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Raz B & Ricky Romance: Screw Chris Brown

12/31/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's supposed to be a time of forgiveness ... but Raz B and Ricky Romance are having none of that this holiday season when it comes to Chris Brown.

Brown took some heat for this week's Twitter battle -- after making some homophobic remarks, but later apologized through TMZ.

Raz B -- whom Chris justifiably said was starved for attention -- isn't too keen on the apology.  But he sounds like Martha Stewart compared to Ricky's version of "apology not accepted."


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U 2 are bi-polar U'r 15 minutes are up. Please crawl back into u'r cave...GET LOST! No more Raz B and whoever his brother is for 2011 ok TMZ?

1357 days ago


Why is this news, and who the hell cares.

1357 days ago


3 little girls on the playground slapping and pulling each other's hair. Looks like their mama's are gonna have to break this up. Send them all to their rooms with no supper.

1357 days ago


Justifiably starved for attention? Hmm... He simply made a comment about "how can these guys mistreat these ladies..."
I've seen a million things tweeted to Chris Brown that were insanely brutal compared to that statement.
Chris is an ******* and thankfully he just proved it to everyone by lashing out like he did.
It sounds like since Chris issued a statement directly to TMZ, TMZ is kinda kissing his butt now.
Stop sucking up TMZ, you know how wrong Chris is. Harvey even went on a rant on Twitter about it, saying it was wrong and proved Chris has not changed one bit.
Screw Chris Brown.

1357 days ago


TMZ- got a story for you. A cat jumped in front of my car and I stopped and it looked at me and I looked at it and then it walked away.....maybe if you publish this, I will become a starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

1357 days ago


Who is RazB? Who is Rickey Romance? Probably just 2 more crack selling unemployed women hitting thugs I'm guessing. Don't waste our time with these 2 losers. Hopefully they will be killed in 2011

1357 days ago


Who are these guys? They should keep their mouths shut until they actually get a career. I knew nothing about them before all this, now all I know is they got molested by a guy. See what talking smack gets you? Nowhere..

1357 days ago


I thought Raz B turned around and apologized right after?

1357 days ago


why don't these guys save the state a whole pile of money and just go down and fitted for their orange suits now? and they wonder why they don't get any respect?

1357 days ago


i hate the racists on this site..

1357 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Man, I'm lovin' this! This has got to be the funniest black celebrity feud evar! I hope this ish never ends, hahahahahahaha...

1357 days ago


This is funny, Raz B's publicist even has them getting into a mercedes S550. Raz B drives a honda accord ladies and gentleman, he has no job, he tries to make money by dishing out dirt on omarion and marques houston. now TMZ is making him famous, by adding more fuel to the fire. it was a simple argument between 2 individuals on twitter. rap artists say #nohomo all the time, it doesnt make them homophobic, chris brown is no homophobe, he has donated thousands of dollars to different charities, and dont feel his words have any meaning behind them. People are sick and tired of Raz B's cry for help, and his constant reference to God to make himself sound righteous. RAZ B, your 5 seconds of fame are up buddy, make yourself useful.

1357 days ago


Quit yappin homie....lay down the arms....the firearms, lace up some gloves and come wit it from the shouldas. I'm sure there's a lot of boxing rings in LA that will gladly accommodate both you studio thugs. And, if you want TMZ can record it and air it on their show as well. I'll watch. You can do that right TMZ?

1357 days ago

Ashley Henderson    

You all put the wrong picture of Raz-b up on the show which is an unacceptable mistake. Lil Fiz, another guy of B2K was not the culprit... I am glad you all were informed and made the change, however, you all cannot be considered valid or effective if you make mistakes like that! lol

1357 days ago


this website is f&*king joke..REALLY? Giving this BOY more attention...I guess you granted his wish...Thanks Harvey..nice going

1357 days ago
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