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Michael Jackson Concert Tours on Trial

1/1/2011 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Michael Jackson's weakened state during various concert tours throughout his life -- as well as preparations for the London concerts that never took place -- could become powerful evidence in the defense of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Sources connected with the criminal case tell TMZ ... there's "compelling evidence" that MJ was in weakened health whenever he went on tour. Specifically, people who went on various tours  -- including the "Bad" and "Dangerous" concerts -- say Jackson was frequently "dehydrated, medicated, and sleep-deprived." 

Just like with Dr. Murray, Jackson had a doctor who accompanied him during rehearsals and tours, attending to his needs.

The point ... the grueling concert schedules reduced MJ to a physical mess, prone to relying on and demanding drugs to sleep.
The "This Is It" London tour was especially grueling, because AEG added dozens of concert dates for Michael, who was already in an extremely weakened state and terrified he would fail.

All of this dovetails into a defense theory ... that Jackson felt enormous pressure to rehearse for the "This Is It" tour, and when he couldn't sleep he relied on Propofol to do the trick. The defense believes when Murray walked out of the room and Jackson woke up, he accidentally infused himself with a fatal dose of the drug out of frustration and fear. 


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the defense is so lame. nice photos. the defense is just diverting attention away from Murray's bizarre and gross negligence.

1389 days ago


Next they will blame the fans for his death because the fans wanted more of Mikes music. The Jackass family need to deal with the fact that Mike was a drug addict and not try to win some bullcrap lawsuit to get even more money from their " kid slaves "Im sure all the kids are pushing the same crap in hope that when the mom dies their is enough money to go around from her Will.

1389 days ago


Michael doesn´t look fragile in any of those photos. He looks strong. He did, however, look fragile the last days of his life, while he was in Murray´s "care". How about that!

1389 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

MJ was NOT a junkie, people! He died from ONE reason! Dr.Murray! Murray is a flat out lying murderer who is trying to save his ignorant @ss! He'll be in jail soon for a lifetime along with all others who played a part in MJ's death!

1389 days ago


1389 days ago


Even if it were true that Michael gave himself the Propofol, the point is that Dr. Murray should not have left him alone at any time, which is what anyone who knows anything about that drug has said.

1389 days ago


jackson was not a addict , it clearly shows that in his autopsy report.

1389 days ago



I agree with you to a certain extent that this family needs to stop white-washing the fact that MJ had issues because he DID. When they try to make him out to be 'just like everyone else' they do him a great disservice & make themselves sound like complete idiots. MJ wasn't like 'everyone else', how could he be? How do you live your entire life, from childhood, tucked away in the Jackson-looneybin of a house until the age of 30, enclosed, protected, catered to within the bubble of celebrity; reach the level of megastardom he did, have such a vast fortune at your disposal as he did; without having some really funny ideas about the world & reality? Isn't that expecting really way too much from Michael Jackson? The Jax family would be much better off if they just admitted 'MJ was unique & yes, he had some issues but he was an amazing, talented artist & entertainer & we loved him'...and just leave it at that:)

However, they are entitled to every single dollar, the CHILDREN that is, they can get out of a wrongful death suit. If this is NOT wrongful death? I don't know what is.

1389 days ago


Michael doesn´t look fragile in any of those photos. He looks strong. He did, however, look fragile the last days of his life, while he was in Murray´s "care". How about that!

Posted at 8:28 AM on Jan 1, 2011 by Siggisis

Hmmmm...LOL...VERY good point! Think that whole 'he was fragile' thing's gonna blow up in their face.

1389 days ago


MJ is not even dead .... I know for sure he is somewhere alive. Can't wait til his return. :)

1389 days ago


That tours were difficult to Michael was common knowledge, and has been so for ages. He said so himself on camera and MJ fans have known it for years. So did, of course, Murray. This was how MJ explained to him why he needed help to sleep. So, Murray should have taken it into consideration, but he did not.

The Murray defense are really clawing for straws. Murray is guilty of at least recklessness and negligence before, during and after administering drugs to Michael.

Michal wanted a doctor to keep him alive, but America's worst doctor was hired, and that doctor killed him.

1389 days ago


michael was always skinny morons

in his last days he was unusually skinny though

1389 days ago


You can't be somebody's doctor and then, when your patient dies, use as your defence that you didn't know he needed a doctor.

1389 days ago


Btw, Jennifer Batten (guitarist) says that when she went on tour with Michael, they rehearsed the FULL show, at full speed, once or twice A DAY the last week before departure. Not so frail, eh? This time, he couldn't get through one full song a week before show start - and this time, he was in the care of Murray.

1389 days ago


jackson was not a addict , it clearly shows that in his autopsy report.

Posted at 8:34 AM on Jan 1, 2011 by BRANDON

I'm sorry, know I should just let this go but this is a really huge misconception. All that autopsy shows is what was in MJ's system in the last 72 or so hours of his life-a pretty broad array of benzodiazepines and an anesthetic. Yes, they were prescribed by a doctor but even so? Wow. Were these particular drugs Murray's idea, were they MJ's? Who knows. MJ's dead & Murray ain't talkin. The point is, what difference does it make if MJ WERE an addict? Would we love him less or would we love him even more with a healthy dose of compassion thrown in as well? I know that I would. Even if MJ were an addict, it's between God & MJ & who cares anyway. It doesn't change what this physician DID & it doesn't change how amazing Michael Jackson was as an entertainer or a human being. It is just NOT important. Whether he was an addict or not doesn't affect my opinion of who he was whatsoever, nor does it change what the outcome of this trial should be.

1389 days ago
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