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Michael Jackson Concert Tours on Trial

1/1/2011 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Michael Jackson's weakened state during various concert tours throughout his life -- as well as preparations for the London concerts that never took place -- could become powerful evidence in the defense of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Sources connected with the criminal case tell TMZ ... there's "compelling evidence" that MJ was in weakened health whenever he went on tour. Specifically, people who went on various tours  -- including the "Bad" and "Dangerous" concerts -- say Jackson was frequently "dehydrated, medicated, and sleep-deprived." 

Just like with Dr. Murray, Jackson had a doctor who accompanied him during rehearsals and tours, attending to his needs.

The point ... the grueling concert schedules reduced MJ to a physical mess, prone to relying on and demanding drugs to sleep.
The "This Is It" London tour was especially grueling, because AEG added dozens of concert dates for Michael, who was already in an extremely weakened state and terrified he would fail.

All of this dovetails into a defense theory ... that Jackson felt enormous pressure to rehearse for the "This Is It" tour, and when he couldn't sleep he relied on Propofol to do the trick. The defense believes when Murray walked out of the room and Jackson woke up, he accidentally infused himself with a fatal dose of the drug out of frustration and fear. 


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Whatever. He is dead and the world has more things to focus on than him. Everyone will die one time.

1389 days ago


sorry guys...I have everyone of the tours on DVD and MJ was nothing but awesome. If he was in bad health, you could not tell it. He gave 110 percent and put on some great shows.

1389 days ago


The problem with convicting Dr. Murray is that MJ would have found another doctor. He was an addict. From statements, I have read Dr. Murray was trying to reduce the propofol dependency in a discreet manner so that MJ could do the damn 100 or how many ever concerts he was fraudulently coerced into doing.

This whole MJ thing is like JFK. There were so many people involved in killing JFK that it was impossible to tell who really fired the shot that actually killed him. They charged one person and then he was conveniently killed. The studies done afterward said there was no way Lee Harvey Oswald could have fired the bullets from his position.

With MJ, these are the people through their own actions or inactions could have potentially caused MJ's death just as much as Dr. Murray:

1. MJ himself for refusing he had a problem and wanting to escape and not listening to Deepak Chopra
2. the people who demanded MJ do so many concerts
3. his family
4. his employees
5. his friends
6. every single doctor before Dr. Conrad Murray that gave him prescriptions in the names of other people
7. every pharmacist who filled those prescriptions without asking questions or phoning the police on suspicion of prescription fraud
8. every single doctor who gave him plastic surgery and then let him go tell the world it never happened. did it ever occur to them that he needed therapy?
9. his bankers and lenders who let him go into so much debt that he needed to die in order to pay it off
10. Ian Halperin - the biographer who predicted Michael Jackson's death almost to the day? Maybe he stole a key and broke into the estate and administered the propofol himself?
11. perhaps God himself and all the archangels for letting MJ destroy himself. (Well, you have to blame someone right?) Maybe you can get one of those ghostbusters ectoplasm jails and put all the angels in it from here to eternity.

I am not a lawyer, but don't you have to prove that Murray committed murder beyond a reasonable doubt?

If OJ Simpson can walk away from a crime scene he was obviously present at, then why should Dr. Murray do time for a train wreck like MJ?

Murray was obviously born without much common sense as is often the case with intelligent doctors. He was perhaps naive enough to believe he could be MJ's saviour all by himself. It would be the ultimate dream of any doctor.

Send him to Haiti for a year where at least he can try to do some good.

