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TMZ -- Paralyzed by California Snow Day

1/3/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After thumbing our nose at the East Coast for an entire week ... Karma has blasted through the TMZ office like an arctic wind -- and today we have two L.A.-based employees who can't get to work because of ice and snow.


Look for an earthquake to hit NYC sometime next week.


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I half expected to see a Who Would You Rather poll under this. Disappointed that didnt happen TMZ. Not ballsy enough?

1397 days ago


You guys must pay crap if your employees have to live that far up the 5.

1397 days ago


At least its not swine flu or foot in the mouth boy. If these dudes would shave they would look hotter. The big guy is cuter than the small guy and he needs to shave so he doesn't look like a bear. Small guy needs a haircut, shower and teeth whitening. He could also use some anti reflective glasses. Small guy needs a dentist, his teeth are uneven in the front. Mr. bear is funny and exciting to be around so I like him even though he's a huge hairy beast that would crush me on an airplane seat next to me. Small shiny dodgers guy with bad teeth seriously needs to clean out his nose hairs, shape up his act, get a girlfriend and wear a nice shirt. Mr. Bear wears nice shirts. Winner for fun factor, Mr. Bear. Winner for sitting next to me on a plane, shiny snaggle toothed dodgers.

1397 days ago


God is funny, what eles are ya'll going to say about all the other states?

1397 days ago


In an effort to keep the average LA resident weight below 300lbs, LA county has requested that Gary commute from Bakersfield to TMZ on a daily basis.

1397 days ago


Damn! Those are some ugly some bitches you guys hire out there. These 2 fat bodies need to shovel Sunset Blvd, ALL OF IT!

1397 days ago


I bet they wished they showed up for work today after these comments! Attention TMZ employees: Those who choose to take a snow day in LA will be skewered on the website! Seriously.....they are nothing but a couple of wusses!!!!! I have to drive to work in a freaking blizzard and they crawl under their rocks for a small amount of snow.....grow a set guys!

1397 days ago


earthquake in Indiana...less than 4 on the richter scale.,

1397 days ago

Sophia Trueman    

I've been reading the comments about Gary...LAY OFF OF HIM...he's the only reason I watch TMZ. BTW- did TMZ have to post such a lousy pic of him. He is much better looking than that!!!!!!

1397 days ago


God, people on this site can be so shallow and 2-D. There is more to life than walking around a gym like a douche showing off a six-pack.
Gary is funny and is one of the best people on the show.

1397 days ago


LOL - you did ask for it :p. Never underestimate the power of the East Coast!

1397 days ago


stop hatin the TMZ people , many of you are only jealous,seems like these young people have the best job ever and you know your just envious, how much fun laughing at rich and beautiful creeps and whack jobs would be and getting paid too. And most average people look like these kids. Find it hard to belive you look any better, they make me laugh after a long day and I really look forward too seeing thier smilin faces each night.Happy New Year TMZ

1397 days ago


Living in Canada all my life there are very rare occasions where the weather is so bad that you can't come in to work. Trust me, what we have to drive in sometimes to get somwehere you wouldn't be able to handle it. Suck it up guys and come to work!

1397 days ago


I actually live in the same area as the guy on the left. Getting snow was a big deal here in southern california. It did cause problems I drove 12 hours just to get home from Vegas. Freeways were closed! so talk nicely!

1397 days ago


This is for "stop hatin' TMZ". The cast of TMZ is like watching a bunch of Meercats on the Discovery channel and Harvey is the head Meercat who always goes on the attack after the others have taken down a big pantload star. He rips off a piece then runs and hides behind his stupid sippy cup!!!

1397 days ago
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