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LiLo's New Digs -- Next Door to Sam Ronson

1/4/2011 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's new place in Venice, CA doesn't just have great views ... it's also conveniently located right next door to her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Location! Location! Location!

In fact, Ronson pulled into her pad during Lohan's move-in yesterday and the DJ wanted to make it crystal clear, "Trust me, it wasn't planned."

0104_ronson_200_vid_launchAs Ronson tried to get out of her Venice, CA pad yesterday -- photogs tried to ask about the situation ... but a frustrated Sam replied, "Dude, I'm way too pissed off right now."

Why's she so pissed? Well, for starters ... she could barely get out of her garage yesterday -- because she was blocked by Lohan's moving van.

Lindsay's renting the 3,100 sq. foot place in Venice, CA for just under $7,100 a month -- and it comes with 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets and an awesome view.

The place is practically brand new -- it was built in 2007.

Shania Twain's Wedding Day!

The official photos from Shania Twain's New Year's Day wedding to Frederic Thiebaud are here -- and she looks absolutely stunning.

Wearing Calvin Klein shoes, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and a dress from a boutique in Switzerland, Shania looks gorgeous with her man -- who was also wearing white.

The two married at sunset in Puerto Rico on Saturday, January 1 in front of 40 people. Shania's 9-year-old son, Eja, escorted her down the aisle.

Click on the gallery to zoom in on the wedding day fashion!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Kiss Off the New Year

Selena Gomez, 18, enjoyed some underage tender smooches -- and booty grabs -- with her topless 16-year-old boyfriend Justin Bieber while on a yacht in the Caribbean this weekend.


Nothing like some PDAs to up your teen super-couple status.

Whose Holding This Adorable Doggie?

Can you guess which singing stud was spotted picking up his cute pooch from the vet yesterday?

Dog gone adorable.

FAB FOTOS! Sexy Stars Vacationing in Miami!

A slew of celebs descended upon Miami over the holidays--some in skimpy bikinis, others opting for a more covered-up look.

But from dreamy dudes like Sean Penn, Tom Felton and Lance Armstrong, to bikini babes like Chloe Sevigney and Francesca Versace, the mercury in Miami never rose so high before!


Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess which famous female was given a nasty celebrity scramble?


What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Focus in on these tricky pics -- 'cause there are some super stealthy differences waiting to be spotted.

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photograph!**


No Avatar


If Lindsey Lohan moved in next door to her ex- then it means they're probably going to get back together.

1385 days ago


I wonder who Lohan is banging for that house?Becuase shes not have any $$..Whomever it is is very lucky, I hear she sucks a mean c*ck and f*cks hard for hours!!

1385 days ago


Why doesn't she O.D. .WTF is this Oscar Winner ,anyway ?

1385 days ago


So much for being broke and not able to pay for rehab!! Guess she has money for the necessities like drugs and booze.

1385 days ago


I thought she was moving to NY to avoid all the bad influences in LA.

1385 days ago


TMZ-I don't understand why you don't leave people alone. So what, who cares where she lives, or moves next to or in with. You people make mountains out of molehills. I'm sure Ronson wasn't prepared for this. Imagine opening your door and having to face the pappar*******s. She has had a pretty quiet life without LL around. She should sue LL for stalking, invasion of privacy. You can't tell me LL didn't know.

1385 days ago


I think many people are not so infactuated with Lindsey. The court system has been very easy on her, I think. I just do not think she has learned her lesson and I do not think she takes the court seriously. I realize drugs and alcohol can be a disease, but help is out there. Her new digs are fancy and I can imagine that with her neighbors being in a much tighter, closer area than before - they might really uptight with photographers.

1385 days ago

michael guinzburg    

Venice is one of the hardest partying towns in LA. Lots of bars and clubs for Lilo to get sloppy drunk in and lots and lots of crack cocaine -- street dealers everywhere. It's the wild wild west. Good luck, this chick will be be lucky to make it back to rehab. Think Margot Kidder with a lobotomy, if she lives.

1385 days ago


Lohan is just another worthless American rich person taking up space on this planet that could be occupied by a far better person. Wealthy people like her may have lots of money, but as people they are totally worthless and undeserving of the gift of life.

1385 days ago



1385 days ago


I, for one, will not be paying for her plush digs. I refuse to spend any money at the movies or renting them at home. These people are so overpaid and so infatuated with themselves. If any of you agree, show it by staying away from their dumb movies.

1385 days ago


Linsey was broke and could not pay for rehab, now she lives high on the hog

1385 days ago


I'd like to know where this lesbian Samantha gets the cash to afford that brand-new Porshe and a beachfront house??? (maybe she's hanging with that gay talk-show host??)

1385 days ago


Well, I had SOME hopes that perhaps LiLo might actually be ON the road to true recovery. I don't care about her career, I was just hoping she could get her life straight.

But the fact that she deliberately moved next door to Sam Ronson seems a pretty clear indication she still has some SERIOUS issues, whether she's still drinking and using drugs, or not.

Addiction is NOT just about drugs and alcohol -- it's usually mental and emotional. Certainly, there are people who are JUST alcoholics, etc., who never display any OTHER addictive-personality traits. But for every one of them, there's one who can be addicted to virtually ANYTHING. My late brother was much like that; he was primarily an alcoholic, but he could (and did) also get addicted to so many other behaviors. That's why there can be gambling addicts, sex addicts, etc. If her ROOT issues haven't been treated and dealt with, she's still just as much an addict as she ever was, whether she's still drinking and using drugs, or not.

ALL addictive behavior is ultimately self-destructive if allowed to continue and escalate. Occasionally, addictive tendencies can be "re-channeled" into productive, positive behaviors, and in the rare cases this sort of thing works, it can produce a really impressive individual. I've seen a few examples of this, although not many, and it's a true wonder when someone can maintain this.

If I were the judge (and anyone in her life who cares about her), I'd be watching LiLo like a hawk after this move. For that matter, I'm having a really hard time understanding how anyone even LET her rent a house right next door to Sam Ronson. I would have thought that with her JUST leaving court-ordered re-hab and STILL under court order for drug tests and probation, she'd have a bit more OVERSIGHT than that.

I've enjoyed a few of Lindsay's movies, but once again, I really just hope she can get her life straightened out before she ends up another dead 20-something has-been Hollywood wash-out. And I REALLY wish the paparazzi and press in general would give her a bit more breathing room. For one thing, she appears to also be a narcissist (possibly suffer from the full-blown personality disorder), and all the ongoing coverage likely only continues to FEED her disorder(s) in addition to just making it impossible for her to have any sort of sane, private recovery.

1385 days ago


That just means it won't be long before Lindsay will be in trouble again because you can tell that her girlfriend is a drug head!

1385 days ago
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