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Lindsay Lohan Tweets in the New Year

1/1/2011 9:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan checked in to the Twitterverse in 2011, with a little help from her good friend Gandhi.



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Can a leopard change his spots?

She's forever a liar, thief, junkie, alcoholic, jail bird,
lesbo, drama queen {in the bad way} & stupid person with no brains.

1393 days ago


@ Nicole ... you said: "In 2011 Lindsay can make a fresh start and wipe out the past including the 2 DUIs and jail time"

You can not "wipe out the past" with the flick of a finger, Nicole. Please ... one uses one's past as a stepping stone into the future. Lohan's past will continue to haunt her if she does not find a way to use her stumbling blocks she fell on so that she never repeats the same mistakes again.

Consquences of one's past can not be erased. I just pray Lohan's future is not a repeat ... and from the looks of what happened at the Betty Ford Ripoff Center ... not much has really changed.

1393 days ago


Yes Lindsey..."one step at a time" RIIIIGGGHHHTT...does that mean one step closer to a bar? or sneaking out of your joke of a "Rehab home" with obviously NO SUPERVISION after just what...a MONTH?

You must be a pretty good LIAR to convince those Rehab IDIOTS to trust you...but of course that's what they're being paid big money for right?

1393 days ago


HAHAHA more like one line at a time... that was great.

Can't believe a word this girl says anymore. She more than likely did not even tweet that herself, more like her PR person did it for her. She doesn't have the talent she did before she got herself into this life of destruction. The DRUGS have DESTROYED HER. I am so tired of her getting a damn slap on the wrist after every f#ck up. Any of us "normal" (may I add HARD WORKING people) would be in prison for 5+ years. She is a spoiled, little b!tch and I am sick and tired of her. Please go away, move to another Country and live a quiet secluded life. Do all the drugs you want, drink yourself into a stupor, JUST GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and Dina, you are a large contributing part to her downfall. And Michael I think sincerely loves and wants her to get better but unfortunatly he is too into the money and attention. Every chance he gets he's talking to TMZ or another media outlet. He is a media whore. Two ****ty parents... GOOD LUCK ALI and whoever the other one is..... run while you can!


1393 days ago


She needs to learn how to crawl, And not just while she's intoxicated. Just saying...!

1393 days ago


does she even know who he was?

1393 days ago


Did this great child star even graduate from the 5th grade?

1393 days ago


You guys do realize Lindsay made her tweet to her followers, not to the press. Twitter is full of supportive messages for Lindsay. And, she uses Gandhi's quote for the age old message of living in the moment and you are the maker of your own future. Seems it may be an inspirational quote not only for herself, but for others facing challenges and uphill climbs in their lives.

1393 days ago


This, from a girl who was still hadn't learned a darn thing just two weeks ago.

1393 days ago


This is her intellectual depth when sober?

I think she's a match for the Church of Scientology. Seriously.

1393 days ago

LA me    

Anyone remember Lindsay's Quotes from LAST New Years?? Here's an article from People:,,20334164,00.html

"2010 is about moving forward, not backwards. Leaving the bad (people, habbits [sic], and negative energy behind) time to make changes-right!?!? :)" Lohan, 23, tweeted from St. Barts, where she's been spending time onboard Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's yacht.

As Lohan vowed on her Twitter page, "Starting my new year off with friends&family, the way it should be..... No boyfriends and the other drama."

How'd that go for you Lindsay???

1393 days ago


how you seat on a singe chair at same time
Lindsay Lohan,Lady Gaga,Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag?

you turn the chair from the other side

1393 days ago

LA me    

Then there was this quote from Lindsay THIS Christmas on ROL:

The reformed Hollywood child is looking forward to Christmas and is attempting to put the controversy out of her mind.

PHOTOS: 2010 Mug Shot Hall Of Fame

"She is decorating and buying gifts for her friends and family, as Lindsay hopes for a drama free Christmas," said the source.

SHEEEEESH....Sounds familiar!! If this year is as "DRAMA FREE" as last year...Buckle your seat belts, we're in for a bumpy ride!!

1393 days ago


I'm pretty sure when Ghandi made that quote, he wasn't referring to well-off immature girls whose money and fame got to their head so bad that they became druggies, and now it's hard for them to come clean.

Just sayin'. I think he was referring to things like world peace and leadership, and political struggles.

1393 days ago


Once Dina gets her meat hooks into Lindsay again, the cycle will be repeated. Lindsay will have to actually practice those 3 quotes instead of just tweeting them. Especially the quote from Gandhi.

1393 days ago
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