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Security Video Shows Alleged Mayweather Aftermath

1/3/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained surveillance video taken the night Floyd Mayweather Jr. allegedly roughed up his baby mama, Josie Harris -- showing Harris being wheeled off on a stretcher after seeking refuge in a security guard station.

As TMZ first reported, Mayweather allegedly blew up at Harris after he learned Harris was seeing an NBA player -- CJ Watson of the Chicago Bulls. The police report from that night details how Mayweather's kids escaped the house and ran to a nearby guard station -- and in the video, you can see all three kids entering the station.

Police cars can be seen pulling up and, about 15 minutes later, Harris can be seen being taken out on a stretcher as she clutches her head.

Mayweather was hit with eight charges from the incident and ordered to stay away from Harris and the kids. He is due back in court January 24.

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If she was committing adultry and screwing another man while she was with him, then good for him. Justified.

Posted at 6:42 AM on Jan 3, 2011 by GOLLY

Justifying a guy beating up a woman for having a life is BEYOND fu*ked up-although there are some Islamic countries who would welcome your twisted philosophy with opened arms-Have you considered moving recently?

Meanwhile, IDIOT-not that it makes any difference- the two were NEVER MARRIED, furthermore I seriously doubt that Mayweather was living a life of sexual abstinence and attending daily Bible studies while the two were separated OR TOGETHER.

1368 days ago


If she caught him cheating, and she hit him you would all be cheering her on.

1368 days ago


What the hell is with the term "baby mama"? Terms like this are only used whenever the subject is black.

Everybody knows that you're a bunch of low class simpletons...but that doesn't mean you need to be openly racist. Not every black person uses terms like "baby mama" and "baby daddy", you ignorant pricks.

Posted at 6:07 AM on Jan 3, 2011 by Len

The TMZ staff is effin arrogant and racist. Harvey-with his Ivy league education, that he can't seem to stop bragging about-needs to reign his *******s staff in before he ends up looking down the barrow of a lawsuit. I know that he'll slip through it, California Celebrity Justice style. I've watched this website go down the tubes over the past few months, because of the antics of his staff making racist inferences and accompanying pictures observably untented to gets the psycho-racist SSI di*k heads excited and posting..

I'm not sure how I got introduced to this site, maybe Mel and Ox-but that's old. But the bottomline, this is a gossip site, right down there with OK Magazine, National Enquirer and the rest of those trashy tabloids that are purchased by-frankly-trashy people. And yes, that would make me trashy for still reading the nonsense on this site-but I'm emptying the trash

1368 days ago


Let me get this straight....

If a Marine, beats his wife/girlfriend/ect, he'll do extra time because he's had training in self-defense & combat.

But if a professional boxer, beats his wife/girlfriend/ect, he won't do ANY time because he's made money? Even though he's been trained to "knock out" beefy men that way over 200lbs? Let alone a woman who's just over 5 feet tall and probably barely weighs over 100lbs?

Wow, what a contradiction we have here. The system stinks.

1368 days ago


If it's a black celebrity and it's negative news then it's on TMZ!

1368 days ago


Gayfeather better lawyer up. This dramatic heffa has a good case

1368 days ago


Funny how Mayweather is a tough guy around anyone he can beat up, but a big coward when it comes to a guy that can knock him out (i.e. Pacquiao).

1368 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

damn. looks like that film 'Rwanda'. guess everywhere in the world is a Rwanda for black people....they don't get no rest no matter where they stay, do they. almost got it as bad as white people.

1368 days ago

Skills vs Pills    

None of you are paying $20,000 a month in child support to anyone so you cant say he's a bad father. Bet Floyd didn't go screaming and yelling waking up the kids... She's known to be a drama queen and she knows he getting married soon, so this is her way of **** Blocking! I've seen men from every Creed check his women, and if you never had too, it because she check you! A open hand on the butt should be legal if your women is falling off!

1368 days ago


For anyone who watches Chili from TLC on her VH1 show she has the most highest standards for men. Yet she idolizes Mayweather as a man she would love to be with. Well I hope she woke up from her little fantasy because she has let a lot of good guys pass because of her infatuation with Mayweather.

1368 days ago


Anyone that sees this video needs to think before they speak. The video is cut to show the kids running into the building. It never shows Ms Harris walking into the building herself. Why? Because if you seen her walking you wouldnt feel as bad when you seen her carried away. Come on people. The white man always paints a bad picture of a *****. She wasnt hurt, maybe embarrassed, and the kids are fine. It was just an argument between two parents...it happens

1368 days ago


Ever saw a "Thin Line between Love & Hate" the woman beat herself and blamed it on her husband? If Floyd BEAT her I'm sure she would still be in the hospital trying to recover. Anyways it must be sad that raccist pricks come on the internet to spew their ignorance & hate haha How about you take a long walk off a short bridge & rid us all

1368 days ago


KFC - Kung Fu the Chicks

you've beaten them all! from The Big Show up to your wife.


1368 days ago


His behavior lately has just been shameful. Floyd has talent, and should be going down in history as someone to look up to, and admire. But instead, he's going down ANOTHER way - he seems to be taking a different route, and it's a shame. He's nothing but a chump who feels he's entitled to act up and disrespect anyone he feels like. He needs a reality check FAST. Check yourself buddy, before you wreck yourself. Get help. Go to church or something. Because you're not cool. You suck.

1368 days ago


white men have been doin this type of **** for years. Politicians, mayors,proffesors. Rich and doing no time in Jail. Dont make it right, just saying dont get racial on this one. And dont speak before u know the facts. He is not with his Babysmother. And infact Floyd is engaged to a different woman. So obviously this situation is deeper than we know.

1368 days ago
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