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Wesley Snipes

Downward-Facing Inmate

1/1/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes ain't exactly qualified to teach you about paying taxes -- but TMZ has learned Snipes is teaching yoga while he's locked up.

Sources tell TMZ ... Snipes is teaching yoga to some of the other inmates at the McKean Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania. We're told Snipes requested yoga mats for himself and a few others ... and his request was granted. 

Downward dog at your own risk.


No Avatar


no really all these gay jokes, you would get killed if you tried to **** w someone in there. get real

1301 days ago


John Cutter teaching yoga in the pen? Time for a Passenger 57 sequel! =P

1301 days ago


TMZ Why are u guys trying to make his situation suck a big deal.

1301 days ago


atleast hes doin somethin productive lol

1301 days ago


Re: Conrad, why so sensitive? Sounds like YOU dropped the soap...does your butt still hurt?

1301 days ago


Timothy Geithner doesn't pay his taxes, and he ends up being Obama's Secretary of the Treasury. Wesley Snipes doesn't pay, and he goes to federal prison. Hey TMZ, why not spend a few less hours digging through the Palin families garbage and start after some Democrats.

Typical liberal goofballs.

1301 days ago



Nice to hear that Taxpayer dollars are still hard at work. They say the DEVIL protects his own. This just shows you how true it is.

"YOGA MATS" while the rest of us that have always paid our taxes, can't even afford "HEALTH CARE INSURANCE".

Way to go "OBAMA AND THE REST OF YOU A**HOLES IN OFFICE". And to think the Correctional Department is always crying that their budget is to small. Kinda remind ya of NASA and the $2000 toilet.

1301 days ago


I can't understand why anyone would feel sorry for this idiot. He's either to stupid to know that his taxes weren't filed (for 10 years?) or to greedy to pay them. This has absolutely nothing to do with race....Greed seems to overcome the racial barrier nicely.

1301 days ago


Can't wait for the time to come when just all the white ppl get locked up.

1301 days ago

who dat    

Screw the yoga mats. It's prison not the Hyatt. Let them sit on the floor.

1301 days ago


Wow - just imagine how many more positions they'll be able to get into! Would someone please pass the vas.

1301 days ago


I just love actors who make tones of money on the films they make go downhill and become so poor they can't even pay their taxes. Eat crap Wesley!

1301 days ago


Can someone explain why a hard still working actor, and producitive member of society is sitting in jail for years, wasting our tax dollars, while that twit Lohan is given chance after chance and then thumbs her nose at the law. Wesley would have gotten life if he had FU on his nails. What a harsh deal he got, let him work and pay back the dollars. Totally unfair in my opinion.

1301 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

I swear, this article looks like it was written by Mike the Moron.

He is in a Federal Prison Camp... there are no cells or bars on the walls or doors. He could walk away anytime he wanted to... not advisable though. Please do a little research before you post a stupid picture or comment.

Also, he will get time off for his sentence and six months off for halfway house. I can almost guarantee his lawyers have it set up that he will enter a in prison drug program and get another year off his time served.

So... he will be in for a little over one year, not three years.

1301 days ago


I don't care what people say. Yeah, he broke the f**king BS tax laws. A level of taxation that amounts to stealing by the all mighty US government. They only get away with it because they are the government, and they have a right to point a gun at you, legally, and tell you to pay a bill or go to jail. That's exactly what they did. If this guy goes to jail for tax evasion, then half the f**king congress should go to jail. The current Secretary of the Treasure was caught evading taxes, and what happens to him: He gets a f**king promotion. Obama makes him head of the IRS: Timothy Geithner. Look it up you stupid ignorant ass people. At least, Snipes earned his money honestly.

1301 days ago
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