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Shania Twain Wedding: Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?

1/2/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shania Twain didn't exactly have a shotgun wedding yesterday in Puerto Rico ... but it sure was a pistol -- as in what the guards were packing on the beach during the ceremony.

A guy who lives near the mansion where Twain tied the knot tells TMZ he stumbled upon the nuptials at the beach ... and was quickly shooed away by several armed security guards.

In the video you can see a guard with a pistol tucked in his belt roaming back and forth while the ceremony goes on behind him.

We're told the security was so tight, if you wanted to walk past the wedding... you had to go into the ocean to get around.

Beats getting shot.



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Hypocrisy is being an anti-NRA entertainer, someone for freedoms of the constitution that she enjoys like speech, while blacklisting the NRA for the second amendment (gun rights folks) freedoms it promotes - and then having quite the private army for herself when she needs to feel safe. Well, those of us who cant afford private security to feel safe may want to feel safe with a .45 tucked inside an IWB holster too.

1389 days ago


They're already starting their marriage on the wrong foot. This marriage will be another flop! Not to mention it is just creepy that they switched spouses. Ugh!

1389 days ago


A shotgun wedding???????????

1389 days ago


Why is this tr.amp wearing white? She gave up that right when she went down on Mutt Lange in exchange for a career. Shania was a nobody when Mutt Lange met her and she's nothing since he dumped her. Seriously, if it weren't for Mutt and his genius as a music mogul, Shania would still be doing show tunes in Timmins, Ontario.

She's an all-around fake & did not even give birth to her son -- she had a surrogate and that's the reason her and Mutt sold their estate in NY and ran off to Switzerland. They knew the public would pick up on the fact that she didn't look pregnant. You notice there are no pics of her during the pregnancy? What was she hiding? I wonder if the friend Mutt left her for is the birth mother of Aja?

I hope Shania and this nobody stay married forever, and she permanently fades back into obscurity.

1389 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

There is just something funny about all this. How do we know that both the husband and wife exes who are now with Shania and Mutt didn't do this on purpose. If there is no prenup, both will get divorce settlements from Shania and Mutt and end up back with each other. They will both be sipping Margarita's on the beach somewhere laughing at how they scammed the has been country star and her fugly but rich music mogul hubby. This stuff is more bizarre than a pulp fiction novel.

1389 days ago


I was in PR recently. Believe me when I say you DO need a gun while visiting 90 percent of the island. Otherwise, please limit yourself to just the very high end tourist places.

1389 days ago

Mutt Lang    

She hasn't had even close to a hit in over fifteen years

1389 days ago


.....looks like a beretta....ambidextorous safety?.....from the sweeping arch of the backstrap....looks lika a m9....on par for ex-military bodyguard.

1389 days ago


standard beretta....prolly m9, judging from arch in backstrap of handgrip...ambi safety prolly.....carrying IWB prolly no rail....yeah.....commercial M9. Since IWB, no rail, prolly not one of the newer 92A1 or's a 9mm, 15 rounds.......whooopeee!

1389 days ago


She is So pretty and keeps marrying LOSERS who use her Money..I never heard her music

1389 days ago


Gee, only a Glock? Why not go all out and have a .50 BMG?

1389 days ago


Just a couple of things here... why is she wearing white with a veil? and, isn't this the husband of the women that Mutt was supposing to had an affair with? It was such a hush hush thing I'm beginning to wonder who was doing who at the time of divorce.

1389 days ago


Ms Twain has way too much of an elitist attitude to go over well with Country Music fans. I'd like to hear Charlie Daniels take on this -

Ms "I'm better than you common people" has done her public rah rah to fight against regular people owning their own firearms but it's OK for her to hire her own protection - even if they break Puerto Rico's fire arm laws to do it. Of course, elitist entertainers don't have to obey laws that commoners are supposed to obey.

PUERTO RICO LAW READS "Provided, that in the case of private security, guards who hold a permit to carry, are UNIFORMED and in the exercise of their duties, they may carry the weapon in plain sight."

But here’s the thing about the privileged Ms. Twain employing armed guards (lawbreaking or otherwise) in the first place—she’s a big advocate of infringements against those of us who can’t afford an armed security presence and must rely on being OUR OWN first line of defense.

1389 days ago


I think shania is very pretty and she did what it took to make her life better than she had. Mutt lang is a good person and a writer of many songs for like ac/dc and stuff and he has issues about being photographed. So i think we all should just leave her alone now, let her do her life without us looking in, we all dont live in a fishbowl.
love u shania...... and mutt.........

1389 days ago


As someone who was there, There were no "TMZ" people or any papparazzi, simply beachgoers enjoying the beach until her thugs came and told us to move, being a public beach we refused and since her guards were *******s to us we took her picture and sold it. Iphone GG.

1389 days ago
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