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Son of Former NBA Star Charged with Murder

12/31/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The son of former NBA player Nickey Maxwell Van Exel was arrested and charged with murder in the shooting of a friend -- in an incident his lawyer calls "horseplay" gone wrong.

Nickey Maxwell Van Exel Didn't Know Gun Was Loaded
Nickey Maxwell Van Exel is being held on $1 million bond in the death of Bradley Bassey Eyo. According to police, Eyo's body was found on Sunday near Lake Ray Hubbard (located just outside Dallas) ... but police later determined Eyo was shot at a home in nearby Garland and the body was then dumped near the lake.

Paul Johnson, a lawyer for the 20-year-old Van Exel, told the AP his client shot Eyo when the two were horsing around with a shotgun that belonged to Van Exel's stepfather. Johnson claims Van Exel didn't know the gun was loaded.

Johnson said Van Exel "panicked" and moved the body, dumping the gun in a creek. The weapon has yet to be recovered. Van Exel has yet to appear in court or enter a plea.

The father, Nick Van Exel, played 13 season in the NBA -- most notably for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1993-1998. He currently works as a player development instructor for the Atlanta Hawks.

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horsing around with a shotgun always sounds like fun.
I remember once horsing around and dumping bodies, boy, those were the days, good clean fun.

1391 days ago


20 years old is too damn old to be "playing" with a shot gun. I don't buy his story, he murdered his friend and tried to cover it up. these young people are missing the "common sense" gene. I'm sure he think he's tuff, but he'll be big bubba's lil mama in a week.

1391 days ago


The "old horseplay gone wrong. ...I didn't know the gun was loaded... I panicked " story. His attorney needs to do an updated makeover of that lie

...at what age do you learn, you don't PLAY with guns.

Either way, somebody child's was killed and this POS has got a lot of splaining to do. Because it takes a lot of money in America to make murder go under the radar.

1391 days ago

Sad sad    

Ya, right and Santa Clause is real.

1391 days ago


TBA (Thug Basketball Association) sure breeds them, don't they?

1391 days ago


That defense might work in some other State---sorry, Texas is not one of them, and the Texas State Prison System is something Mr Van Exel doesnt look quite ready for. You'll be a changed boy son when you get there---like forever. Better hope you can get that Rusty Hardin or some other very high priced Texas defense lawyer you're daddy can spend his life savings on. Otherwise, prepare for the position..ankle grabbing.

1390 days ago


Stupid ******/s

1390 days ago


Just read the article from the associated press who tried to contact the Atlanta Hawks for comment. The AP states our hearts go out to the Van Exel family. What about the family of the murder victim. Are you kidding me. Imagine how the dead guy family feels.

1390 days ago


The Fact is a 20 something year old kid was shot and killed. Van Exel said it was an accident and he paniced.....we will eventually find out exactly what happened but, This for a moment if it was an accident....how would you feel ....killing your friend by accident? It is very tragic. If it wasnt an accident....its cold blooded murder.
But why is a 20 year old playing with a loaded shot gun? Why didnt he know it was loaded? Your 20 dude! its a gun...not a wii zapper....learn how to use a gun...Im no gun advocate or a nra member or a fan of charlston heston movies....but I learned how to load, clean, and respect guns by 12. Teach...your children well....some blame needs to be on the persons who left a loaded shotgun around poeple who didnt know how to use or respect them....so easly acceseible?

1390 days ago

who's to judge    

this is to all that have blog your opinion, you should all be careful of what you are saying. no one knows how life will pan out for us and you should fear the negative talk that you speak because you can be speaking what can happen to you in life or someone you care for , one day we will all have to face the Real Judge God and heaven forbid that what you have said about anyone does not get you caught up. We should be loving one another and pray for his Nickey and his family as well as for Eyo the vic and his family hurt and sorrow is upon them this morning and these types of comments all should be vanished. Take heed we should be loving and forgiving and ready because the Lord is coming faster than we think and i hope that all your plates are clean. You all may have to wear pants of hell. I will continue to pray for our souls and ask for forgiveness as we know not what we do and say . May God bless each and everyone who reads this, and prayers of peacefulness go out to the familys of this tragic incendent! Let's love and respect in the year of 2011!

1390 days ago


Two points- If you are in an NBA family's home, and the word cracker is mentioned just before you see a 12 gauge brought out for show and tell, go ahead and haul your white ass out of there. Second, look at the mug shot. That's the gangsta' look! Some folks just want you to know that they are indeed dangerous. Always be ready to defend yourself, when you see that look.

1390 days ago


No one said all this when VP Cheney popped a cap in his friends behind and covered up all the evidence and didn't report it till the next business day and it happened on a friday. And the white ppl said he did a good job.

1390 days ago

George Jefferson    

Look at how the crackers want to hang the brown person before his day in court. And you want to talk about "typical." And as far as the O.J comment. So what that he killed that white chick and that guy and got away with it. Crackers have been getting away with killing brown people for hundreds of years. Right now they are in the middle east murdering brown people as fast as they can.

To the morons who made comments about the suspect and deceased fighting over crack, White people smoke crack! Black men from all over this country who are disenfranchised sell it. And to all u haters out there, you too would be selling crack if you were subjected to the unfair playing field that blacks in this country have been.

1390 days ago

tom polites    

Call Ray Lewis, He know's how to get out of these things. If he doesn't answer the phone, try OJ.

1390 days ago



1390 days ago
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