1389 days ago


Another diversion. Michael said many times that when he was on
tour he was driven and focused to the extent that he didn't eat
and couldn't sleep. He was given IV hydration at times because
he would become dehydrated. Nothing new here. Murray's lawyers
are reaching back 25 years to deflect focus on what this trial
is about. Murray was medically negligent in his treatment of
Michael. He was not trained, nor experienced with administering
propofol; not his area of practice. That drug requires constant
monitoring, the provider present at all times, and appropriate
dosing. Look, Murray left his ONE patient alone after giving
sedatives and then an anesthetic. That's what this trial is
about. Not Michael's history. Ridiculous, insulting and

To those who continue snarky, vile comments, stop spewing
juvenile motor mouthed re-do(s) of old media garbage. Sounds

1389 days ago


..."This whole MJ thing is like JFK. There were so many people involved in killing JFK that it was impossible to tell who really fired the shot that actually killed him."


1389 days ago

mj fan forever    

Michael Jackson was in GOOD health, he performed for his whole life and was used to perform!!! Then, Michael himself added the others dates, he did NOT let anyone tell him what to do or not to do!! This is just a pathetic attempt of a MURDERER to defense himself!!! Murray has been seriously negligent, Michael, he had entrusted himself to his care but Murray was on the phone that morning NOT near his patient!!!!! He cannot justify this and try to throw down on Michael the responsibility of his total incompetence and lack of scruples!! He did all for money, would have said "yes" to everything for money!!! Murray must pay for what he did, he was the doctor, not Michael. The only mistake Michael did, has been trust him!!!! Murray must rot in the jail!!!

1389 days ago


Michael said that tours were hard because he had difficulty sleeping due to the constant time zone change, plus the performances left his adrenaline through the roof for days afterwards.

They should charge ALL the doctors who gave him anesthesia in the past!

1389 days ago



1389 days ago


Yup, he definitely looks weak and fragile in those photos.


1389 days ago


Michael hated touring. He was so caught up in making everything perfect that he forgot to eat and drink, couldn't rest after a concert because the adrenaline was too high and was trapped in a timezone changing nightmare.
Michael even told Rodney Jerkins that he would never tour again because it would kill him. Sadly, he was right.

1389 days ago


If they plan on using those pictures as evidence of MJ's weakened state, Murray is screwed and going to jail for a long time. MJ looks VERY fit and healthy in all those pictures. lol

1389 days ago


He had a gun to his head, Kevin. He HAD to do the tour in order to pay off all his debts. There were influential people waiting for money. If he didn´t pay, he´d end up dead anyway.

If there had been a choice, I do not think Michael would have wanted to do these concerts in London. He would have enjoyed life with his kids. I think he was totally stressed out going on stage again, knowing that the English tabloids probably would butcher him - like they always did. He wanted to be better than ever, showing the world that he was still the best entertainer. But his dedication to his work and his music also became his death. Sad, very sad. RIP Michael.

1389 days ago


I noticed that the bandages on his fingers started as early as '87. I've always been curious why he wore those all the time, and as he was older they were on almost all his fingers.
I know you can inject underneath toenails, but is it possible to inject under fingernails as well?

Any fans here know the actual reason why he wore those band-aids?

Posted at 4:56 AM on Jan 1, 2011 by Gloria Unread

I think the tape on his fingers had more to do with the fact that his fingernails were discolored from the cream he was using to lighten/even out his skin tone; from the Benoquin or whatever bleaching agent he was using because of his vitiligo. I would think that would have been a great source of embarassment for him-the light fingers contrasting with the dark skin beneath his fingernails. I've always thought that was most likely the reason he wore that white brace/cast/whatever it was on his forearm as well, not to mention the glove. I think MJ was all about image(after all, he'd been trained to think this way all his life since childhood) & I absolutely believe he suffered from body-dysmorphia. I've always believed that many of his stage props were carefully crafted to his the effects of his vitiligo, including the surgical mask he wore out in public.

1389 days ago


Agree with some of the earlier post:) :) :) WHO at tmz is the 'bonehead' responsible for labeling these tour photos??? lol

1389 days ago


They were not bandaids on his fingers but tape. He wore them on his fingers to bring attention to his hands during his performances. Just as he wore the glittery socks with the shorter pants to bring attention to his feet.

Both became one of his many trademarks.

1389 days ago
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