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Lindsay Lohan Tweets in the New Year

1/1/2011 9:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan checked in to the Twitterverse in 2011, with a little help from her good friend Gandhi.



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LOL....I am SURE Lindsay NEVER even heard of Mahatma Gandhi!

1359 days ago


The rooster crows at midnight. Hey, she was throwing lines around, I can too.

1359 days ago


I feel sorry for her that she is tweeting right now. And such a nonsensical thing, to boot. She is clearly not serious about anything. She needs an internet addiction rehab next.

1359 days ago


She is due back in court on February 25th and will complete probation and avoid jail as long as she doesn't fail any test in the 53 days between her release from rehab and her court date.

Guess I'm outta the loop. I thought she had to go to court to see if she would get out of rehab Jan. 3 since she violated the rules by refusing a drug/alcohol test while in rehab. Oh well...

1359 days ago


Profound statement from a half-wit..

1359 days ago


Alright, who grabbed her phone and posted that?

1359 days ago



Please-she can never wipe out what she did. Maybe legally after a certain number of years(lawyer peeps??), but believe me, her escapades of the past 8 years will always be there for the public. Especially since she is still showing her refusal to change.

1359 days ago


We'll see how long her newfound spiritulism lasts. Probably til she takes her first drink, snort, whatever it winds up being. Either way, she's done the worst thing for herself - she avoided taking responsibility for herself...skipped jail, partied at Rehab (making a joke out of Betty Ford, btw, after doing the same to UCLA), caused that employee to loose her job, etc. Maybe she doesn't know about Karma?

1359 days ago


Sorry, but you cant rewrite history. Not only will the public remember, her long rap sheet and numerous mug shots will be there forever.

1359 days ago


Very nice - and very true!! I wish her well!:)

1359 days ago


After her court appearance, some dude ought to check her recovery with a bag of blow, a glass of Jack's and some throat yogurt. Bet she fails!

1359 days ago


Yeah right...I don't believe she's better.

1359 days ago


@ Delmar - It is great to see LL come to grips with her present. It is about time. Whatever her future holds for her is in her hands. She brought the present consquences on herself. If she learned from them is the big question.

What happened at Betty Ford Ripoff Center was a present moment for LL. She can not "take that back." Her "present" moments brought pain and suffering on her and the staff there.

Taking responsibilites of your "present" consquences is one thing. But to have to pay your way out is another. That is kickin the can down the road. And if her actions during the final days of Betty Ford Ripoff is any indication of what the future holds ... then a judge one day will decide again the fate of our little "it is everyone else's fault" Lohan.

1359 days ago


Damage control for her very soon upcoming court hearing.

1359 days ago


#37, "Dont forget she is totally fed up with the paps coming too close".

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! How dumb can you be, lady??? Maybe you're as dumb as that ho thinks all the rest of us are.

That nasty **** loves the paps, she just hates that she's not calling the shots, literally. She surely hates that her nice little pre-arranged photo-ops gravy train come to a rude slamming HALT. (Haha you did it to yourself whore) You see, the paps dont have to pay for snaps when they already know where she'll be coming out of, where the skank will be etc. GET IT DUM DUM??? Oh yes, I realize this repulsive creature has since been moved to a 'secret' location, blah blah blah. I think that's really damage control for Betty Ford to distract from these other shena****ns we are hearing about. I hope the prosecutor will make that a big FAIL.

This lying manipulative bitch is all about herself, did you not know you cant believe anything she says??? And that she went waaay overboard to scheme up SEVERAL stories about harassment from paps and a mysterious 'stalker'. Just cause it burns the worthless c u n t up that paps are getting free pics???

And for you that are whining that California is wasting taxpayer money prosecuting this ho for probation violations, I've a solution for you. Ms Lohan is the one wasting your money. Send HER the bill.

1359 days ago
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