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MJ's Family -- Michael Predicted He'd Be Murdered

1/4/2011 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family claims the singer predicted his own death shortly before he died -- telling TMZ, the King of Pop was paranoid he'd be murdered ... for his incredibly valuable Sony catalog.

The statement is in response to the story TMZ first broke in April -- that Dr. Murray's defense will argue MJ accidentally killed himself by self-injecting a lethal dose of Propofol.

But a rep for Michael's family tells us the Jacksons are "absolutely mortified" by the implication that MJ took his own life -- insisting, "Michael did NOT kill himself.

The rep adds, "What is incredibly ironic is that Michael told his mother shortly before he died that he thought someone was going to kill him ... and they were going to kill him for his catalog."

The family is also concerned that video surveillance of Michael's last living moments -- crucial evidence in Murray's trial -- is still missing.


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Please tell me these people aren't seriously this stupid? What Michael said about someone wanting to kill him for his Sony catalog was a drug addict talking. Obviously if he died, his possessions would go to his heirs. So his children killed him for his Sony catalog?

1356 days ago


Hmmm, funny how the surveillance video is missing. Could it be that Michael faked his own death, as many have implied? We all know MJ was in so much debt that the saying is so true that you're better off dead than alive. Look at all the money he's made in the past year...and there are still no 'real' pics of his dead body. Common MJ, we all know you're alive and well! Time to come out and face your fans!

1356 days ago


I think that it makes sense that Michael may have been killed for the catalog--I've been thinking this for a while. Yes, his kids will inherit, but maybe some unscupulous person(s) thought they might be able to coerce them into selling it. Or worse, maybe the kid's lives are in danger. God forbid.

1356 days ago


Just think. He'd be alive today if his mom had only signed the circmcision consent form when he was born.

1356 days ago


mafia IS in the music industry.
search for the connections with the gambino crime family and the genovese and u will find that Mj was right.

1356 days ago


The easiest way for Michael to have lost his catalog would have been to have trusted the financial advice of members of his family with their history of bad business deals, bankruptcies and legal messes like that huge one Joe created with the Moonies. Or Leonard Rowe, the convicted felon he dismissed who keeps feeding this "murdered for his catalog" storyline to the media.

1356 days ago

Toasty J    

Of course he thought he would be murdered.
He was a ****ing drug addict!
Have you ever met a rational person who is hooked on pills and god knows what else?

1356 days ago


He wasn't murdered, he was a drug addict gone wrong!!!

1356 days ago


xanax is poison whoever gave MJ his first Xanax sealed his fate...Elizabeth Taylor knows the truth.

Posted at 11:20 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by weed

Personally, I think it was the good Dr. Arnie Klein who fed Michael's addiction. However, I think it's not the first person who gave it to him who sealed his fate, I think some of the blame should go to Michael. Just because someone gives you something doesn't mean you have to take it. Although Klein, Murray, etc., are guilty for feeding MJ's addictions; Michael alone is responsible for not seeking help and continuing to take the drugs. As I've heard from so many of Michael's peers, who's going to say no to Michael Jackson?

Sorry, I love MJ too (fan not a fanatic), but I have to be reasonable.

1356 days ago


For every red penny (1cents, folks) the kids make, the EXECUTORS make $5. The same EXECUTORS MJ had fired and were suddenly re-hired something like 2 weeks before he died. John Branca was suddenly back, Frank Dileo was officially back on June 24, 2009 ( yeah the day before). No one is paying any attention to those details. Who is eyeing how much those in charge of the estate have pocketed? Yeah MJ was hoped up on drugs and THEY needed him to be in order to do what they did, get him to sign crazy contracts( the contract with AEG was a NO WIN situation for MJ, and I bet he was high or forced to sign it, remember in London for the news conference, MJ wouldn't get off the bus and was hours late, I wonder why. What did they do or say to him). It was a mafia hit, just like they did that boxer back in the day, can't remember his name. But they killed him and planted drugs on him and in his home and made it look like an overdose, but everyone who had known him said he had NEVER used drugs. If MJ was half the junkie they claimed him to be...why did the autopsy show not one sign of heart enlargement, liver disease, nothing. You can not take hard core prescription drugs for 20years and not have your internal organs show it??? Even Elvis had an enlarged heart and was constipated beyond belief (20lbs of waste was in his intestines at his autopsy). Both MJ stomach and intestines were empty. People should stop believing everything they read and use the BRAIN and ability to discover facts and seperate it from BS.

1356 days ago


Of course Michael was killed, he was worth much more dead than alive. The Publishing catalog was only the start. It made sense to them to minimize the liabilities.

Michael nearly killed his brand with the accusations of molesting young boys and his questionable pronouncements about sleeping with children; most notably that disastrous 2003 interview with Martin Bashir. His handlers no doubt constantly worried about him doing or saying something to totally alienate his fan base.

Michael probably showed up for tour rehearsals and the people from AEI realized he didn't have it anymore. If he had done the first couple of shows at the O2 and the word got out, it could have been a disaster.

I mean, look what happened to Whiteney Houston's comeback. It was basically killed overnight once people realized the couldn't deliver the goods anymore.

So, Michael conveniently turns up dead under sketchy cir***stances. AEI recoups their money with a movie of the tour rehearsals that would have been the first fifteen minutes of the concert movie, tops. It's an unfinished project that people would suddenly pay to see because the principal is dead and that's the best they're going to get.

Sony will do the same thing, releasing unfinished tracks that Micahel would never have put out. In some cases maybe they're totally faking it. Unless someone with voice print gear can SHOW me that's Michael's actual voice on "Breaking News," I am almost 100% sure it isn't.

Like Jimi Hendrix and numerous other performers before him, Michael is no longer alive because he passed the threshold where he was worth more dead.

1356 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

If Jacko had taken magnesium instead of an anesthetic, he'd still be alive today. Beware quacks who treat health problems with drugs instead of nutrition, supplements and exercise.

1355 days ago


Michael Jackson ALSO THOUGHT he was a 10 year old, that it was OK to sleep with stranger's children and that he lived in Neverland......SO LONG FRUITCAKE!

1355 days ago


Dr. Murray did not murder michael Jackson!!!!!! Michael was an addict an addicts are very manipulative....look at how he looked he was not shaving, looked dirty,,,Michael was deep into addiction. It is so very sad that he lost his life,but you cant blame the DR. I wouldnt be suprised if Michael gave himself the lethal dose of meds..His resistance was so high to these medications that it is more than possible he did it due to wanting sleep and craving sleep he just injected it himself.

1355 days ago


Michael killed himself and the doc assisted. He should lose his license to practice medicine anywhere. But MJ was a drug addict and he would have and could have gotten what he wanted anywhere. There are plenty of enablers when you are rich. BTW, he was so in debt and now where does all this $$ come from? If I were his creditors, I'd be all over his families rear ends.

1355 days ago
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