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'19 Kids and Counting' Star -- Three Rifles, No Ammo

1/3/2011 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In an effort to give an Indonesian foreign exchange student the real "USA" experience -- one of the stars of the TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting"  handed the guy a GUN and told him to smile!


The kid double-fisting the firearms is 20-year-old John David Duggar -- the 3rd of 19 brothers and sisters featured on the show.

John David's father, Jim Bob Duggar, tells TMZ ... JD and the exchange student were heading out to target practice over the holidays -- and posed for this photo before they opened fire.

Jim Bob insists all three weapons were UNLOADED -- and were each "standard firearms purchased at a licensed gun shop."

He adds, "All of the older boys, including John David, are well-trained in gun safety and always supervised when handling guns."



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If I need to stay out of your business regarding abortion, which is right and fair, YOU NEED to stay out of my business if I have children! For those of you that think the world is overpopulated, you are wrong. Europe and the U.S. are experiencing problems because of UNDERPOPULATION! Underpopulation is damaging to the economy.

1353 days ago


these idiots should have stopped at 1 kid

1353 days ago


They must not be too well trained on GUN Safety. I was and was always taught to NEVER point a gun at or in the direction of another human being. Loaded OR Unloaded.. Accidents happen. It's all fun and games until someone accidentally gets shot.

1353 days ago


I totally agree with #46 - Gloria
No, it's not against the law to own guns or have 18 kids - but there is something sad about the older girls having so much responsibility while the Mom just pumps out more kids.
And the boys posing like thugs with the guns?? I thought they weren't suppose to listen to music or watch TV??
If you know the back story on the Dad, Jim Bob, he's found some pretty unusual ways to make a buck, including pimping out his "wholesome" family on a reality show - I don't think we see the whole story on TV...

1353 days ago


The point isn't that they've taught their kids to shoot, it's that this kid thinks posing like this with his guns is a good thing to do. I mean, why....what's the point? What good reason is there for posing with a couple of rifles and having some poor exchange student do the same? Pictures tell a story, what story is this kid telling?

1353 days ago


If the Duggars have been trained in gun handling, why is the guy on the right pointing his weapon in the general direction of the other guys head? I haven't touched a gun in 35 years, but the folks who taught me said even if you think the gun is unloaded, never point the end toward another person. Of course we know about all those deaths from "unloaded" guns.
The Duggars are a prime example of how religion is used as a weapon(no pun intended). I don't disagree with the idea that setting rules are good for children, but if you watch the show, the Bible is used to justify having the women act as serfs to the men. The women all have long hair, long skirts and dutifully turn over themselves to the wishes of the males...because in their world, that is what their God wants. This even means having risky pregnancies, potentially threatening the life of the mother and child, all based on "God's desires". So if God produces a death out of this nonsense, this is for the good?
Their piety also makes me want to vomit.

1353 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Must be all that christian learning and repressed anger not to screw his sisters.

1353 days ago


oh leave the duggars alone, yes they have a lot of kids but they were all concieved by choice and not on accident, and they have never depended on welfare or state or government money for anything. and their kids are well behaved productive members of society.


Leave them alone? Sorry, this family is despicable. They breed like vermin, leave the childrearing to the other kids, because they have to many stupid offspring. This is the poster family for why this country needs licenses to breed. Having 19 kids is not a right. The mother and father need to be in jail so they can't spread their stupid genes around anymore.

They say a cat and her offspring can reproduce 250,000 cats in 5 years. This disgusting family probably will have that many in about 3 generations. This family is sick.

1353 days ago


it appears that many of the posters here must have extremely miserable lives that they have to make these ridiculous comments in order to feel better about themselves. Michelle is most certainly not a "slut" - she is a married woman and all her children were fathered by that husband, after marriage. They are self supporting and have no debts. how many of the "nasty posters" here can say that? you mother should have told you that envy is unattractive in addition to being a sin. work on your own life.

1353 days ago


@ konaehukai - get some help.

1353 days ago


The United States of Idiots! That`s exactly the world`s impression of Americans. Stupid with the right to bear arms. Time to grow up into the new millennium, if you don`t hunt then all those weapons are for killing people. A little house invasion and then your idiot gun collection is on the street killing innocent people. No brains and big guns, nice, go shoot yourselves please.

1353 days ago


i also was raised in a somewhat cult like environment run by a male ego maniac with strange sexual and behaviors towards women and the belief of God. i was from a family of 5. no time was an understatement because women who have this type of reproduction for their "family", their "man", do not value their children at all! and you think that is bad, how much time do you think the parents will have for their grandchildren? how tuned in can you be in terms of individuality. robo birthing should be illegal.

1353 days ago

Khate sucks    

Here we go wtih the Dumb Ass Duggars! It's about to unfold! I love it! I can't wait until one is gay, one is a porn star and the others just have a child out of wed lock! FINALLY they'll be interesting!

1353 days ago


# 60

"Nor do we dump our younger children off on the older ones.."

Why don't you? It's part of being quiverful. Let me guess, you just call it another name like "buddy system" ?

"Provide your proof of that, please. "


When a person leaves the quiverful cult,er I mean, movement behind the parents no longer talk to their son or daughter. Those who leave are now are "dammed". Especially if you get your tubes tied and don't have children.

Girls are NOT encouraged to go to college. Only the males. Girls are betrothed to a boy of their fathers choosing. Marriage is the only option for girls. You are owned by your father FOREVER until another man owns you.

It is a sin for a woman to cut her hair.

Men are gods in the home. Don't ever tell your man he is wrong, or nag him.

Beating children with PVC pipes for not WAITING to be told what to do. Now that's just GOOD parenting, right? When you are older you get locked in a closet.

They will not adopt children because they "carry the sins of their biological parents" and are considered "damaged".

On the outside it looks so wonderful. The fake smiles of the Duggars make you think "Oh what a happy family!" But that is not the reality.

Don't believe me? Read this crazy crap for your self. Apparently Hilary Clinton is Jezebel.

And finally,
It is wrong to reason that since A (children) is good and a gift from the Lord, then we must pursue as much of A as possible. Quiverful can become legalism much like the Pharisees.

1353 days ago


My uterus My business....not only does this include abortion, but in having as many babies as I CHOOSE!

1353 days ago
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