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'19 Kids and Counting' Star -- Three Rifles, No Ammo

1/3/2011 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In an effort to give an Indonesian foreign exchange student the real "USA" experience -- one of the stars of the TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting"  handed the guy a GUN and told him to smile!


The kid double-fisting the firearms is 20-year-old John David Duggar -- the 3rd of 19 brothers and sisters featured on the show.

John David's father, Jim Bob Duggar, tells TMZ ... JD and the exchange student were heading out to target practice over the holidays -- and posed for this photo before they opened fire.

Jim Bob insists all three weapons were UNLOADED -- and were each "standard firearms purchased at a licensed gun shop."

He adds, "All of the older boys, including John David, are well-trained in gun safety and always supervised when handling guns."



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They're only illegal (to general public)if they are fully auto ready.. meaning pull the trigger and hold.. round after round will fire.
Not illegal to sell semi auto rifles.. one trigger pull= one bullet

There's quite a handful of folks whom have modded there semi to full auto however

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1355 days ago


John David Duggar doesn't seem to happy in TMZ photo of him carrying firearms looking like a mad man that's about to lose it. He must didn't know this picture was going to get out there. Of course JimBob would tried to explain this one away as to why his son is with firearms and posing like he's going to war. I never saw any episode's where the boys went to a shoot gallary to practice shooting. And what would Christians bible thumper wannabe like the Duggar's be doing with guns anyway, even to go target practice? Guns are made for one thing and one thing only, TO KILL and the Bible clearly states that Thou shall not kill. Duggar's are FAKE!

Michelle and Jim Bob are running around quoting Mother Teresa. A woman (nun) who has done good things but then got greedy and turned into a comment theif. Received stolen money from thugs that rob and stole from the poor and refused to give it back. Saying there are to many children is like saying there is to many flowers. Quote from Mother Teresa.

I'm not knocking JB. He's business smart. That's a nice little exploitation, selling out his kids blaming it on God gig he's running there and it's all legal. LOL But honestly, that family is boring as hell around that house. Who wants to see grown women slave to the kitchen and stuck with motherly duties to a bunch of siblings little kids that the mother doesn't even take care of? the parents are unemployed, lazy and getting fat off elder girls cooking? TLC threw in free trips here and there for the family to try and give the show flavor, failed!

This been bugging me for a while, help me understand something, if you will? TLC exploits children, bad marriage/relationships, messy divorce, abortion, bigotry, unweb teen pregnancy, adultury etc. Duggar as supposedly true "Conservative Christians" with value/virtual is employed by this company TLC and it doesn't bother them in the least that TLC is doing this b/c?

And what happened to the eldest girls promise rings they wore on THE VIEW? Haven't seen them with that ring on since the last time I watched the show, which was in mid 2009.

I just don't understand how the Duggars can say they are trying to keep their kids from being exposed to our way of life because they don't approve of it, when all their children are employed by the very people that's putting that evil way of life out there on TV before and after the Duggar show air. Oh but they don't watch TV but want other people children to watch them? That makes no sense to me, why would so called Christian as the Duggars want the world to believe, be apart of all that drama for the ALMIGHTY DOLLARS if they're so rich and don't need TLC as their fans keep saying?

1355 days ago


Guns in anybody's hands is a threat to everyone within range. Hey, LaPierre doesn't allow people wearing guns to visit him at NRA headquarters, for a very good reason.

1355 days ago


Guess what? I went target shooting too over the holidays and I took my 4 kids with me! I am a mom and I love my guns and have taught all my kids proper gun saftey. I dare anyone to tell me I am not a good mom because of it!

1355 days ago


Complain about people having a gun in their home then wait until an armed burglary occurs in your home. The police will be too late. I'll keep my 357, 38 and protect myself thank you. Good to hear gun safety and supervision is in the Duggar household.

1355 days ago


Maybe the Duggars got news from TLC that they wanted to try and mix shows again and bring in Kate plus eight for a vist. So they wanted to be ready :).... I love this picture and I love the family. There is no reason to make a big deal about it...

1355 days ago


Maybe the Duggars got news from TLC that they wanted to try and mix shows again and bring in Kate plus eight for a vist. So they wanted to be ready :).... I love this picture and I love the family. There is no reason to make a big deal about it...

1355 days ago

Paula Suasa    

Really TMZ......News is that Slow????

1355 days ago

Paula Suasa    

Oh please.....

1355 days ago


Full-Auto weapons (and suppressors "aka "silencers"") are TOTALLY legal as long as they comply with the NFA rules regarding date of manufacture on the particular part (sear, lower, etc.), and the buyer does the proper paperwork and pays fees.

It's expensive, but if you have 10K+ to throw around for an entry level conversion (M16 usually), you can pay the $300 NFA fee, wait 6-10 months, and own your own automatic weapon. I highly recommend it, they are fun :)

1355 days ago


Mr. TMZ writer, has obviously not been playing 'Whats the Big Difference'. Mr. David doesn't have just 2 Straps in his hand, yet another at the waist. Militia status. Rawwwwww inbred goodness. U S A!

1355 days ago

Ima Dad 2    

To the blogger who labeled quiverfull as a cult: Provide your proof of that, please.

My wife and I are also part of the quiverfull mindset. It's not a cult - it's our interpretation of the scriptures. Do we feel that anyone who doesn't subscribe to our mindset is wrong? Absolutely not. We just feel that God only blesses us with what He knows that we're able to handle. In our case, we ended up with 7 kids - none of whom I'd send back even if I could. Why didn't we have more? Because the Lord knew that we couldn't handle a tribe of that size.

Just because we (as with the Duggars) do not allow our children to watch network television, that doesn't mean that we're trying to "protect" our kids from you or anyone else - it just means that we realize that there are just some things that young minds either aren't ready, or don't need, to be exposed to certain things until they are more mature and better equipped to handle such things - it's called being a responsible parent.

Nor do we dump our younger children off on the older ones - God gave the children to us (Mom and Dad), therefore, it is our responsibility to raise these kids - not the older siblings.

Seems to me that there's a bit of a double standard in TMZ's reporting tactics: Yesterday, there was a news story about some porn king paying off the housing debt for the so-called 'Octo-Mom'... Talk about irresponsible parenting!!! Here's a woman, without a husband, pumping out and responsible for a brood/litter of 14 children.. She has publicly admitted that if her plan to go public had failed, that she would have no choice but to go on public assistance/welfare..

Now look at the Duggar family: Dad's very responsible when it comes to providing for the family; they do not subsist on any form or fashion of public assistance - no food stamps or anything - yet, somehow, they're labeled as being irresponsible, and the mom's a "slut" merely because she's remained faithful to her husband, and gave birth to 19 children by him...

Yeah, I'll stick with the Duggar model over anything else I've seen offered on this site - Seems to me that J.B. Duggar has things pretty much squared away and is more responsible/stable than any other voice I've seen/heard represented here.

1355 days ago


"All of the older boys, including John David, are well-trained in gun safety and always supervised when handling guns."

What did Jim Bob Duggar say just before his son John David "accidentally" blew his own(or someone else's) head off?

1355 days ago

Stephanie from Chicago    

I guess you guys didn't notice the other gun in his pocket?????????????

1355 days ago
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