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Jackson Estate 'Pleased' Discovery Pulled Doc

12/31/2010 6:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The co-executors of Michael Jackson's estate think Discovery Channel did the right thing when they yanked a documentary from their UK schedule that was to feature a reenactment of MJ's autopsy.

A rep for John Branca and John McClain tells TMZ, "The co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson are pleased that Discovery Channel made the correct decision in choosing to cancel this exploitative program."

The co-executors went on to say they feel Michael's fans played a large role in Discovery's decision, saying, "While Discovery cited legal proceedings and our request as the reasons for its decision, none of this would have happened had it not been for the incredible passion displayed by countless Michael Jackson fans worldwide who knew they stood as one and that their voices could not be ignored."

As for any future plans to air the show, Branca and McClain said, "We are hopeful that this show will never run in any market in the future."


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As for any future plans to air the show, Branca and McClain said, "We are hopeful that this show will never run in any market in the future."

Thank you Branca. Thank you Mcclain. But most importantly THANKS TO ALL THE MICHAEL JACKSON FANS WORLD WIDE. I know the thought of losing just $1.00 per month times 500 MILLION fans each and every month forever and a day was more than the Cable/Satellite/Internet companies could stomach thinking of.

As always: No Justice! No Purchase!!!!

1336 days ago


As always: No Justice! No Purchase!!!!

1336 days ago


Yeah!! Thanks to the FANS and the EXECUTIVES!! Number 4??? Michael WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL be INNOCENT!! Keep your ignorant remarks to yourself!! Number 6? How ignorant are you?? Goes to show the intelligence of some of these remarks.....they AREN'T at all...just don't know what your talking keep your comments to yourselves!! Didn't your mothers ever tell you that if you don't have something nice to say about someone>>>DON'T SAY ANYTHING!!

1336 days ago


Thanks to the Fans and the Executives of Michaels estate. Yeah!! Number 30!! You are so right....I have been trying to get that through to people for so long.....thanks for that!! Number 4 I wont even repeat such nonsense but I just want to say that Michael WAS, IS, and ALWAYS will be INNOCENT!!! Get that through your head!!! Number 6 made a crappy comment too.....Keep your negative comments to yourselves!! Thanks........

1336 days ago


Why don't they just let Michael rest in peace. Don't you think he's suffered enough. He's dead for goodness sakes.

1336 days ago


SO glad that Discovery finally became HUMAN and decided to scratch that show. Just the advertisement alone was in such poor taste it hit BELOW sewer level....
Great to see the Executors exercising their right to DEFEND Michael...just wish they would've used it to expose ALL of his MURDERERS, and to get a QUALITY Posthumous CD released with a QUALITY record label--read any label other than SONY.......
Meanwhile back at the ranch...
My question is: Who was behind this Discovery show and why? Think I'll attempt to do a little FACT FINDING to get to the bottom of who was CRACKED enough in the brain to come up with this and how would they PROFIT from it?
Could it be that the DEFENSE was trying to plant ideas in the minds of the public?
Were one or more of the Jacksons at it again with yet another episode of Michael Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", or "How to sell your brother to the highest bidder?" Or has Katherine authorized Howard Mann to work yet another SLIMY deal?
I would LOVE to see the CREDITS for this show........
BTW: The True Michael Superheroes are the Supporters who got this program yanked....GON' GUYS!!!
And here's another one you'll have to get ready for: MURRAY'S Reality show. Supposedly, it won't air until after the Trial which may not be until sometime in 2012, but we HAVE to remember and put a stop to it. NO WAY should this IDIOT be glorified on TV as if he actually did something that makes him worthy of being watched.
They were supposed to be filming the show now, so they'll try to air it whether or not he does time.....scratch that....WHEN he does time!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1336 days ago


YES! We need to protect all drug-addicted child molesters!

1026 days ago
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