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Zsa Zsa's Hubby:

She's Having Half Her Leg Amputated

1/3/2011 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband tells TMZ he is rushing Zsa Zsa to the hospital because the blood clot in her leg has spread so much ... half of her leg needs to be amputated.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Leg
Prince von Anhalt tells us he has called a private ambulance to take Zsa Zsa to the hospital. Prince says doctors advised him before the holidays to take her in and have the surgery done, but Zsa Zsa refused ...saying she wanted to be home for what could be her last holiday.

Zsa Zsa's husband says doctors came again today and said that if he didn't take her in today, she would lose her life.

As we first reported, Zsa Zsa was hospitalized back in November after she complained of pain and swelling in her legs. That's when doctors discovered the "massive blood clot."


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tip top    

No one thought to exercise her legs to make sure she was getting circulation? Sounds like she sat still all day w/no exercise at all, not even type of movement fit her age

1358 days ago

sue johnson    

Don't do it Zsa Zsa. It's time to let nature run it's course. Partial Amputation today, full in a month. Don't put yourself through that.

1358 days ago


Is she changing her name to Eileen?

1358 days ago


Is Zsa-Zsa being treated by Hannibal Lecter, MD? What type of psychopath would amputate the leg of a 93-year old who is at death's door? Is the intent to see how much you can torture her before she expires. And why would Prince Von A-hole allow it?

1358 days ago


Did the phony prince call TMZ first or the ambulance? Just curious. Really strange that he would have time and energy to phone TMZ to let them know an ambulance is on the way.

1358 days ago


She still has career options: Re-make of I'm gonna Get U Sucka or Scary Movie 5. There is always Porn movies. A one legged former starlet is hot

1358 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dang! i thought these people were rich and had money! how do you catch a poor persons disease (leg amputation) if you live right in the middle of beverly hills, in a mansion???!

1358 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well at least the 'prince' isn't killing her slowly so that he can inherit her fortune...

1358 days ago


I feel horrible that she chose this husband so late in her life. Now she is completely dependent on some guy with mental health issues.

As for those questioning amputation, we don't know her medical situation. The danger of leaving the clot in her leg would be that it could lead to a heart attack. A lot of people live to be 100 these days, but Zsa Zsa's health and the stressful antics of her mentally disturbed husband make it an unlikely scenario for her.

1358 days ago


Why all the references to "Green Acres"? Zsa Zsa was never on "Green Acres"; that was her (late) sister, Eva. Anyway, here's hoping for a successful surgery and recovery.

1358 days ago


Why all the talk about "Green Acres"? Don't these people know the difference between Zsa Zsa and Eve? Anyway, I hope she can survive this and recover...

1358 days ago


Please God, let this beautiful lady live her remaining time without some surgeon wanting to make a name for himself or herself! Is she capable of signing her own consent? If not, perhaps her only child should step in and ask some serious questions. Those of us who, lovingly remember Zsa Zsa, and how she took pride in her appearance and her beauty, honestly feel she would not want her body being viciously cut up! That would be ZSA Zsa's decision, if possible. She should, at least, have that! Loving thoughts and prayers are with you, beautiful lady.

1358 days ago


THIS IS FOR DARK VADER, #70. You vicious, vicious sub-human creature! Here's a valid suggestion for you. The next time you see a huge green truck, jump in with the rest of the garbage and claim it as your new home! Perfect!

1358 days ago


Morning All
I pray foe Zsa Zsa Gabor every day.

I Love You Zsa Zsa.

1358 days ago


Let the woman die with some dignity. She's freaking 93 her life is as good as over. Let her keep her leg and pass in peace. She's not going to recover from this. She will probably die in surgery any how. How selfish of her loved ones to try and prolong a life that has no life left. Sad.

1358 days ago
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