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Palm Desert PD Gunning for Lindsay From the Get-Go

1/4/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Palm Desert Police Department was rabidly trying to get Lindsay Lohan arrested just days after her altercation with a Betty Ford Center staffer.

Sources say a police lieutenant contacted L.A. County Deputy Probation Officer Barbara Parker shortly after Lindsay's December 12 run-in with Dawn Holland, asking her to come to Betty Ford and arrest Lindsay for violating her probation.  When Parker told the lieutenant it would be premature to take such drastic action, we're told the lieutenant began arguing with her and it got "extremely heated."

We've learned after the call, the lieutenant's boss called Parker to apologize.

As TMZ reported earlier today, the police are now saying Lindsay violated her probation by committing a battery.  What's interesting is that it's for the L.A. County Probation Department and ultimately a Beverly Hills judge -- not the police in Riverside County -- to conclude if Lindsay violated probation.

Sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Probation Department will take no action against Lindsay unless she's convicted of battery in Riverside County.


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I'm sure Lindsay will get away with this, too. LA/Beverly Hills sends the message that, as long as you pay off the right people, you can get away with whatever you want.

1357 days ago


You guys a dangerous group. Stop speaking in generalities. If you have the evidence to file charges then file them. If not, move onto something else, but you can't start trying to use your authority to put people in jail without some kind of cause. Calling the probation officer and trying to force her to revoke her probation? Kinda strange. Stop trying to make up evidence. Someone on here implied that she paid off her probation officer! I mean really? Is she part of the Gambino family? Get the facts. Don't make up your own.

1357 days ago


Is this police lieutenant running for public office? Is he/she using high profile cases to fluff their resume?

Enquiring minds want to know

1357 days ago

Moses Reepe    

Ordinarily, there is no requirement for an adjudicated conviction for the commission of a crime as proof of a violation of the terms of a probation. It's up to the presiding judge of the court which invoked the probation to determine if a probation violation was committed and is grounds for the termination of probation.

Due to the the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, and the Los Angeles County Superiour Court's interpretation, application, and enforcement of California law as it applies to the special class of the citizens of the State of California determined to be active members of the rich, famous, and well connected, she'll not be found in violation of the terms of her probation. It's abundantly obvious that in the State of California, especially in the County of Los Angeles, money can indeed buy everything but love, morality, and equal application of law.

I believe that a hidden condition of Miss Lohan's probation is that she simply wait out the remaining term of her current probation, so that the involved members of law enforcement and the justice system in Los Angeles county can say "we did what we could and thought best", and to then leave the State of California to become some other governmental authority's problem (The State of New York?).

She's lucky to have connections. Otherwise law enforcement would have done with her what they usually do with people deemed unsavory - dropped her off outside the City/County/State limits under the cover of darkness with the threat of judicial action if she ever returns.

1357 days ago


Having been a cop for 32 years here is how it works. You arrest someone for a crime and find out that that person is on probation you call the persons probation officer and most likely the PO signs the order and the person gets violated. In this case she refused the test and was caught sneeking back into BF after curfew which should have been enough. That is of course if you are not Lilo.

1357 days ago

Where's the Justice?    

So, DMX and numerous other black artists are in and out of jail every time they think about breaking a law, but LL has somehow managed to get 8 "get out of jail free" cards? There's no justice in that. The judicial system is racist.

1357 days ago


But sir, she wasn't arrested for a crime. Are the police in on it? This article seems to imply the police are dong everything they can to try and catch her. It seems like they lack the evidence.

1357 days ago


I question how many folks are making money from following this woman's sad story. I have observed actual real life vultures behaving in a more civilized manner than this bunch. These folks remind me of the throngs of people who cheered as heretics had their belly slit and their guts thrown to the dogs of pigs. Such entertainment for the ignorant Nothing changes.

1357 days ago


@Jeff-The headline and first sentence of the article are obviously inflammatory. I could just as easily have written the first sentence: "Palm Desert police reported a violation of probation and possible multiple violations to the LA County Probation department, which were ignored." Or something to that effect, I'm not even trying.

1357 days ago


The probaton officer said the right thing because, from a legal standpoint, Lindsay hasn't violated her probation. She has been accused, but until she's proven guilty, she's innocent.

1357 days ago

hiettes carroll    

Wow the drug use has really aged her. It's a shame too , because she was a beautiful girl. I guess the inside really does begin to show on the outside. So sad.

1357 days ago


As a Felony Probation Officer, I can tell you this PD SHOULD have arrested LL on that night if a crime had occured. (And I Know one did)Probation officers will never be able to revoke an offender's probaiton simply on allegations. And, a lot of times even when an offender picks up a new charge/arrest, unless they get convicted-that is not enough to violate probation. It's total BS-but a tactic the defense attorneys use. However, don't lose hope. It was a MAJOR violation of her to disobey the BF staff and REFUSE to submit to a breathalyzer-that is a MAJOR violation and is treated as a dirty BA. Both violations can be put on the violation motion, but the refusal will hold more weight b/c that is really what LL's original case is all about-drugs/alcohol. She already has a history of dirty UA's and BA's. Any normal treatment facility would have discharged her as unsuccessful for her antics/refusal. However, this is LA and apparently anything goes. If the Judge has any integrity at all, he will revoke her probation and remand her to the custody of DOC ASAP.

The only reason I think she might get off is b/c the Judge/PO want to get rid of her and be able to spend more time on the real criminals. Also, everyone already knows that LL WILL be back into the system and WILL pick up a new case in no time. That happens a lot with people who really are on the fence regarding compliance with their probation.

1357 days ago


Yes, but she can still be *arrested* for suspicion of a probation violation with cause (refusal to take a mandatory drug/alcohol test), jailed, and allowed bail pending a probation hearing. Deja vu all over again.

1357 days ago


This "JUNKIE" would have more credibiltiy if she hadn't gone to the media with her bogus claim against Lindsay, but Junkie's have NO credibiltiy she's looking for money so she can score her Heroin.
Leave Lindsay alone for christ sake already, if any violated their probation is that SKANK Paris Hilton and she's walking around scott free and does whatever she wants to, arrested TWICE for Drugs and nothing happenend to her.

1357 days ago


Violation of probation:

A charge of a new criminal offense, separate from the original case which is now the subject of an alleged violation of probation. Even if the new offense is not actually charged by the District Attorney as a new case, the facts of the new incident may be used to support a violation of probation.

1357 days ago
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