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Lindsay Lohan Prosecutor Runs for D.A.

12/31/2010 1:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's legal nemesis, L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, has thrown her hat in the ring to become the next D.A.

Meyers, a no-nonsense veteran prosecutor who wanted Lindsay locked up after giving her multiple chances, announced her candidacy this AM.

She's handled multiple hardcore murder cases and is widely respected by judges, prosecutors and even a bunch of defense lawyers.

Meyers has been a D.A. for nearly a quarter of a century and has been named prosecutor of the year.

If elected she'd be the first woman and first African American elected to the non-partisan position.


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At least maybe this will relieve Steve Cooley of his sham of a career as DA. Cooley has never done a single murder trial and he has been the big fat boss for 10 years. If Danette kisses Cooley's ring like the other candidate Alan Jackson, then no vote from me. We need a candidate that opposes Cooley's bad policies. He has been an utter disaster.

1390 days ago


I think white people would finally start getting the punishment they deserve like Lohan and Paris just as their black counterparts get time. Sick of white folk getting off for drugs, drunk driving, tax evasion, and other crimes like they are all that and better than everybody else and everyone else gets jailed or maybe we will finally see drug addicted black folk get rehab and not jail like these white stars that get sentenced to the "Betty Ford". Now there will be real impartial judgements and not the blatant discriminate, partiality judgements we have been seeing from these white DA's.

1390 days ago


Her hair looks fine. Not everybody is obsessed with looking like the Hollywood types who spend hours on such things. Some women have far better things to do with their time.

If she were a man, nobody would have ever mentioned anything about what's on top of the head (or what isn't). We have a long, long way to go before real equality sets in.

1390 days ago


biz at #31 said: "So she is a senior 25 year veteran prosecutor - and she prosecutes Lindsay Lohan. Shouldn't the most experienced prosecutors in LA County be prosecuting extremely serious crimes..."

My guess is that the reason they wanted a more experienced prosecutor on the case is because it's "high profile", meaning constant swarming of paps and other media people. You need someone really experienced to be able to easily handle that kind of attention. Also Lindsay had high powered lawyers and loads of money to toss around - not sure if that fact figured into it, but it would be kind of cruel to toss an inexperienced prosecutor into that kind of competition with all the publicity. Could traumatize the poor soul for life... An experienced prosecutor can take the heat, having already proven himself or herself and thus being more bullet-proof to the smear campaigns that rich people tend to wage against anybody (judge or prosecutor) who dares insist that their little pumpkin obey all the laws.

Lindsay and her crimes weren't all that important in the cosmic sense, although she's at great risk of facing a judge someday for killing or maiming one or more people with her weapon of choice. But the impression people get of the justice system is indeed important in these "high profile" cases. When someone like Lindsay (with money, lots of lawyers, and paps swarming around) gets away with ignoring court orders and doing things that would get anybody else tossed in jail pronto, it lowers respect for the law in general. She was put on probation and didn't think it was important to follow the court's instructions for drunk ed and to show up for hearings and to not to lie like a rug to the judge etc. She didn't think the court's order to stay away from alcohol and unauthorized drugs was important, so she skirted around monitoring systems like the SCRAM bracelet and regular drug tests and got caught because her timing was off (didn't occur to her to just abstain from alcohol and drugs for a while until she's out from under the law). Now she knows these things are important, the world doesn't revolve around her, and that's because some prosecutors and judges actually treated her like a real person for once. She still got away with a lot that others wouldn't have, but it's a start toward more uniform justice.

That's why this case, stupid though it is, is of far greater importance than Lindsay Lohan. People who keep yelling about how "unfair" the court has been with their fave celebrity just don't get the real point - they have been unfair in the past, now they're trying to be fair and treat celebs like everyone else, and that's a good thing.

A big obstacle to fairness is the sheriff's ability to overrule the judge's sentence - that skews the whole system in LA, other places actually expect the judge to make such decisions... One thing that would help is to stop identifying people like Lindsay as "nonviolent" - she isn't, nobody entangled in the legal system for drunk/drugged driving is nonviolent. Put anybody whose legal problems started with a DUI (even if pled down by the lawyers, if they were drunk/drugged it's a DUI) should be at the bottom of the list for early release for overcrowding. There are so many people in that jail who really are in there for nonviolent crimes and for whom jail time is a real hardship for their families - Lindsay just doesn't have the same responsibilities. So it's especially sad that she gets such special treatment.

1390 days ago


So that's the reason why she went after Lohan like a hyena...

1387 days ago
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