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'19 Kids and Counting' Star -- Three Rifles, No Ammo

1/3/2011 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In an effort to give an Indonesian foreign exchange student the real "USA" experience -- one of the stars of the TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting"  handed the guy a GUN and told him to smile!


The kid double-fisting the firearms is 20-year-old John David Duggar -- the 3rd of 19 brothers and sisters featured on the show.

John David's father, Jim Bob Duggar, tells TMZ ... JD and the exchange student were heading out to target practice over the holidays -- and posed for this photo before they opened fire.

Jim Bob insists all three weapons were UNLOADED -- and were each "standard firearms purchased at a licensed gun shop."

He adds, "All of the older boys, including John David, are well-trained in gun safety and always supervised when handling guns."



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Guns have been here FOREVER! We need them first for protection and second for food. Guns are only bad when they are in the wrong hands. Wise up America. Everything will be ok.

1385 days ago


Yeah right you really expect us to believe that. These kids have automatic weapons on display and they should be locked up in the feds for 10yrs till they learn that those weapons aren't toys.

1385 days ago


The firearm the asian guy is holding is not a rifle, but a 12 gauge Mossberg or Maverick "bullpup" shotgun. Doesn't have a removable magazine but holds 5 or 6 rounds in the tube depending on what length shells you use. (takes up to 3" 12ga magnums)From the rearward position of the pistol grip the chamber is open so the weapon was safe. Nice weapon, have one myself. Just wanted to clarify as it is irksome to me when people comment on firearms incorrectly. Like calling semi-auto pistols automatic trying to make them sound more deadly or dangerous

1384 days ago


Those crazy white kids.

1384 days ago


You morons, The duggars even have pictures of JD skinning his first deer posted on google pictures. in their family photos.
this is nothing special, geez.. hope you dont get my facebook, and see my pics, and Im a girl with my guy cousins, and if you are scared of this picture, You would think I am a criminal then.
Stupid east coasters who know nothing,
Go on buying your Beef Jerky for 7 bucks, While we get it for Free
Also Were do you think the meat at the super market comes from...

1384 days ago


Overpopulation? HA! These people are bringing up children who care more for others than themselves and constantly look for opportunities to help others out! Overpopulation would be people who accidently get pregnant, abandon their babies, and love off government money for their whole lives. Lets work on that first and lay off the people who are living life according to their faith and not taking anything away from you.

1384 days ago


Children are a blessing from God, that's true. But according to the Duggars that doesn't applies to wildlife creature who are senselessly slaughter by so called "Good Conservative Christian's" who loves to take pictures of carry fire arms just before going out hunting and killing God little creature then eat them. Afterward hanging the poor animal heads on the wall as trophy for all to see. How can you sit there with a Bible in one hand and wolf down beef, chicken, turkey and ham in the other?

Dancing and pant on women is a sin, but disrespecting other people culture now that’s a blessing. According to the Duggars. UGH!

1383 days ago


IM OFFICIALLY DONE READING ANYTHING TMZ POSTS. nice job capitalizing "GUN" just trying to brain wash people.

1375 days ago

April bishop    

Thanks! I just ordered one. This will help out with all the unpredictable weather we get these days.

1371 days ago


The boy Duggar John David or what ever, he is hardly ever seen during the show. When Michelle told her family she was pregnant again, they were out sliding down some homemade water slide,and John David was there. He was not happy with the news about his mom having another. ( she was pregnant to the last one that was born sickly). He did not smile, and Jim Bob got him and said c'mon son lighten up. I would not trust that one with the guns. He is the one that will shoot half his family next, then TLC's ratings will climb through the roof since all they care about is getting people to watch their crazy shows. (I have stopped as I felt it's getting way out of line, & Sarah Palin took the cake). In this picture John David is still not happy looking, and what a thing to teach the exchange student. Come to America have a gun! No wonder more and more innocent people are getting killed.

1363 days ago


I'd be more worried about that woman spewing another kid. It's not a clown car for gods sake.

1363 days ago


Any woman who would agree to be pregnant 19 times, nevermind give birth to that many children has had a partial lobotomy. That is why she giggles all the time-- she's brainless.

1362 days ago


In response to the question: "Also Were do you think the meat at the super market comes from..."

I'm pretty sure the meat at the super market wasn't killed by a 20-year-old kid who took his automatic weapon to the neighbor's cow.

It's not the guns or the right to bear them that I object to. It's the juvenile posing in the living room with fingers on triggers that's disturbing.

1078 days ago

Sharon Bailgoat    

These kids are supervised taking a dump so I'd imagine they're supervised with weapons too.

586 days ago
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