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LiLo's New Digs -- Next Door to Sam Ronson

1/4/2011 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's new place in Venice, CA doesn't just have great views ... it's also conveniently located right next door to her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Location! Location! Location!

In fact, Ronson pulled into her pad during Lohan's move-in yesterday and the DJ wanted to make it crystal clear, "Trust me, it wasn't planned."

0104_ronson_200_vid_launchAs Ronson tried to get out of her Venice, CA pad yesterday -- photogs tried to ask about the situation ... but a frustrated Sam replied, "Dude, I'm way too pissed off right now."

Why's she so pissed? Well, for starters ... she could barely get out of her garage yesterday -- because she was blocked by Lohan's moving van.

Lindsay's renting the 3,100 sq. foot place in Venice, CA for just under $7,100 a month -- and it comes with 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets and an awesome view.

The place is practically brand new -- it was built in 2007.

Shania Twain's Wedding Day!

The official photos from Shania Twain's New Year's Day wedding to Frederic Thiebaud are here -- and she looks absolutely stunning.

Wearing Calvin Klein shoes, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and a dress from a boutique in Switzerland, Shania looks gorgeous with her man -- who was also wearing white.

The two married at sunset in Puerto Rico on Saturday, January 1 in front of 40 people. Shania's 9-year-old son, Eja, escorted her down the aisle.

Click on the gallery to zoom in on the wedding day fashion!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Kiss Off the New Year

Selena Gomez, 18, enjoyed some underage tender smooches -- and booty grabs -- with her topless 16-year-old boyfriend Justin Bieber while on a yacht in the Caribbean this weekend.


Nothing like some PDAs to up your teen super-couple status.

Whose Holding This Adorable Doggie?

Can you guess which singing stud was spotted picking up his cute pooch from the vet yesterday?

Dog gone adorable.

FAB FOTOS! Sexy Stars Vacationing in Miami!

A slew of celebs descended upon Miami over the holidays--some in skimpy bikinis, others opting for a more covered-up look.

But from dreamy dudes like Sean Penn, Tom Felton and Lance Armstrong, to bikini babes like Chloe Sevigney and Francesca Versace, the mercury in Miami never rose so high before!


Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess which famous female was given a nasty celebrity scramble?


What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Focus in on these tricky pics -- 'cause there are some super stealthy differences waiting to be spotted.

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photograph!**


No Avatar


Isn't it ironic that this is the same chick who cried that she didn't have the money to stay at the Betty Ford Centerand finish her rehab a couple of months ago? She hasn't changed a bit, the only thing she did was spend a couple of months at a very expensive and chic rehab facility--and I'm sure she didn't get a thing from it. How on earth she is going to continue on the road she's on is a mystery to me, because I am sure her career is shot. Not to mention I just saw something on the news that she may go to jail for assaulting that girl at the rehab place. Oh well. If you play with fire, you get burned.

1324 days ago


Why do yo Keep publishing articles about the tramp?

1324 days ago


Leave her alone. She will never recover from her problems with all this attention.

1324 days ago


I dont know lindsay, do you really think it will work?? Oh hell ya sam, my sweet little fish,just tell them you are surprised but mad cuz my clutter is in your way,doll face, my fans are so stupid they they'll suck up any lie I tell,but just be sure to have enough meth for the first 4or5 nights we'll be crawling all over each others bodies non stop,and this time be careful not to hold my hand in public if we are seen standing too close,Ok lindsay and lets not wear any clothes at all the first few nights,text ya moments before I sneek over to unlock the door k?? ya,ok!!!waiting for you to be submissive angel bottom.

1324 days ago


I wish Lindsay well. Only time will tell if she is a young woman in charge of her life or is she is a young woman who has choosen to let Drugs take charge of her life! She has been given help on more than one occasion and it is time for her to grow-up.

1324 days ago


Justin was with his girlfriend Jasmine V. on that day with his mom dad and little brother.....Jasmines parents were there too as well as jaden and willow smith and there parents because they were all on the boat to New york mot the Carribean so they can write the new song that i bet wont sell cuz Jasmines on it! i know that because one of my bestfriends are cousins with Jasmine V.

1324 days ago

Chaz GD    

I thoght she was broke. It's that what her lawyers where saying when she had to post 300k bail money?

1324 days ago


It's "who's," not "whose."

1324 days ago



1324 days ago


For those who don't (can't) understand why the papparazzi won't leave the celebs alone, it's because the celebs chose it that way! They want the fame, the attention, the money, they have to take what comes with it. It's like a store, or restaurant getting upset because people come "bother" them. If no one's interested, they won't be bothered. But then, of course, there goes the money, the cars, the vacations, the friends....They wanted in the business so they would be bothered and if they don't like it there's always the 9-5 jobs.

1324 days ago


what the f*** you need to shut your f***ing mouth saying stuff about this person then saying something about another person look at all this stuff your doing on famouse people why dont you do it on real life and you know what they could get you back.we could do hardly any thing but you know what they can they can do anything they want

1324 days ago


thats not cool most of that stuf on there is fake like selena gomez and justin biber you dont even know if that was selena gomez did you see her face all the way i dont think so. so you need to mind your business and shutup just like my friend said at school its an a and b convisation so see your way out of it befor e goes to d and f***s you up

1324 days ago


can anyone just leave her the hell alone? I mean really.

1324 days ago


Get something better to do than complain your neighbor is moving. We have all faced a moment of angst at a neighbor. Sorry you can not always pay enough to get rid of that. Save your money and be your own star with Http://

1324 days ago


$5.00 says she'll be back in jail in less than six months! Problem is, there isn't any bookie in Vegas that would even give odds on a one dollar bet.

1324 days ago
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