - yeah the 'teen' birth rate has dropped significantly - but apparently NOT in the Noerthern States.... -

1332 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Damn, fat boy is a real player. Guess I sold him short. Zac Efron don't even have a woman on the side right now, but he does?? SMH.

1332 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Ugly ignorant people should not breed. Especially if you have the face of a caveman and a head the size of a medicine ball.

1332 days ago


This is NOT entertainment, it's a tragedy. Kids shouldn't have kids. And all the entertainment industry is doing is cashing in on it. I've had enough 'reality' to last a lifetime. When are we going to get back to entertainment show?

1332 days ago


Obvious publicity stunt by Gary, he had to have sold the tape or given permission to his friend in the room to sell the tape to TMZ. Why? B/C it's illegal to secretly tape someone and with Harvey Levin being a lawyer, he knows this. So in order for TMZ's legal department to have cleared that tape, Gary knew he was being recorded. Duhh big red truck.

1332 days ago
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