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Oksana Grigorieva

Gets New Lawyer

... and the Flu

1/3/2011 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has a new lawyer -- #42 by our count -- but she also has a sick feeling in her stomach.

New York attorney Marty Garbus just got approval by an L.A. County Superior Court judge to appear on Oksana's behalf.  He joins attorney Dan Horowitz.

Now for the sick feeling ... Oksana is on her way to a law office for part 4 of her ongoing deposition in the Mel Gibson custody war.  But we're told she feels like crap and may have to pull the plug on the depo.

If she goes home sick, she can get a few pointers from "The People's Court."


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Hi, Paulette. And a Happy New Year to you also!

1397 days ago


Paulette -
It was very kind of you to relay the message, thank you.

May I impose on you again to send my fondest wishes for a Happy New Year to all our "cut off" friends? They are missed.

1397 days ago


According tape transcripts, it was "Alicia". But Poppa G speaks of a Leticia? Then there's an Edith?

I think a need several aspirin.

Posted at 7:45 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Curious

Help! Which tape transcript? I need more coffee. Thank heavens for the Keurig

1397 days ago


I'm disappointed there's been no further word. I even went to ROL ::shudder:: and looked, nothing.

1397 days ago


The ACLU has aggressively tried to destroy MG many times in the past 7 or 8 years.

They and the NY Times are in league plotting against him AGAIN! How dirty can they get and by what authority do they act? How are they allowed to exert this influence?
If our court systems can be changed at the whim of ANY group, then this is not America!

It is unthinkable that the ACLU, (claiming to be concerned with liberty) is interfering with a California family law case, by insisting that the Judge be overrided, so that they can insert their own lawyer, Garbus.

This is BLATANT CORRUPTION. This is the ACLU and the NY Times thumbing their noses at everything they claim to support. This is TYANNY in action.

I wanted to put this comment on the NY Times page, but they have no place for the exercise of free speech. They are not allowing it!

NYTs: "Weighing In on Mel Gibson Case, A.C.L.U. Opposes Move to Bar Ex-Lover’s Lawyer Over Interview
Published: December 30, 2010"

Posted at 1:25 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Rosie

I saved the article for quick reference. Can't get it to open. I have to go to GOOGLE and re type some keywords to get the article to come up.

As this goes on - I am growing more concerned with who is at the helm at GOOGLE too.

Their sorter and cache are each independently behaving oddly to me. It is as if they are PUSHING some stories along and they are burying others.

Agree about NYTimes cowardly ways. Right on par with Huffington Posts censorship.

Here is the contact sheet for the LA TIMES. Took me way too long to find it.,0,1729080.htmlstory

I called the LA TIMEs, spoke to the Metro Editor, Matt someone. Nice man! He said the person who should be reporting this MARTIN GARBUS STUFF is apparently named Victoria Kim. SAM - don't even have to ask. I already phoned and emailed her! I don't want to print her cell phone here, but it is easy enough to figure out.

I hope all will try to reach her and POST what they find/hear/learn. When I spoke to her she said she was NOT reporting that case (funny how the metro editor had it wrong??) she said a Richard Winton was the one who was reporting this case for the LA Times. His contact info is on the link too. SAM - you will be pleased, I already reached him too!

Truly want to understand the particulars here. I also want to know why that manual exists. Does the CA DA selectively prosecute? I am not talking about making a call whether a crime occurred or not. I am talking about WHEN it comes to PRACTICING LAW without a CA LAW LICENSE - is it more WHO is doing it? Just wondering???

Posted at 4:17 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by V

Happy New Year Team-Mel!!!!!!!!!

It's a great job during holiday you have done, guys.

1397 days ago


By the way, does anyone know if someone has tried to transcribe all the tapes yet. That would be a really useful set of do***ents.

1397 days ago


I'm disappointed there's been no further word. I even went to ROL ::shudder:: and looked, nothing.

Posted at 8:14 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Curious
shamey, shamey, shamey!
(I'm guilty, too!) hehe

1397 days ago


The NY Times has a spot for comments on this one, but no one has commented.

1397 days ago


Fuddy -

We're so bad, lol.

