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Palm Desert PD Gunning for Lindsay From the Get-Go

1/4/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Palm Desert Police Department was rabidly trying to get Lindsay Lohan arrested just days after her altercation with a Betty Ford Center staffer.

Sources say a police lieutenant contacted L.A. County Deputy Probation Officer Barbara Parker shortly after Lindsay's December 12 run-in with Dawn Holland, asking her to come to Betty Ford and arrest Lindsay for violating her probation.  When Parker told the lieutenant it would be premature to take such drastic action, we're told the lieutenant began arguing with her and it got "extremely heated."

We've learned after the call, the lieutenant's boss called Parker to apologize.

As TMZ reported earlier today, the police are now saying Lindsay violated her probation by committing a battery.  What's interesting is that it's for the L.A. County Probation Department and ultimately a Beverly Hills judge -- not the police in Riverside County -- to conclude if Lindsay violated probation.

Sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Probation Department will take no action against Lindsay unless she's convicted of battery in Riverside County.


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Is she ready to do porn?maybe with octomom ?

1356 days ago


I don't think the police need to ambush Lindsay, if she is out, she is using. She should be put in a strict rehab with no visitors and no outside contact like anyone else would be instead of giving all these second, second, second, second, chances.

1356 days ago


Take a note from Cobain, Lindsay and shoot H into your arm and then a shotgun blast into your brain. Please.

1356 days ago


Palm Desert is a right-wing conservative town which is highly political, hates Hollywood types, and creams at the chance of nabbing a "LIBERAL." Palm Desert PD (Riverside County Sheriff) patrols Rancho Mirage where the Betty Ford Clinic is located. It would serve Palm Desert right for a judge to throw this out and embarrass that right-wing town.

1356 days ago


Something seriously wrong in California if an outgoing governor slashes the sentence of a conficted killer only because his family are politicians and the police is wasting time on THIS!!!!

1356 days ago


If Lindsay thinks LA county jails are bad wait until she finds herself locked up in Riverside. They're overcrowded too but they simply don't care if they're overcrowded or not. They don't care if you have to stand in the corner or sleep on the floor for your entire time in jail.

1356 days ago


Look at that photo...She is one "very hard, old" looking 24 yr old. Keep that make-up handy.

I don't think the cops will have to wait long. She still has her my crap don't stink attitude. She refused a breath test automatic violation of her probation, never mind Holland.

Lohan belongs in jail for the full 6 months. What is this her 7-8th 2nd chance. Enough already. Most people don't get a 1st 2nd chance.

1356 days ago


She gets away with breaking the rules once again!

1356 days ago


gee lou, even vultures wait for the death of a critter before ripping it apart. All the things you list are only more reason for some good ole Christian compassion and hopes for redemption. You would perhaps benefit with some soul searching to find that well of hate dwelling within you. I doubt you will get by the evil you see reflected from yourself to others. Sorry but your argument is not compelling....just .....well I won't go there.

1356 days ago


Lindsay was receiving treatment for addiction. Health care providers and social workers are or should be trained to manage angry outburst as a person's body is detoxing drugs and or alcohol. It appears more that someone was looking for their name in the paper or green in their wallet!

1356 days ago


wow a celebrity breaks laws that would land anyone posting comments here in jail yet you have people making excuses that the cops are out to get her, to blatant racism directed at the people who lindsay PAYS to help her get straight.

i just dont understand why people "love" celebs so much that they elevate them to some godlike level where they are vigorously defended REGARDLESS of what they do.

i cant slap you but lindsay can...and its ok?


1356 days ago

Where's the Justice?    

who, at this point, would be willing to publicly embarrass themselves by going to a Lindsay Lohan movie in a public theatre. That would be like admitting you bought Jessica Simpson's country album, or you respect John Mayer as an intellectual, or that you use Paris HIlton's cheap paste on nails. I wouldn't even admit to reading this story about her to my friends. It's my "rock bottom". Lohan is box office poison and if I know that, the industry knows that. America likes come-backs, but they don't like sneak-backs or lie-backs or squirm your way back in backs.

1356 days ago

David Long    

Bet this bitch get off again. No justice here for this stupid bitch

1356 days ago


Lindsay looks at least 10 years older than she is-that's what drugs and booze will do to you.

1355 days ago


keepsmoking your "weed" toker- thats a joke-why doe sit ALWAYS have to comedownto B/W - its nothing likethat - that owman might havebaited her you have no lcue and either do I biut these LA prsecutors really waste people's timeandmoney fishing.

1355 days ago
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