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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Kiss Off the New Year

1/3/2011 3:45 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Selena Gomez, 18, enjoyed some underage tender smooches -- and booty grabs -- with her topless 16-year-old boyfriend Justin Bieber at a huge mansion in the Caribbean this weekend.

Nothing like some PDAs to up your teen super-couple status.

To check out the whole set of pics go to


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Seems like Selena is Disneys beard of choice. First Taylor Lautner now Justin Bieber. Poor girl.

1387 days ago


Ummmmm.....Selena who is now an adult dating one who legally isn't. Society double standard? Ummmm....So if they are having sex, which I think they probably are does that mean selena is a pediphile? Didn't Miley get slammed when she was a legal child dating a guy who was legally an adult?They were only seen at coffee shops and around town. Selena and Justin are seen on tour busses and yahts. Intresting.

1387 days ago


i like justin & selena but im pretty sad now. i mean, shes 18 and hes 16. he's got a BUNCH of fans he could date but i would cuz u wouldnt kno if they liked him for him or something else. and there r plenty other guys for selena. *sighs* im very sad now... theres nothing wrong with this just they could find other people like justin could b with jasmine v and idk who selena would b with but still.... :( ha, wait 'till ALL the beliebers find out about this.... just wait a few months maybe weeks...

1387 days ago

NO ONE    

There in love, build a bridge and get over it i mean really its not that big of an age difference 18 and 16? Hes almost 17 its not like Miley and that Justin model guy, he was like 20 and she was 15 when they dated and no one gave her **** so stop, and no if they had sex it wouldnt be rape rape is when someone is forced to have sex and is or hurt or killed, if they had sex it would be a big part of Justin to, you need to people to have sex not just one especially when its SELENA GOMEZ AND JUSTIN BIEBER the two good little kids. Kay im done bye

1387 days ago


Two years age difference is no big deal, even reversed. One has to be over 4 years older than the 16 year old to even begin to say this is wrong or illegal. If they are in a "relationship" this isn't serious, it's all part of growing up and experimenting. Not sex, just hugs and kisses.

1387 days ago


Everyone just shut up.. all you haters are just jealous! Stop calling this rape when they havent even done anything other than kiss! AND if they did have sex, its not rape as long as justins ok with it. ANDDD if they did have sex justin or his mom arent gunna go call the police if justin wanted it to happen, if the selena has consent from justin then its not rape! Plus they are only like 1 1/2 years difference! SO STOP HATING AND BE SUPPPORTIVE FOR THEM BOTH EVEN IF YOU DONT LIKE ONE OF THEM!!!

1387 days ago


this is so fake!!!! this is just to squash the rumors that he is gay!! cmon people wake up

1387 days ago


I'm sorry but that is soo not Selena!

1387 days ago


Ok I'm all for dating younger guys. But isn't that illegal? Hes not even 18. LOL. And she is.

1387 days ago

Lily-rose Chay    

I fear for selena they are full of groupies and it's not good saw happened to Kim Kardashian on tweeter ... But I'm happy for Selly and justin <3

1387 days ago


pues a mi me parese super q ellos dos esten saliendo soy muy fans de selena gomez y no la pueden tratar mal las seguidoras de justin por aqueyo al fin y al cabo es vida de ellos no 'no se metan no sean atrevidas'atte: isa...

1387 days ago


seriously, guys ...
selena gomez is ugly,
- she is so ugly without makeup -
, you have not seen the beautiful girls

but i hate her anyway.

1387 days ago


pues creo que si ellos se sienten bien como pareja tiene que ser así, aunque me siento decepcionada por selena gomez ya que la admiro mucho y justin bieber me parece un gay, solo quiero que los respeten a ambos, pues no creo que alguien de la talla mundial de justin bieber se valla a fijar en unas torpes fans como las que amenazan de muerte a selena gomez, es enserio?? lo que dicen en twiter, ya quiero ver que sean capacez de matarla o suicidarse, jajaja, fantasias, fantasias de niñitas que no han salido de una etapa de juego.

1387 days ago


What's wrong with you? are some crazy fanatics ... have no right to life Aruin selena gomez with justin because this apart is their problem not yours ... for justin crazy fanatics, stop bothering the only thing that matters is you and besides there is nothing wrong with that justin is larger than selena addition there are many celebrities who come out with underage girls is life so good!! Well selena love how you act and how to sing and not ruin your life the fanatical crazy justin and justin love how you sing me love you and continue as a couple!!

1387 days ago


she is such a hore she canut stell my mAN FREAKIN UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1387 days ago
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