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Demi Moore -- Who Cares About New Year's?

1/1/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What does another year matter to Demi Moore ... when she doesn't age?

The 48-year-old was spotted yesterday in a skimpy bikini ... hanging out on a yacht in St. Barts.

For auld lang syne!


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An absolutely lovely looking woman. Period.

1391 days ago


@ Pookie yes their is its called STEM CELL.

1391 days ago


Trust, Ashon will get sick of her soon enough. Glad he doesn't have kids by her. She does look good though, Ashon better move on before he break grandma's back.

1391 days ago


Doesn't matter how good you look in a skimpy bikini, when you 48 you need to dress your age. Skimpy bikini's are for 20 year olds not the 40's and up. Jen, Countney, and Demi all need to grow up and behave like the old ladies they are thats coming from one old lady to another. I may look good in a bikini but won't wear one because of my age.

1391 days ago


Still Hot

1391 days ago


My mom is 51 and she looks great. She doesn't have any plastic surgery. She's careful about what she eats, works out regularly, and uses moisturizer and exfoliates. It's completely possible that just Demi Moore just has good genes. Unfortunately, I take after my father with aging. I'm only 20, I use the same skin care as my mother, and I look like I could be HER mother! >_

1391 days ago


Her youthful appearance is not going to hold onto her husband. Her days are numbered with Ashton - he is already looking!

1391 days ago


doesn't age? Can I recommend a good optometrist?

1391 days ago


Shes been photographed doing some pretty crazy things. Looks to me that she is in denial about aging and will do whatever it takes to keep him interested. Kind of desperate situation.

1391 days ago


She looks great. I think there is a lot of jealous people on here. Look at the negative comments, "has-been" etc. Come on even if she was used up or whatever, she had a career that lasted forever and is still alive. Maybe she wants to have some down time and enjoy the fruits of her labor. I hope I look like that when I'm 48.

1391 days ago


Also, what is it in this day and age that when someone looks good or is doing well everyone has to tear them down. No wonder most people, kids especially, have such horrible self esteem issues. Every time someone tries to do good for themselves, someone is there to tear them down. Just like on this board. Again, jealousy must be eating most of you alive because I cannot fathom why you would post some of these mean comments.

1391 days ago


WOOW!!! Great body!!! OMG!!! God bless you....

1391 days ago


She looks painfully thin. She either does not eat or has had liposuction. I would suspect both. Sure she looks good (alittle too thin) but if we had money to do the upkeep that is required on a woman as she ages we would all look good. It is expensive to keep having work done facial body or whatever. So why dont you just say she looks great for a woman who is aging and can afford to keep having work done at this point stay ahead of looking old.

1391 days ago

No comment    

Her body looks great. Too bad a surgeon can't adjust her personality.

As for being with a younger man...good for her. Jay Z is with Beyonce, Tom is with Katie, Kelsy Kramer is engaged to woman 30-something years younger than he is, Larry Kind had one foot in the grave and his wife is 30+ years younger than Larry.

1391 days ago


Jeez, people, she looks great, whether money bought it or not doesn't matter. The fact everyone keeps bringing up the "MUCH" younger husband just proves the double standard in this world. Go look at all the celebs that are married, how many MEN are married to "MUCH" younger women but it's more acceptable. She's raised three kids that we don't hear about having drugs and alcohol problems, had a pretty decent marriage to Bruce and both moved on and kept it bloody well civil for the kids sakes. What more do you need?

1391 days ago
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