1397 days ago



I take it from that excerpt that Alicia is a friend, not a babysitter. How did you get your transcripts? Did you write them out yourself? I have some notes I made, but nothing very detailed.

1397 days ago



I think you nailed it on the cohab confidentiality clause and book/movie deal for OG. I bet she is trying hard for that. I have been more focused on the mediated agreement and that clause, that I forgot about the cohab clause, but you are right--that would have happened before the DV. Only thing that puzzles me is that the cohab agreement is not before the court. Only the mediated agreement is before the court and I know OG is trying to have that set aside. And it could be for the same reasons you and movie. I'm sure she would love to get a book deal and a movie deal. That would be so like her.

Posted at 4:48 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by fuddyduddy

Do we KNOW the CO-Habitation agreement is NOT before the COURT? HOW?

CHAR- AS SOON AS I read there WAS A CO-HABITATION I began to believe THAT DO***ENT WAS KEY. IT conflicted with what Oksana seemed to want. And then TMZ published it. WOW - the date seemed to really fit. I still believe it is KEY! Haven't read anything to convince me or even get me thinking along a different track.

Think it is the one Oksana could kick herself for signing.

I tend to wonder if she was determined to NOT HONOR that agreement even before she signed it - why?

She actually wrote on it she was only married once and that marriage dissolved circa 1994. That doesn't fit with her actual life story does it? Mr. Baranov (Russia circa 1987) and Mr. Rowland (circa 1992) sure were forgettable. WHY? And who on earth was CIRCA 1994??????????? still wondering about that one! Was she trying to be consistent with VISA information? Afterall, even with a GREENCARD you still had paperwork to file right?

Here is the list I have of Oksana's men(I included her reported age, thought it was very interesting!)

Igor Radkov Unknown Russia/Ukraine/Mordovia
May have followed to England

20 1987 Igor Baranov Donetsk/Saransk Ukraine/Mordovia Honeymooned St. Petersburg,marriage ended 3 months
1987 DIVORCED,Shakhtars,Donetska,Ukraine
husband (attorney) says Oksana was one yr younger
Matthew Simmon Shoreham/Kent England
Near Sevenoaks

Andrew Alridge Sussex England

21 1992 Nicholas Rowland Brighton England
1992-April2 married, divorced 1992 in East Sussex
reported 19 years younger than Mr. Rowland

Alan Bergman Chelsea England
Name of street Sloane Square

Lord Litchfield Staffordshire England

23 1995 Timothy Dalton Chiswick England
SON, Alexander August 7,1997
reported age difference of 26 yrs

Peter Blomquist ? England Maybe also NY

2004 Sam Oriti Los Angeles USA

2006 David Foster Los Angeles USA

38 2008 Mel Gibson Los Angeles USA
Oksanan reported as 39 when baby was born

2010 Kris Herzog Los Angeles USA

Absolutely admit the list is flawed, it is incomplete. I so wish someone in the press would find Mr. Radkov and I wish someone would figure out who was MR. 1994 (gee, sounds like a CALENDAR man doesn't it?)

Speaking of CALENDARS - why hasn't anyone uncovered whether she did or didn't work as a model for Lord Lichfield? Surely someone knows! Either she did and there's a treasure trove of photos or she didn't and it should be exposed, like the false claim Mr. Baranov was a drug addict which was dropped from her bios as the truth surfaced.

When it comes to legal contracts, if you want an agreement to stand wouldn't you make sure the facts you relay are accurate?

1397 days ago


Hi, Paulette. And a Happy New Year to you also!

Posted at 8:08 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by fuddyduddy
Thanks & Ditto too y'all too!

1397 days ago


@ Midwesterner ...***ents-child-support/

page 10 ... paragraph 37

she talks about the former babysitter 'Leticia' that Mel says would blow him.

page 11 ... paragraph 43

she talks about the babysitter 'Edith' that was so petrified of the petiioner that she ran out of the house.

1397 days ago


Midwesterner -
I did a search some time back and found them here -

I can't swear to accuracy, but it fits pretty close if you read alog while listening.

1397 days ago


Midwesterner--you can also find the Mel rants transcript here:

1397 days ago
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