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George Lucas

The Big Tipper

1/1/2011 5:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

It's obvious George Lucas hasn't gone over to the dark side ... because he left one lucky Jedi waiter a Star Wars-size tip.

The 66-year-old producer/director/mogul and his fam recently went to Manhattan's Serendipity 3 restaurant, ordered up burgers, fries, wings, omelettes and some of their famous frozen hot chocolates totaling $185 ... and then dropped a $100 bill for their server.

The force is definitely with him.


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don't know why everyone is complaining, I don't see or hear the server complaining....are you all jealous you can't do the same????

1328 days ago


What difference does it make how much money he has? $100 is still a pretty good tip for an order that size. All you people calling him cheap, how much should he have tipped, $10,000?

1328 days ago


Big tipper? Really........ I've tipped a $100 on a bill less than $200 myself and my bank account is nothing like his!!! It would be like me throwing down a buck.

1328 days ago


"I've tipped a $100 on a bill less than $200 myself"
Hey Bill, You tipped over 50%???? Maybe you paid for a BJ??
Are you from San-Fran??

1328 days ago


TMZgossip you're just a troll that insults posters. You're a troll with nothing better to do than to insult people that post on TMZ.

You should be banned for harrassment and stalking, you insult nearly every post I make.

1328 days ago


If you're a billionaire the only reason you goto the Serendipity III is for the gold leaf sundae at $1,000 a pop. If you don't you're a putz. There is no arguing it. It's one of the more famous spots in New York City and word spreads fast on who does and who doesn't get the sundae.

1328 days ago


Yea....he should with the bank he has! that $100 bill in his pocket is like a dime in ours

1327 days ago


Mike, why did you make so many posts on this thread? Get a life, bro. And why are you judging George Lucas? He left over a 50% tip. That was very nice of him. Oh you think because he's George Lucas he has to go around handing people $1,000 for serving him a burger? LOL. It sounds like the waiter who got the tip was very happy and told TMZ about it. Yet you think he was cheap. But I'll bet you can't even afford $189 dinner, let alone the $100 tip. Idiot.

1327 days ago


To put it in perspective. Average Joe would have to go to work 1/2 day to a couple days to pay for that. He probably made 100 times the tip amount just while he was eating.

1327 days ago


Come on if any of you were ever a waiter or waitress $100.00 is a nice tip, after all he didn't need to leave anything. It was nice of him. Thank You

1327 days ago


Well, we learned a lot about Mike in this post. He is a bitter waiter, maybe a busboy.

1327 days ago


2. " gone over to the dark side ? "

....TMZ...the tone of your story sounds like a sideways racial slur.

It is, and that's what makes it funny. Have a good weekend.

1327 days ago


In my estimation; Lucas owes each of us about $100 for the prequel movies anyways. So he technically stiffed that waiter.

1327 days ago


I received a 500 dollar tip from a oil guy from Texas and all he was having was Crown on the rocks. 100 dollars is a crappy tip from a rich celebrity who is having a family dinner. The last thing you want to be known as is cheap.

1327 days ago


I think it's funny that people expect a celebrity to tip more just because they have money. The waiter/waitress isn't working any harder.
Is it a nice gesture? I think so. But i'm so tired of people expecting hand-outs from the rich. It's rude.
Here's a tip: If you want a lot of money, don't be a waiter.

1327 days ago
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