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Lindsay Lohan -- I'll Move If It Makes Sam Happy

1/5/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she had "no idea" her new badass beach house was right next door to ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson ...but she's ready to move out in order to "keep the peace."


Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... Lohan was aware Sam lived somewhere in Venice, Ca -- but she didn't know how close her new pad was to Ronson's home until family members saw the DJ pull in to the garage next door on Monday.

Now -- after Lindsay's father went through all the trouble of moving her in -- we're told Lohan is considering moving out of the place after learning Sam was "pissed" at the situation.

We're told Lindsay doesn't want to break the lease -- which would cost her big bucks -- but she also doesn't want to "ruffle any feathers."

Still, with literally millions of dwellings in L.A., we gotta ask ...



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Here's to you Lindsay. Don't move,sweat that little junkie out. Let her move.
Here you are ,looking for an opportunity to be near a source where you can just pop over free from the eyes of the prying world to eat some fish and do drugs and your catbiting/dealer/enabler gets a hissy fit?. Here's to hoping you walk around naked so she and her guests can see you.Let's see how long it takes before they bail on her to run over for a cup of sugar. Time for a little payback eh! Fugly Sam! You helped to create Lindseystein so you get to taste more than you would like.
Sex under the influence of drugs is one hell of a desire to beat. Very few are able to come out of it unscathed.
As for Lindsey, keep doing you because 90% of us with the kind of money and exposure that you have would be full of drugs and hopped up on trouble. However we might tone it down to the point of getting LE off of our backs so we can be like Ugly Sam.Corrupting the unsuspecting and doing our best work in the dark. STAY! LINDSEY STAY!

1395 days ago


I think the "joke" is on us. Lindsay and Sam are together. Sam visited LL in jail AND rehab. I believe they are still a couple and dont want us to know. So, Sam acts all pissed that LL is next door for the paps. All the drama and they will be in the press big time because of it.

I mean come on, they just moved from the same apartment building to side by side houses?????

People, we need to look at the bigger picture. I think its pretty clear.

1395 days ago


I don't know why people are trashing Sam. When she and Lindsay were actually together, things seemed fairly peaceful for Lindsay. I think Sam stabilized her. It was after they broke up (and maybe a bit before) that Lindsay started acting odd in public again. But she seemed happy for a long time with Sam.

Also I don't know if we can believe all the talk about Sam being so ticked about having Lindsay in the building next door. They do still seem to be friends - Sam visited her frequently during that week or so before she went into Jail and also visited at the jail, and I think also at Betty Ford. So obviously she's on the "let in" list for Lindsay and also voluntarily goes to see her.

Not all ex's are at each other's throats, some people do become friends again (and sometimes good friends). I don't recall Sam saying negative things about Lindsay in public, although in answer to one pap's question after some odd incident she did mention the obvious, namely that Lindsay has problems with anger. That's not negative, just truthful.

1395 days ago


Built This way,....; SamRo in "Mean Girls" was it 2003, 2004?
How old was Lindsay?

After Dina & Michael's abuses, Samro's?
Sometimes reality is stranger then fiction.

I hope Lalilo moves on.

1395 days ago


Those two muff-lovers can't get enough of each other. Of course, they "both" knew about this and are Attempting to fool everybody! They both just need to move into the nearest trailer park! Ugh!

1395 days ago


Antipsychotics are considered chemical restraints nowadays. There are numerous things you must have in place and tried in advance prior to using these meds.
First, and foremost is permission from herself or her POA if she is deemed incompetent of making informed decisions and granting consent. It can be given on a *one time* basis prior to written/verbal consent IF deemed an emergency where the pt is deemed a danger to themselves or other pts/staff. If these types of meds are given without all of the above (esp permission granted ) then the facility and the staff member giving the meds can be in a LOT of doodie!! Lol
I know there are those people and facilities (more often, staff members going outside of policy) that still try to practice this old way, but the states are pushing down harder every year to eradicate these old ways and ways of thinking to provide more in the way of safety for pts and pts rights.
Even things that were practiced even 10 yrs ago have been changed. 20+ yrs ago when I started as a CNA we could tie pts in the bed, chairs, etc without blinking an eye. (most did it for pt safety-pts that would slide out of chairs or climb out of bed and continuously fall and hurt themselves. There were many though who did use restraints as punishment and only to make things easier for themselves). And meds could be given to sedate at the drop of a hat without anyone blinking an eye.
Today, anything that impedes a pts free right to move independently is considered a restraint. Pts rights carries it a little too far (in my opinion) nowadays, it basically deems the pt has the "right to fall" numerous times and risk personal injury which for the elderly can be life threatening and much more restrictive than any restraint. I certainly had my eyes opened after about 15 yrs of not working in the medical profession, and when I started nursing school!! So many changes over the yrs, and a lot I can agree with. I don't think restraints are/should EVER be used to make life easier for the CNA/RN, but they are necessary for a lot of pts. Some pts could rival Houdini in their escape acts. Lol. You'd be surprised how slick a little old, frail look granny can be! I never cease to be amazed by what I've seen! (=
Sorry such a long post everyone! (= this subject could take HOURS to cover, this is a very SMALL synopsis of physical/chemical restraints and what can and can not be done-legally (as well as morally and ethically).

1395 days ago


I think you need to stop reporting on this COMPLETE IDIOT until she does something right and is consistent (or dies, whichever comes first). She feeds off your attention of her.

1395 days ago


My question is how does a DJ afford a beach house condo? IS the IRS looking into this? As well as Lindsey, I mean she has not been in show biz long enough to make much money & she sucks too, so who would pay her more than $500 to even do a movie or appearence?

1395 days ago

pink glitter    

I agree whole heartedly with 128.Atillathegun

129.jordan you have a point as well.

If these people are playing games like this while their "subject"is in such a delicate state, I would have to say why should we care, when clearly no one in her family/inner circle does. This is where I begin to feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan, the human being. That family knows nothing but fukkery. She does not stand a chance. I was watching Drew Barrymore on the BIO channel over the holidays. I love her. But she too could have taken a different highway. I believe her own family couldn't help her, her mom was a mess as well. It took someone who was not blood related to help her find her way. Why can't someone in her hollywood world watching all this, take her under their wing...anyone? She at least deserves for someone to truly care about and for her. She needs it. F her mother...F her father....How can you over-look your own daughter's life???

1395 days ago


Sam comes from a very wealthy family

1395 days ago


Samantha gets paid extremely well, thousands of dollars per gig. She may come from a wealthy family but she also earns a lot of money on her own.

1395 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I don't remember Gollum wearing a white hat in the movies.

1395 days ago


Venice California is a freak show with all kinds of kink and drugs. The circus is gonna start anytime, so I'm checking in with TMZ on a regular basis to catch the first act, which I feel is getting ready to start.

1395 days ago


Damn, the ugly stick got worn out on these two. No wonder they were attracted to each other.

1395 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

This is the delusion of addicts. Does she REALLY think we think it was a coincidence? With the thousands of places to rent in L.A., you just happened to pick the place so close to Sam's that you could pass shampoo to her from the bathroom window? I mean really...that's like the cat "just happening" to move in next to the bird's cage.

1395 days ago
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