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Gloria Allred -- Don't Prosecute the 'Bachelor' Chick!

1/4/2011 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just told TMZ ... she doesn't believe the woman who slapped "Bachelor" Brad Womack should be prosecuted for criminal battery.

Gloria says the slap is different from the Amber Portwood case. She says the Amber situation involved "multiple violent and physical fights in the presence of their baby daughter." Gloria calls Chantal O'Brien's slap "an isolated instance" with no significant injuries. 

But how 'bout this ... Mel Gibson is being investigated for a self-admitted isolated slap (though Oksana lost 2 veneers).

As for "The Bachelor," Gloria says, "Sex and violence are often used to sell and promote shows." Gloria calls the slap "a promotional vehicle."



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If the man had even SUGGESTED slapping the woman, that witch Gloria Allred would already be holding the press conference announcing the lawsuit.Evil hypocritical witch.

1389 days ago


Hey Gloria, three words for ya sugar.......GO **** YOURSELF

1389 days ago


Oh Gloria please sit this one out! Her professional opinion is not needed for EVERY situation. So if her logic is true then the guy that punched Snooki in the face the 1st season of Jersey Shore should be viewed as a "promotional vehicle" and not battery or assault? That punch catapulted Jersey Shore into the monster that it is.

Gloria and her daughter Lisa kinda urk me, I just can't with them. Isn't there some random mistress/porn star she should be scheduling a news conference for? UGGGGHHH!

1389 days ago


What a hypocrite!!! Shoe is on the other foot, this strunz is already having a press conference.

1389 days ago


STFU Gloria you ugly old come we never see you in a REAL court of Law....????

Posted at 10:34 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by 2tellthetruth

The media is her courtroom.

1389 days ago


More feminist hypocrisy. Do you really think Allred would defend a man hitting a woman? Ever? I'm so sick of this blatant hypocrisy. If a man struck a woman like that, he'd be rotting in jail and the likes of Gloria Allred would call for him to never be released because he's a threat to society. This is part of the wussification of America. Men are beaten down and made to feel awful about everything while women are praised for their physical attacks on men. I mean, what was this guys crime exactly? Not falling in love with a bunch of crazy, famewhore women from the show? For that he deserves to be smacked and ridiculed? They brow beat the guy so much, he went to therapy for his "issues". Meanwhile, if a woman made the same exact decision (and didn't pick a bachelor), she'd be honored as a hero by our society. This is why I will never marry my girlfriend. I refuse to subject myself to the kind of punishment my brother went through in his divorce (his wife cheated on him and left the family, now he has to raise the two children AND pay her alimony forever so she can get drunk and not work). There is no such thing as equality for men.

1389 days ago


If this slap was NOT a "scripted slap" then the young lady needs to face some type of retribution for slapping the dude in the face. You just don't walk up and do that to someone whether it's a man or a woman.

1389 days ago


Why do some women think that it is okay for them to slap a man and then cry foul when a man slaps a woman? NO ONE should be slapping anyone!!! It's also totally unfair to protect a woman's identity when she cries rape and parade a man's name and photo around as a rapist when he is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If he is convicted then post his picture and name but not until then. Men lie and so do women. Just because a woman says she was raped doesn't mean that she was raped. If men and women are truly equals, then these kind of inequalities should be done away with.

1389 days ago


"If men and women are truly equals, then these kind of inequalities should be done away with."

Posted at 12:51 PM on Jan 4, 2011 by Jerry

Ditto that, Jerry.

1389 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I say what anyone else with common sense says: If he had slapped her, he'd be getting arraigned right now. But because she's such a cute, delicate, scorned creature who's really assaulting the male neanderthal on behalf of all scorned women, IT'S OK! Plus, he didn't mind, right? AND, (and this is the coup de grace) Miss GLORIA SAYS it's ok! She should be put through the legal system just like anyone else, reality show or not.

1389 days ago


hellooooooooo.... doesn't anyone read the spoilers anymore? this is the girl that brad ends up with in the end so clearly he doesn't want her charged. idiots.

1389 days ago


Man I can't stand that woman (I think she's female)

1389 days ago

Mrs. E    

Now if the guy slapped her, everyone would be singing a different tune.

1389 days ago


Now tell me if that was a man slapping a woman would she react the same way . doubt it get a life and quit causing s*it where s***it isn't.

1389 days ago


Yeah right if the tables where turned this F^%$%^ B#@! would call for his imediate arrest and $100Million in damages for the broad he hit from the network!

1389 days ago
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