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J.Lo Tells Indoor Playground to Shoe

1/2/2011 5:20 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Jennifer Lopez didn't throw on her Louboutins, but she was allowed to keep her boots on at an allegedly "shoe-free" kids indoor playground.

The 41-year-old "American Idol" judge took her twins and five (FIVE!) helpers to Bright Child indoor playground in Agoura Hills recently.

We were told the policy there is that absolutely everyone has to be shoe-free -- but J.Lo was allowed to hang out with her boots firmly placed on her diva feet. Ugg!

Despite what you heard, she's not Jenny from the sock.


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I take my kids there and it IS in "Agoura Hills" as per their address. Also, it is a NO SHOE PLACE for adults and kids! The lady in white is obviously one of her nannies... The older kid looks like one of Marc Anthony's kids, she may have had his kids with her too, hence the need to have help to watch them. The place is huge and a total madhouse, you can easily lose sight of your children there!

1358 days ago


I hate double standards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dumb people, the woman in white is the nanny, not some stranger! DUH!

1358 days ago


Aww how nice, instead of spending real time with her kids she went to go watch her 5 nannies play with them. I really hate this diva beotch! She's the reason why I will never watch A.I again. I have a very strong feeling that Mariah Carey's kids will be raised the same way as this ones kids, by nannies. I bet she's never even changed their diapers.

1358 days ago


Only kids using the equipment have to take their shoes off you no talent morons!!!

1358 days ago


I can't stand her. I hope she flops on that new show.

1358 days ago


stupid. they made me go buy socks when I went there and wouldn't let me come in without them. I was wearing flip flops. i love what these people teach their children that rules don't apply if you have money. lame.

1358 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

Most of the celebs have nannies for their kids although they don't usually get photographed. Brangelina is supposed to have six nannies, although the white uniforms which JLo makes here staff where is a bit much. A little off topic, she is looking might pulled and botoxed on the AI previews. Looks like she's had some recent work done.

1358 days ago


the lady next to her has her shoes on as well. Is the other woman a DIVA also? looks like your well is drying up, grasping for a story...sad. Every site has "a shelf life" and your time is up.

1358 days ago


Wow, five "helpers"...amazing. Well, once a diva, always a diva. I"m guessing that the lady in white is one of the "helpers"/nannies. So, is that why she didn't take her shoes off, either...because she was with the diva?

1358 days ago


Hey Carl, did you think that perhaps TMZ is trying to keep normal stalkers away from these people, or to deter the other papsmears from getting the story?? You don't really look as smart as you 'd obviousl like, being able to break down the WSFV block by block is no big feat. Seaking of feet, Jennifer Lopez has the ugliest, cornyest, lumpiest, most to'-up twisted-toed feet I've ever seen n Hollywood. The facility probably asked her to keep her shoes on once they saw what was really going on.

1358 days ago


Haters have no life, they shoud be death lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please dumb haters, the reason why she needs 5 helpers cause she is to busy now to take care of her children, she has a new album with Def Jam, another one in Spanish and new movies and of course the American Idol show, get it bitches instead of being depressed and typing whatever. You are jealous from her, her beauty, like someone here who spoke ill of her feet, you have to know she has been voted the most beautiful and sexiest woman in Hollywood 2 times successively, you're jealous from her talents and skills that allowed her to be someone you care about and a legendary artist as well, if you don't believe, you have to, cause the World Music Awards did not give her the award for nothing, you're jealous from her money, because she's so ****ing rich, the most richest Latin artist and one of the richest in the world, so no need to hope any flop for her, she's richer than you, money is really important, cause if you were rich, you would not waste time for posting whatever, she has the sweetest family, the one who treated her kids as ugly and dogs, he/she must be talking about themselves or their children themselves.

Bitches, the reason why she kept her boots away, because it's not good for kids out there, even the little kid did. The other woman must be working there, so she must have medical shoe.

Jen has class and she's fresh cause she's so ****ing rich and AN ARTIST, get it dumb haters or leave it.

1358 days ago


* Haters should be dead.

1358 days ago


the lady in the white is her of course she could wear her shoes too!!

1358 days ago


lol @ those who mentioned Ben here lol Ben is Jen's past memeory since the day she decided to end her relationship with him for being a child and he's still a child till now. lol

1358 days ago


5 helpers ?? for crying out loud, WHAT a diva, along with all the other celebs who can't seem to take care of their children without a posse of nannies. I get the security part, but I am the mother of twin boys and never had the luxury of so many extra hands (hear that J-Low ?? and Camille Grammar ??). I don't envy any of them. I wear my duties proudly and my kids will grop up knowing I was the real deal mom....not that fact I merely birthed them and then handed all the grunt work over to the "staff".

1358 days ago
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