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The Governator

Hasta La Vista, KahLeeFornia

1/3/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... and cue the guy who doesn't wanna be Governor anymore!

On his last day in office, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger went to his Twitter page to show everyone how someone "caught" his final moments in office on tape ... featuring a super-dramatic, over-the-top exit.

Think someone wants to get back into the acting biz?


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I had some faith in him 7 yrs ago..thanks for driving this state in the ground..Your personal goal for your Green Act is going to help kill thousands upon thousands of more jobs...while the solar panels are mostly being made in egotistical a-hole..Hop on your private jet and drive your Hummer H1 home to Brentwood - hypocrite.

I agree with #7 - You can't smoke in any State government building..or bars or beaches or parks and sometimes anywhere outdoors in some cities..but you are apparently "above the law" which no American is to be - including an ex-Govenor.

Hasta La Vista Baby - and don't come back.

1397 days ago


God did he suck as Governor.

Posted at 11:22 AM on Jan 3, 2011 by krichter

1397 days ago


Please stop with the unwarranted, over-the-top hyperbole. Arne opening a door and shutting off the light as he walks through the doorway is NOT "a super-dramatic, over-the-top exit" by anyone's definition. It does look like it was a total setup but one that's boring and uneventful at best.
And no one really cares about Oksana as much as you think. You think the people are demanding TMZ write stories about her but really it's just that you keep posting info that people keep reading, thereby creating the "demand." She's boring and over, please stop.

1397 days ago


Boy! and they talk about the Democrats putting our beloved country into shambles! It didn't take too long for this guy to help destroy California which caused a ripple effect throughout our land. 99% of the comments on this site are absolutely correct. Also, I do not recall an apology from him for leaving his state in such an unforgivable MESS! Now he can look forward to all kinds of offers, including book deals, to further secure his future and that of his entire clan. Some legacy! Way to go, Gov. Nice job!!!

1397 days ago


And Stay out! now we have our green recycled gov brownnose to finish the butt attack of the tax payers

1397 days ago


I'm sorry Ronald was way worse... Arnold wasnt too bad he had to work with the legislatures and the main problem is there really isnt a swing district in California very safe republican and democrat districts (State legislature rarely changes party hands. So when it came time to passing budgets and other issues he couldn't get the 2/3 majority. But unlike many politicians he was willing to work with the other party unlike the ones in Washington.

1397 days ago


It's your own fault he's f'd up California. You are the a**holes who elected this jerko**. Live with it a**holes.

1397 days ago


I still can not believe these stupid Californians voted this guy into the Governor's mansion! He is not from the US and just because the jerk can pump some iron does not mean he is fit to hold political office.
Can't even talk like an American! This would have NEVER, EVER happened on the East Coast.
The guy was NEVER in politics and knew nothing about being a Governor. Un-fu**ingbelieveable. Only in America I'm sad to say. Why not just elect Osama Bin Laden to the President's Office????

1397 days ago


Thanks for wasting 14 secs of my life, TMZ! lol, dumb video. On another note, congratulations to California! No more of that guy!

1397 days ago


Ronald Reagan was a great governor for CA. I think Arnold tried, but couldn't pull it off.

1397 days ago


What makes you say he doesn't want to be Governor anymore? He CAN'T be Governor anymore by law. He doesn't even get to come back in the future using the loophole Jerry Brown used since Jerry is one of only two or three living people that can legally be governor of CA for more than 2 terms.

1397 days ago


good riddance to bad rubbish!~

1397 days ago


Just like Arnold, Ronnie ran this state into the ground to the point where the effects lasted up until now. They both tried to do their best with this state, but they are not politicians. They are actors and never should have taken a post they couldn't handle, although Regan was a better President than Governor. There are a lot of hurdles these guys have to jump over just to get a bill passed, yet as Captain of the state, they take all of the blame. Just like the long lasting effects that the past Presidents have put upon this nation, people will bash Obama, as if it were his fault. Arnold came into an already poor situation, but he promised to make changes that didn't happen. He can only be blamed for his part in the last seven to eight years, in which not too many good things happened.

1397 days ago


This JACKAL~JACK ASS~BASTARD is gonna reap what he has sown!! Can you imagine cutting **** JACKAL nunez's son's prison time 4 killing an innocent student!!!!!!!!!! nunez IS S*** & so IS
that JACKAL "farnold"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1397 days ago

Joe Camel    

He ran as a pro-business republican, promising to confront the unions and eliminate the policies of tax-and-spend. After he was elected, the unions ran negative ads about him. He changed his colors and turned into the exact thing he campaigned against. Him and Mao Obama are two peas in a pod.

1397 days ago
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