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Gary from 'Teen Mom' -- Mum's the Word

12/31/2010 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Shirley usually has no problem yapping on camera -- but when we caught up with him today in New Jersey ... he was stone cold silent.

Gary and his friends were on their way to spend NYE in NYC. We hit up Gary with all sorts of questions about baby mama Amber Portwood and his daughter Leah -- but Gary repeatedly, though quite respectively, declined to comment.

The one time Gary did get fired up was when he yelled at one of his friends for making an attempted joke about Leah.

Perhaps being a protective father is Gary's New Year's resolution.


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My GOD he looks like a TOAD!

1392 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

What a fat disgusting piece of trash. Go away Gary "GirlyMan" SHirley.

1392 days ago


Why do you keep reporting on these white trash fat slobs. They should do their baby a favor and kill themselves

1392 days ago


This baby should be taken away from both of these idiots.

1392 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

A real man would be home with his child. Typical MTV loser.

1392 days ago


He "respectively" declined to comment? Seems more like "respectfully", but if you meant he "sequentially declined to comment" then respectively would be the word I guess.

1392 days ago


He "respectively" declined to comment- repeatedly, and in order. Did he "respectfully" decline to comment, too, or just in a sequential way? You can pay me to write articles if you want. I come cheap and speak/write English well.

1392 days ago


Oh, Carl already had that one covered. No, Carl, I think you are correct. It said he "repeatedly- though respectively" declined to comment. Either the author likes to be really redundant, or has no clue what "respectively" means. Perhaps TMZ will hire us both to write for them instead. Beats paying someone incapable of doing their job.

1392 days ago


He seems sweet.

1392 days ago


He has been enjoying his moment of fame and fortune(you know he is getting paid for these pictures, videos and interviews)at the expense of his child and Amber. NOt that I care for her, I dont.
But he is a (god forgive me)ignorant, extremely childish, drama causing, fat slob, without a lick a sense in that big fat head. He he can trim up that crap on his face so well, he should try trimming that belly at hangs so low at what 24 years old?
He disgusts me and for a judge to say he is the better parent or whatever for those few short days is ludicrous, neither of them are. Baby needs to be with older loving and caring nurturing parents.

Gary do everyone a favor, shut your mouth, stop telling the news paparrazzi agencies where and when you will be where for that photo op, you make me sick, and TMZ and others stop giving this moron anymore air time, or picture, video time. And for godsake, stop paying him for his homemade videos and crap. He needs to work a job get physical and off his 5000.00 stereo, and 5000.oo TV/video systems, and god only knows how much in gaming equipment.

BARF and only 11 people respond because they did not read this article. I was going to bypass it as usual, but I had to write this once and for all. just EWWWW

1392 days ago


How is he supposed to be home with Leah when his friend clearly said she was with Amber? Gary and Amber can't be near eachother under court orders now.

Ofcoarse he's gonna go out. Amber's stuck with the baby for the night and/or weekend.

People should really stop reporting on those two. They arn't celebrities in any way. Not the least bit newsworthy either.

1392 days ago


I said it before and I'll say it again this dung for brains pushed her to beat him. He antagonizes her to the point where she gets physical with him. Pathetic. He is doing a great job relieving himself for the sack of crap human he really is. Keep it up douche.

1392 days ago


Real Garbage. The human race is doomed.

1392 days ago


"Gary repeatedly, though quite respectively, declined to comment."

TMZ! LEARN TO TALK at least. I would say learn to write, but you probably talk like that too, because you don't speak English.

The word is "respectfully" not "respectively"


1392 days ago


RESPECTIVELY? Seriously?!?

1392 days ago
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